Milner's Chapel Cemetery


also known as

Surveyed Sep 2000
Robert Ellington Torbert

     From Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, go North on County Road 47. Just past Lone Cedar Church of Christ, turn Left on County Road 73 and continue West on County Road 73 and County Road 34 to its end; turn Right on County Road 8 and go to the top of the hill to the cemetery.
     The cemetery is divided by a circular driveway. Section 1 of this survey is between the driveway and the highway, and Section 2 is outside the driveway loop.
     This cemetery is located in SE1/4 Section 15, Township 1, Range 10.

        NAME                      DOB        DOD      SECT_ROW      NOTES
ATWELL, E. Houston             16SE1884    7JE1944      1-01    next to Sallie
ATWELL, Sallie K.               5MY1905    25AU1975     1-01    next to E. Houston
GIST, Hester L.                 9AU1896    3FE1970      1-01    w of Lee
GIST, Lee B.                   12JA1900    15OC1976     1-01    h of Hester
GIST, T.L.                     20JA1933    11MH1933     1-01    s of Leonard
HILL, Freddie                  25DE1895    27SE1915     1-01
HILL, John Q.                  27MY1861    15SE1923     1-01    h of Lizzie
HILL, Lizzie                    6NO1865    9FE1936      1-01    w of John Q.
HILL, Mary C.                  25OC1894    10JE1930     1-01    w of W.L.
HILL, Price E.                  2MH1894    13DE1917     1-01    Camp Wheeler GA; Co MG Inf
HILL, Rubin                    10DE1898    3FE1901      1-01    s of J.D. & J.L.
HILL, W.L.                      5OC1890    1AP1925      1-01    h of Mary C.
MORPHEW, Charles F. Jr.        18OC1900    1JA1982      1-01
PEDEN, Avery L.                 5AU1909                 1-01    h of Willie
PEDEN, Bobby Lee                8OC1941    23FE1999     1-01
PEDEN, Willie V.                6FE1915    18MH1982     1-01    w of Avery
RILEY, Elmer H                 13DE1920    6MH1921      1-01    s of James & Marvin
RILEY, George T.               18SE1892    23DE1914     1-01
RILEY, John A.                 24NO1863    8JL1954      1-01    h of Mallissa
RILEY, Mallissa                 4FE1869    25MY1940     1-01    w of John A.
ROGERS, Annie B.                1JA1887    17SE1961     1-01    w of Wm. F.
ROGERS, William F.             20AP1876    3AP1957      1-01    h of Annie
WOODHAM, Lillian Irene         14JE1936    24DE1990     1-01
CLEMMONS, infant dau.            1932        1932       1-02    d of Bradley
GIST, Emit Lee                 24JA1908    15SE1932     1-02
GIST, Gurtie C.                26DE1913    8JL1914      1-02    d of J.T. & Vernon
GIST, Jim T.                    5MH1880    9NO1968      1-02    h of Vernon
GIST, Melvin T.                24AU1909    2OC1910      1-02    s of J.T. & Vernon
GIST, Robert A.                 6MY1906    25DE1911     1-02    s of J.T. & Vernon
GIST, Vernon                   31OC1885    5JA1960      1-02    w of Jim
GIST, Willie E.                19JE1927    20NO1929     1-02
GIST, infant dau                                        1-02    s of John & Bessie
GIST, infant dau                           16MH1935     1-02    d of Lee & Hester
GIST, infant dau                7JL1921    7JL1921      1-02    d of Lee & Hester
GIST, infant son               22MH1903    22MH1903     1-02    s of J.T. & Vernon
GIST, infant son                                        1-02    s of John & Bessie
HAMM, Doxie Lee                 1MH1879    8MY1955      1-02    h of Nanie
HAMM, Nanie Willie             17SE1887    30MH1938     1-02    w of Doxie
HAMM, Robert Lee               18JL1918    30AU1973     1-02    AL Pvt USA  WW2
HAMM, infant                    7DE1905    7DE1905      1-02    s of D.L. & W.N.
STUTTS, Josephine              28OC1868    11AP1947     1-02    w of Wren
STUTTS, Luther                 22JL1891    27MH1949     1-02    AL Pvt 106 SN TN 31 WW1
STUTTS, Thelma I.              18AU1904    28AU1904     1-02    d of I.W. & Josephine
STUTTS, Wren                   18NO1863    3OC1924      1-02    h of Josephine
WREN - see STUTTS, Wren                                 1-02
BUTLER, Etta Richardson        19JL1880    17MY1906     1-03    d of W.B. & M.E. RICHARDSON
DIAL, Ethel L.                   1884        1906       1-03    w of Wm. P.
DIAL, William P.                 1878        1948       1-03    h of Ethel
DIAL, William T.                4FE1851    3DE1900      1-03
FREEZE - see KENNEDY, Angie                             1-03
HARRISON, Mary C.              26NO1857    16FE1941     1-03
HARRISON, Orlando               8MH1879    28FE1957     1-03
HARRISON, W. Wrenn             22JE1883    23AU1973     1-03
HARRISON, Wiley A.              9MY1853    24AP1922     1-03    d of Bradley
HARRISON, Wiley Oliver          3MY1889    13MH1890     1-03
KENNEDY, Angie Freeze          29JA1916    8NO1951      1-03
KENNEDY, Johnny                28MH1947    29MH1947     1-03
PHILLIPS, Eva D. Richardson    30JL1884    24JA1903     1-03    d of W.B. & M.E. RICHARDSON
RICHARDSON - see BUTLER, Etta                           1-03
RICHARDSON - see PHILLIPS, Eva                          1-03
RICHARDSON, Alma C.            12JL1891    31AU1964     1-03    w of John
RICHARDSON, John A.            29AP1874    28AU1964     1-03    h of Alma
RICHARDSON, Mary A.            24OC1844    25DE1925     1-03    w of Wm. B.
RICHARDSON, William B.          1JE1840    9NO1914      1-03    h of Mary; Pvt Co B TN CSA
RILEY, Nannie J.                7JA1869    31AU1945     1-03    w of W.A.
RILEY, W.A.                    29FE1969    19DE1932     1-03    h of Nannie
BRADLEY, Mary Evelyn           27JA1925    18JL1991     1-04    w of Otis
BRADLEY, Otis Wilburn          19AU1922                 1-04    h of Mary
DAWKINS, Cora H.                7NO1903    5JE1998      1-04
FISHER, P.L.                   15AP1837    23JA1911     1-04
FOSHEE, Lorine Garner          19MY1912    7MH1938      1-04    w of E.C.
GARNER - see FOSHEE, Lorine                             1-04
GARNER, A.R.                    2JL1839    18AU1915     1-04
GARNER, Della                  13JA1898    10AU1902     1-04    next to John
GARNER, J.H.                    1DE1866    19AU1880     1-04
GARNER, Joe M.                 13SE1873    13MY1940     1-04
GARNER, John O.                15AP1864    4JA1935      1-04    h of Mattie
GARNER, L.L.                    8AP1869    27OC1886     1-04
GARNER, Mattie L.               1OC1874    15NO1964     1-04    w of John
GARNER, W.M.                    5SE1836    13NO1824     1-04
HILL, John G.                   2JA1826    17AP1888     1-04    h of P.L.
HINE, H.C.                       1840        1906       1-04
HINE, Quincy                    2AU1899    4NO1899      1-04
HINE, W.P.                     12AP1890    20NO1894     1-04
HINES - see MORRISON, Reba                              1-04
HINES, Eugene Linville          2SE1913    19AP1971     1-04    AL SSgt WW2
HINES, Henry W.                28FE1861    31AU1941     1-04    h of Janie
HINES, Ira E.                   2NO1887    14DE1918     1-04
HINES, Janie C.                25JE1862    30AU1845     1-04    w of Henry
HINES, Parul D.                30SE1911    11MH1972     1-04    AL Pvt Co B WW2
KENNEDY, Edgar L.               6JL1884    17JA1969     1-04    h of Myrtle
KENNEDY, Myrtle H.              4MH1890    20NO1965     1-04    w of Edgar
KENNEDY, Woodrow W.             7NO1916    17SE1932     1-04
LILES, Ila N.                   6AU1900    14MY1975     1-04    w of Joe
LILES, Joe C.                   8NO1895    21JE1983     1-04    h of Ila
MORRISON, Ann Nora             11JE1928    13MH1929     1-04    d of W.E.
MORRISON, Reba Hines           26JL1890    17AU1941     1-04    w of W.E.
RILEY, Audrey M.               30JL1917                 1-04    w of Charlie
RILEY, Charlie C.              21FE1910    20MY1949     1-04    h of Audrey
RILEY, Elmer Grady             11MY1936    16JA1999     1-04    h of Ruth
RILEY, George W.                 1873        1949       1-04    h of Lillie
RILEY, Lillie O.                 1886        1982       1-04    w of George
RILEY, M. Sue                  14NO1940    25JE1978     1-04    w of Walter; (m7NO1964)
RILEY, Ruth Bernice            16MY1939                 1-04    w of Elmer
RILEY, Walter Dwight           31JA1968    18FE1986     1-04    next to Walter L.
RILEY, Walter L.               28SE1939                 1-04    h of M. Sue
STORRY, Mary A.                15NO1802    13JE1889     1-04
WATKINS, J.T.                  30AU1844    15JA1910     1-04
AZBELL, Arthur C.              24MH1888    7JE1922      1-05    h of Eva
AZBELL, D.P.                   27MY1866    16NO1923     1-05
AZBELL, Eva M.                  3DE1887    11AU1919     1-05    w of Arthur
AZBELL, Mary Callie            10MH1868    12MY1945     1-05
COFFMAN - see SMITH, Hollis                             1-05
ENGEL, Lawrence E.             10AP1926    15SE1976     1-05    h of Marjorie; SP3 USA Korea
ENGEL, Marjorie R.             10NO1930                 1-05    w of Lawrence
HANNAH, Emogene                  1926                   1-05    w of Melvin
HANNAH, Houston M.              7AU1900    15MH1960     1-05    h of Lillie
HANNAH, Lillie P.              14DE1902    13JA1983     1-05    w of Houston
HANNAH, Melvin L.                1924        1949       1-05    h of Emogene
HEDIN, Hulda                   23SE1882    21DE1977     1-05
HEIGHT, J. Burl                  1902        1943       1-05    h of Leona
HEIGHT, James Milner             1935        1937       1-05    next to J. Burl
HEIGHT, Leona                    1902                   1-05    w of J. Burl
HILL - see STUTTS, Mary                                 1-05
HILL, Nannie E.                 5OC1875    13JA1965     1-05
HINE, Alma A.                  15DE1890    25JL1967     1-05
HINE, Charles F.               27DE1871    27MY1942     1-05    h of Sula
HINE, Elbern L.                 9AU1897    18JL1920     1-05
HINE, Luther (killed in action 19FE1894    10NO1918     1-05    Pvt Co B 324 Inf WW1
HINE, Sula D.                  10AP1878    14SE1924     1-05    w of C.F.
HINES, Dorothy Lee               1930                   1-05    next to Robert
HINES, Robert J.R.             14JA1927    30MY1990     1-05    h of Ruby;  USA
HINES, Ruby Lee                 4FE1931    15DE1985     1-05    w of Robet
HOUSTON - see HANNAH, H.M.                              1-05
KENNEDY, Enoch B.              23DE1895    29JE1920     1-05
KENNEDY, H. Raleigh  (Dr.)     30SE1854    7OC1913      1-05    h of Mary
KENNEDY, Mary E.                9NO1861    23AU1947     1-05    w of Dr. H.R.
MARTIN - see STEAL, Carrie                              1-05
MARTIN, Charles Neil           25MY1920    15MY1987     1-05    h of Hazel
MARTIN, Charles Neil           31MY1890    13DE1951     1-05
MARTIN, Hazel H.                 1922        1964       1-05    w of Charles
PHILLIPS, Sybil E.              8DE1895    24JL1970     1-05    w of Will
PHILLIPS, Will E.               2OC1881    7JE1969      1-05    h of Sybil; (m10DE1917)
SMITH, Hollis Coffman           5AU1921                 1-05    h of Willie
SMITH, Patti Suzanne           20NO1959    31DE1959     1-05    d of Hollis & Willie
SMITH, Willie Sue              25JE1921                 1-05    w of Hollis; (m3JA1942)
STEAL, Carrie Martin            5SE1892    1NO1982      1-05
STUTTS, Arlon J.                6AU1905    19AP1978     1-05
STUTTS, Ben F.                  8MH1864    4JA1944      1-05    h of Mary
STUTTS, Jimmie O.              17JL1889    21SE1960     1-05    h of Lucy
STUTTS, Lucy I.                28NO1894    18OC1934     1-05    w of Jimmie
STUTTS, Mary P. Hill           19FE1866    23AU1913     1-05    w of B.F.
STUTTS, Robert L.               2AP1893    22MH1896     1-05    s of B.F. & M.R.
THOMPSON, Robert T.            23MH1890    25JA1935     1-05
CLEMMONS, Georgie                1875        1910       1-06    w of James
CLEMMONS, James P.               1873        1916       1-06    h of Georgie
CLEMMONS, Maggie Reba          13FE1904    22JE1966     1-06
CLEMMONS, Mattie L.            18AU1870                 1-06    w of W.B.
CLEMMONS, Velma                 8OC1894    24AP1988     1-06
CLEMMONS, W.B.                 20SE1873    25OC1940     1-06    h of Mattie
COLE, Russell                  17OC1902    27JL1927     1-06
GIST, Elvis Shaler             19JE1929    5FE1985      1-06
GIST, Jesse Melvin             21JA1916    21NO1994     1-06    w of Jesse
GIST, Virginia Pauline         21JA1916    25JA1998     1-06    w of Jesse
HANNAH, William H.             12DE1929    5NO1979      1-06
HINE, Emer                     24AP1931    13FE1936     1-06    s of O.L. & A.K.
HINE, Lillian Elaine            5SE1929                 1-06
HINE, Willie D.                13FE1915    26JE1984     1-06
HINES, Clayton W.              24JE1920    31DE1994     1-06    h of Pearl
HINES, Eva G.                  17JA1893    29AU1984     1-06    w of Tommie
HINES, James E.                14FE1923    20DE1974     1-06    h of Ruby
HINES, Johnie Elmer            11MH1912    2JL1961      1-06
HINES, Joseph T.                6NO1916    31MY1945     1-06    AL Sgt 38 Engr WW2
HINES, Pearl E.                24OC1926                 1-06    w of Clayton; (m8MH1978)
HINES, Ruby S.                 26FE1922    22OC1992     1-06    w of James; (m22NO1946)
HINES, Shirley Ann              9SE1935    9JL1992      1-06
HINES, Tommie L.               16AP1888    6FE1967      1-06    h of Eva
KENNEDY, Kim Howell            15JA1953    16JA1953     1-06    s of H.D.
LASH, J.H.                     15OC1876    16SE1878     1-06
PHILLIPS, Salley Bett            1887        1918       1-06
ROBSON, J.H.                   16SE1853    23OC1868     1-06
STUTTS, James C.               18SE1910    26MY1970     1-06    h of Nancy
STUTTS, Nancy B.               16OC1912    16JE1990     1-06    w of James
WILLIAMS, Rebecca Stutts         1862        1883       1-06    w of George
BRADLEY, Roxie E.              18MH1895    8MH1978      1-07    double w/Shirley
BRADLEY, Shirley F.            19AU1893    30NO1977     1-07    double w/Roxie
DANLEY, J. Olivia              10JA1896    14FE1989     1-07    w of Bryant
GIST, Frank G.                 21FE1891    13MH1980     1-07    h of Izetta
GIST, Izetta C.                13DE1894    6JE1958      1-07    w of Frank
GIST, Joe S.                    9AU1895    5FE1967      1-07
GIST, Limity P.                  1891        1978       1-07    w of Wm. S.
GIST, M. Lillian               26JE1918    4JA1980      1-07    w of Meadows
GIST, Meadows                  21NO1911                 1-07    h of M. Lillian
GIST, William Snow               1888        1956       1-07    h of Limity
HAMM, James                     9JA1922                 1-07    h of Lizzie
HAMM, Lizzie                   17MH1924                 1-07    w of James
HINES, Charlie Dee             16AP1888    29NO1953     1-07
HINES, Nancy P.                16NO1864    26JE1942     1-07
HOUSE, Elizabeth Stutts         5OC1878    10SE1951     1-07
JAYNES, Esther L.               1JA1899    15AU1961     1-07    w of Thomas
JAYNES, Thomas F.              12OC1900    19MH1990     1-07    h of Esther
JENKINS, Edd B.                13AP1889    17JE1967     1-07    h of Mary
JENKINS, Mary T.                9FE1892    22JA1976     1-07    w of Edd
JONES - see STUTTS, Margaret                            1-07
MEADOWS - see GIST, Meadows                             1-07
McCLANAHAN, Arthur C.           1AU1893    13OC1926     1-07    Pvt Co K 38 Inf WW1
McMURTREY, Irene Richardson    25SE1909    19AU1940     1-07    w of E.G.
PURSER, George V.               3JL1924    4AU1978      1-07    h of R. Geneva
PURSER, Jimmy                              19MH1949     1-07    s of Willard
PURSER, R. Geneva              30NO1927                 1-07    w of George
RICHARDSON - see McMURTREY, I.                          1-07
RICHARDSON, Charley E.          7JL1901    23DE1909     1-07    s of J.R. & J.L.
RICHARDSON, Ethel              18AU1892    20SE1938     1-07
RICHARDSON, Fannie L.           1JL1898    4AP1901      1-07    d of J.R. & J.L.
RICHARDSON, James R.           14JL1862    17FE1932     1-07    h of Jennie
RICHARDSON, Jennie L.           3DE1868    22FE1924     1-07    w of J.R.
RITTER - see STUTTS, John                               1-07
ROBERSON - see STUTTS, Susan                            1-07
SNOW - see GIST, Wm. S.                                 1-07
STUTTS - see HOUSE, Elizabeth                           1-07
STUTTS, Clara                    1895        1987       1-07    w of Dr. H.L.
STUTTS, Emeline                            13OC1900     1-07    w of Wm.
STUTTS, H.L. (Dr)                1873        1963       1-07    h of Clara
STUTTS, James W.               17SE1862    19DE1862     1-07    s of J.R. & S.C.
STUTTS, John                   14NO1882    25JE1959     1-07    h of Reba
STUTTS, John Ritter              1829        1909       1-07    h of Susan & Margaret
STUTTS, John W.                  1860        1887       1-07    h of Mary Wade
STUTTS, M.E.                    2JA1856    28SE1937     1-07
STUTTS, Margaret Jones         20AU1839    29MY1914     1-07    w of John R.
STUTTS, Maxie                  30MY1892    23MY1918     1-07
STUTTS, Reba C.                17JL1897    31AU1989     1-07    w of John
STUTTS, Susan C. Roberson        1835        1867       1-07    w of John R.
STUTTS, Susannah               11SE1789    27AP1863     1-07    w of William
STUTTS, W.T.                    1JA1859    20AP1923     1-07
STUTTS, William                27JA1798    14SE1883     1-07    h of Emeline & Susannah
STUTTS, infant                 18AU1864    18AU1864     1-07    s of J.R. & S.C.
WADE - see STUTTS, John W.                              1-07
WILLIAMS, A. Fred              16JL1904    13DE1959     1-07    h of Nadine
WILLIAMS, Nadine G.             8AU1912    6JE1987      1-07    w of A. Fred
WILLIAMS, T. Randolph          28MH1943    3OC1977      1-07
ABERNATHY, Birdie H.             1926                   1-08    w of R.L.
ABERNATHY, Fred T.               1893        1958       1-08    h of Susie
ABERNATHY, Lois E.              1MH1936    19MH1937     1-08    s of Willie B.
ABERNATHY, Mary E.              9JE1905    9JE1984      1-08    w of Willie B.
ABERNATHY, R.L.                  1925        1960       1-08    h of Birdie
ABERNATHY, Susie G.              1895        1995       1-08    w of Fred
ABERNATHY, Willie B.           17AP1902    26JE1973     1-08    h of Mary E.
BRADLEY - see FRIAR, Oscar                              1-08
BREWER, James Noah             26DE1927                 1-08    h of Maggie; (m5OC1946)
BREWER, Maggie Sue             19MY1930    28OC1999     1-08    w of James N.
BUTLER - see STUTTS, Sarah                              1-08
CHANDLER, Gaynell               2JL1913                 1-08    w of Willie H.
CHANDLER, Willie H.             3SE1912    19DE1989     1-08    h of Gaynell
CLANTON, David Michael         19FE1963    26NO1988     1-08
CLANTON, Ironia N.               1900        1973       1-08    w of John C.
CLANTON, James C.              14FE1924                 1-08    h of Mary L.
CLANTON, John C.                 1880        1957       1-08    h of Ironia
CLANTON, Mary L.               29MY1927    11FE1977     1-08    w of James C.
CLANTON, Thomas B.              4MY1922    19AU1937     1-08    s of J.C. & Ironia
DANLEY - see PITTS, Lorene                              1-08
FRIAR, Irma K.                 18JL1893    4AP1973      1-08    w of Oscar
FRIAR, Oscar Bradley           24JA1896    2JE1990      1-08    h of Irma; Cpl USA WW1
GAMBLE, Charlie N.              6MY1903    23FE1994     1-08    h of Evelyn; (m15FE1925)
GAMBLE, Evelyn C.              28JA1906    5DE1989      1-08    w of Charlie
GARNER, Druew                   4JA1916    25JA1916     1-08    s of W.W. & K.
GARNER, James M.               27MH1906    26JL1929     1-08    Cpl Co B 15 Tank
GARNER, Katie Watkins          14NO1876    29JA1916     1-08    w of Wm. W.
GARNER, Reeder                 21SE1910    23NO1959     1-08
GARNER, William Thomas          7NO1899    12DE1948     1-08
GARNER, William W.             25FE1871    1AP1958      1-08    h of Katie
GRAY - see WILLIAMS, Estelle                            1-08
GREEN, Leavy Allen              1JE1912    7OC1974      1-08    h of Virginia
GREEN, Virginia Louise Stutts  27MY1916                 1-08    w of Leavy
HINES, Charley G.               3MH1895    6DE1964      1-08    AL Pfc 106 Ammo WW1
HINES, Irene                   14MH1898    8AU1981      1-08    w of Charley G.
JEOUST, Martha                  8JA18??    25MH1865     1-08
MYRICK, Andrew Jackson         27JE1916    12DE1947     1-08
MYRICK, Ben F.                 22JE1854    7FE1936      1-08    h of Namie M.
MYRICK, Namie M.               23JE1875    14FE1911     1-08    w of Ben F.
MYRICK, little ??                AU??        1907       1-08    infant of B.F. & N.M
McLAUGHLIN, Henry L.           17MY1918    17JE1919     1-08    s of J.O. R.I.
PITTS, Lorene Danley           26DE1930                 1-08    w of Perry
PITTS, Mary Ida                  1885        1966       1-08    w of Perry (Sr)
PITTS, Perry  Elbert Jr.       24MH1928    16OC1996     1-08    h of Lorene
PITTS, Perry Elbert (Sr)         1877        1973       1-08    h of Mary I.
POWERS - see STUTTS, Julius                             1-08
REEDER - see GARNER, Reeder                             1-08
RUTLEDGE - see STUTTS, James                            1-08
STUTTS - see GREEN, Virginia                            1-08
STUTTS, Alvin                  23DE1909    8OC1920      1-08
STUTTS, Charley                22SE1889    30MH1950     1-08    h of Vernon
STUTTS, Emma Cauhorn             1867        1906       1-08
STUTTS, Evie                   15AP1906    10MY1909     1-08    d of Julius & Lavenia
STUTTS, Frankie Lee             4MH1904    12MH1906     1-08    s of Julius & Lavenia (twin)
STUTTS, James Rutledge          9AP1897    6MY1900      1-08    s of Julius & Lavenia
STUTTS, Jessie Daniel           4MH1904    1MY1904      1-08    s of Julius & Lavenia (twin)
STUTTS, Julius Powers          11DE1873    8JE1945      1-08    h of Sarah
STUTTS, Lucricia Swinea          1864        1896       1-08
STUTTS, R.C.                                            1-08
STUTTS, Sarah A. Lavenia Butle  9DE1877    2NO1965      1-08    w of Julius
STUTTS, Vernon                  4JA1895    28JE1974     1-08    w of Charley
STUTTS, Will H.                  1866        1938       1-08
SWINEA - see STUTTS, Lucricia                           1-08
WATKINS - see GARNER, Katie                             1-08
WATKINS, Martha J. Williams    26SE1840    6MY1927      1-08
WILLIAMS - see WATKINS, Martha                          1-08
WILLIAMS, Estelle Gray         23DE1903    29JE1970     1-08
ANDREW - see CLEMMONS, J.A.                             1-09
BREWER, Jo Ann                 19NO1937    8DE1937      1-09
CLEMMONS - see STUTTS, Earline                          1-09
CLEMMONS, Annie E.             26DE1900                 1-09    w of J. Newton
CLEMMONS, Elliott S.            2SE1895    6DE1978      1-09    double w/J. Andrew
CLEMMONS, J. Andrew             6JA1898    25JA1975     1-09    double w/Elliott
CLEMMONS, J. Newton             6JE1905    26MH1978     1-09    h of Annie
GIST, John                       1854        1926       1-09    h of Rebecca
GIST, Luceal                   21SE1922    15AU1924     1-09    d of W.H. & M.E.
GIST, Mary E.                                           1-09
GIST, Mattie Lee                                        1-09
GIST, Rebecca                                1921       1-09    w of John
GIST, William Henry                                     1-09
GIST, baby boy                                          1-09
HINES - see LILES, Lucille                              1-09
LILES, Eleanor E.               1FE1939                 1-09    w of Travis
LILES, Lucille Hines           29NO1913                 1-09    w of Wm. H.
LILES, Mark                     7OC1960    30MH1965     1-09    s of Travis
LILES, Travis G.               13OC1938    27NO1995     1-09    h of Eleanor
LILES, William Henry           20JL1911    23JA1985     1-09    h of Lucille
MORRISON, James O.             27AU1926    16MY1986     1-09    h of Josephine; Cpl USA WW2
MORRISON, Josephine             7JL1922    17NO1980     1-09    w of James O.; (m22NO1951)
MYRICK - see McMURTREY, Mary                            1-09
McLAUGHLIN, Gene Howell         1OC1931    1NO1931      1-09    s of P.N. & Helen
McLAUGHLIN, Helen R.           23JL1912    20MH1981     1-09    w of Nelve
McLAUGHLIN, Nelve P.           26AU1910    16OC1992     1-09    h of Helen
McMURTREY, John Spinks         12NO1844                 1-09    h of Mary M.
McMURTREY, Mary Myrick         14MY1848    20JE1932     1-09    w of John S.
McMURTREY, Richard L.          12JA1887    21OC1959     1-09
McMURTREY, Susie M.             8JL1877    3MH1958      1-09
McMURTREY, infant                                       1-09    d of John & Mary
NEWTON - see CLEMMONS, J.N.                             1-09
RILEY, E.L. (Red)                1891        1965       1-09    h of Nancy
RILEY, Nancy E.                  1898        1950       1-09    w of E.L.
ROBERSON, Jannie               10OC1874    3JA1902      1-09
SPINKS - see McMURTREY, John                            1-09
STUTTS, Earline Clemmons       20MH1926                 1-09    w of Mabron
STUTTS, Eulalie D.             23AU1893    7AP1975      1-09    w of W. Floyd
STUTTS, Jessie W.              13NO1897    23MH1971     1-09    h of Ruby
STUTTS, Mabron H. (Sonny)       3DE1925    26JL1991     1-09    h of Earline; USN WW2
STUTTS, Ruby M.                 7AU1899    8AP1972      1-09    w of Jessie W.
STUTTS, Velma                  26FE1892    24MH1960     1-09
STUTTS, W. Floyd               16JL1888    10DE1964     1-09    h of Eulalia
CLEMMONS, Calvin               16AU1876    27OC1930     1-10    h of Tency
CLEMMONS, Tency                28NO1882    10AU1916     1-10    w of Calvin
GIST, Coleman                   6NO1920    12SE1980     1-10    h of Ruth
GIST, Harvey I.                22OC1888    22AU1958     1-10    h of Pearl
GIST, Pearl H.                  6OC1897    18JA1925     1-10    w of Harvey
GIST, Ruth                     21MH1923                 1-10    w of Coleman
GIST, Sula Mae                 17AP1895    18JA1986     1-10
HOUSTON - see RILEY, A.H.                               1-10
MARTIN, Clifton D.             16DE1924                 1-10    h of Mildred
MARTIN, Mildred W.             26JE1928    9OC1971      1-10    w of Clifton
MONCERET, Earnest               6NO1926    16JL1944     1-10
MYRICK, Ben H.                  4FE1884    12JL1921     1-10
MYRICK, Cecil L.               15AU1917                 1-10    h of Mary; (m1NO1941)
MYRICK, Charles                29OC1925    10AP1945     1-10    AL Pfc 232 Inf WW2
MYRICK, Daisy                  27NO1889    10AP1962     1-10    w of Lenard
MYRICK, Hester                 20AP1861    15MH1929     1-10
MYRICK, John                     1856        1914       1-10
MYRICK, Lenard                  4MY1882    22JE1941     1-10    h of Daisy
MYRICK, Mary Ruth              26JL1924                 1-10    w of Cecil
MYRICK, Nellie                 27MH1912    30SE1934     1-10
McKINNEY, infant                           10MY1930     1-10    d of J.T. & M.E.
McMURTREY, Edie                13AU1902    6DE1902      1-10
McMURTREY, John                 2NO1814    19NO1895     1-10
McMURTREY, Margaret            23FE1828    19NO1887     1-10
McMURTREY, Thomas R.           13SE1851    28JA1891     1-10
RILEY, A. Houston              20MY1909    1MY1985      1-10    h of Bertha
RILEY, Bertha N.               22NO1913    26MY1996     1-10    w of A.H.; (m7AP1934)
RILEY, Chris E.                27SE1954    29NO1973     1-10
ROBERSON, Dewey W.             24AU1898    13FE1899     1-10    s of J.H.
ROBERSON, Elizabeth                                     1-10
ROBERSON, Jim Henry            28SE1864    27OC1917     1-10    h of Lizzie
ROBERSON, Johnnie                                       1-10
ROBERSON, Lela                  8JE1908    3SE1970      1-10
ROBERSON, Lizzie Dee           22NO1881    10JE1972     1-10    w of Jim H.
ROBERSON, Reeder A.             8MY1906    24DE1907     1-10    s of J.H.
ROBERSON, Wylodine             25OC1915                 1-10
BURKS, Barbara                   1890        1984       1-11    w of James H.
BURKS, James H.                  1870        1948       1-11    h of Barbara
BURKS, Lillie                    1889        1903       1-11
BURKS, Mattie                    1861        1908       1-11
BURKS, Robert L.                 1901        1934       1-11
BURKS, Thomas C.               17FE1891    18OC1918     1-11    TN Pvt 168 Inf WW1
CLANTON, Donald W.             23DE1951    29DE1980     1-11    s of Elzo
CLANTON, Johnie E.              4FE1953    5FE1953      1-11    s of Elzo
GAMBLE, C. Earl                14MY1922    10OC1999     1-11    h of Catherine
GAMBLE, Catherine              11FE1919    12JL2000     1-11    w of C. Earl
GAMBLE, Clara Sue              10FE1936    19FE1941     1-11
GAMBLE, Donnie Ray             16AU1954    12JE1969     1-11
GAMBLE, Mattie Lee              2MY1903    17AU1995     1-11    w of Willie; (m 6JE1920)
GAMBLE, Willie E.              31OC1895    26DE1980     1-11    h of Mattie
HILL, Felix                    20AU1901    22AP1924     1-11    s of Jimmy E. & Mary
HILL, Jimmy E.                 14AP1875    28DE1912     1-11    h of Mary
HINES, Ann Nora                 MH1924      NO1924      1-11
HINES, Annie O.                 9SE1902    6FE1958      1-11    w of Jessie
HINES, Imagene                 17JA1943    16JA1946     1-11
HINES, Jessie B.                5JL1902    16DE1954     1-11    h of Annie
HINES, Waldon C.                2MY1930    26OC1990     1-11
LAWSON, infant                                          1-11    s of Sonny & Janet
LeMAY, Euddress Howard         11JE1919    16JE1919     1-11
MYRICK, George M.               8SE1928    14JL1997     1-11    double w/Wiley L.
MYRICK, Sallie Rogers          17SE1891    25FE1914     1-11    w of W.L.
MYRICK, Wiley Lee Edward        7DE1888    24FE1959     1-11    double w/George
ROGERS - see MYRICK, Sallie                             1-11
WRIGHT, Alvin E.               14OC1926    21OC1926     1-11
BARLOW, J.T.                   29MY1869    16FE1889     1-12
BRETHERICK, Benjamin           25AP1839    20FE1916     1-12    h of Nancy
BRETHERICK, Nancy              19AU1841    17JA1919     1-12
CLEMMONS, Betty                  1830        1915       1-12
COCHRAN, Dora                  22JE1861    15FE1945     1-12    double w/Jane
COCHRAN, Jane                  25DE1839    12MH1923     1-12    double w/Dora
COKER, James L.                17MY1911    27JA1991     1-12    h of Verlie
COKER, Verlie L.                3JA1917    2FE1994      1-12    w of James L.
DICKERSON, Bryan E.            15OC1901    3MH1995      1-12
FENECH, Richard Sabastian                  12JE2000     1-12    s of Richard & Liz
GAMBLE, Albert                   1888        1947       1-12    h of Janey
GAMBLE, Janey                    1882        1965       1-12    w of Albert
GRIMES, Dolph                  12AU1878    17FE1933     1-12    h of Eliza
GRIMES, Eliza B.               25JL1879    22FE1960     1-12    w of Dolph
GRIMES, Pauline                 7OC1905    20FE1925     1-12
HINES, Dora V.                 10MH1922                 1-12    w of James O.; (m 31JL1943)
HINES, James Oliver             5JE1911    27DE1991     1-12    h of Dora
KELLY - see NEWMAN, Roxie                               1-12
KELLY, Joe H.                    1899        1929       1-12
MARTIN, Lozena                  9DE1877    21AP1966     1-12
MYRICK, Bertha F.                1894        1965       1-12    double w/Kate
MYRICK, Emma I.                22FE1891    22SE1893     1-12    d of L.C. & M.R.
MYRICK, Frankie Lougene        19NO1900    29MH1939     1-12
MYRICK, Kate S.                  1895        1965       1-12    double w/Bertha
MYRICK, Leonard C.               1859        1930       1-12    h of Mary R.
MYRICK, Mary R.                  1868        1939       1-12    w of Leonard
MYRICK, infant                 13MY1898    1JE1898      1-12    infant of L.C. & M.R.
NEWMAN, Roxie Kelly            16OC1876    3NO1953      1-12
OLIVER - see HINES, James                               1-12
STUTTS, Elias                  19AU1846    22NO1916     1-12
STUTTS, Nancy                  14OC1840    4SE1914      1-12
ABERNATHY, Albertia            21JL1913    22OC1913     1-13
ABERNATHY, Dellia C.            6OC1876                 1-13    w of Wm. E.
ABERNATHY, William E D         13NO1869    8SE1941      1-13    h of Delia
DANLEY, Charles T. (Duke)      28MY1926    26JL1984     1-13
DANLEY, Julia Ann              20JL1864    10FE1899     1-13
DANLEY, R. Lando               10MH1855    15JE1945     1-13
DICKERSON, J.M.                cir.1857    28OC1906     1-13    Aged 49 yr 10 mo
DICKERSON, Ovalee                                       1-13
DICKERSON, Robert K.           11NO1898    9AU1977      1-13    Pvt  USA  WW2
DICKERSON, Willie C.           30SE1870    24AP1941     1-13
HILL, Clarinda                 11AP1933                 1-13
HILL, Dora E.                  29MH1898    1AU1980      1-13
HILL, F.B. Jr.                  2AP1926    9JL1935      1-13
HILL, Mary Margaret            25MH1924                 1-13
KING, grandfather                                       1-13
KING, grandmother                                       1-13
LANDO - see DANLEY, R.L.                                1-13
BRETHERICK, Isaac M.           15MH1874    24JA1925     1-14    h of Willie P.
BRETHERICK, Sarah Janet        16NO1923    29NO1929     1-14
BRETHERICK, Willie P.          25FE1876    16MH1958     1-14    w of Isaac
BREWER, Chester Leon           22AU1921    26AU1994     1-14    h of Susie Q.; (m 5AU1948)
BREWER, Susie Quillen          22OC1926    21JE1998     1-14    w of Chester
CLEMONS, B.F.                  16MY1855    15SE1926     1-14    h of S.J.
CLEMONS, S.J.                  12AU1848    24MY1925     1-14    w of B.F.
DANLEY, Reeder L.              26MH1946    17JL1999     1-14
HUNT, Casey Dwayne             13JE1998    17JL1998     1-14
LOVELACE, Elizabeth              1876        1942       1-14    w of John W.
LOVELACE, Ethel P.              1JE1900    29SE1972     1-14    w of Lester
LOVELACE, Felix L. (Buddy)     24JE1924    17SE1932     1-14
LOVELACE, James H.             12MY1895    14FE1982     1-14    h of Lora
LOVELACE, John W.                1872        1960       1-14    h of Elizabeth
LOVELACE, Lester F.             4MH1900    4JL1974      1-14    h of Ethel
LOVELACE, Lora Bell             6MH1897    18NO1971     1-14    w of James H.
PHILLIPS, Albert E. or F.      14FE1906    28OC1979     1-14    both dates given; USA WW2
PHILLIPS, Margaret G.          26JA1904    9FE1997      1-14    w of Albert
PHILLIPS, Willodean                        20FE1934     1-14    d of Albert
QUILLEN - see BREWER, Susie                             1-14
QUILLEN, Floyd B.               3MY1884    21JE1961     1-14    h of Maudie
QUILLEN, Maudie I.             12AU1893    12JL1961     1-14    w of Floyd
REEDER - see DANLEY, Reeder                             1-14
WISE, Larry O.                  5JE1942    15OC1955     1-14
WOODS, Mary Susan                1866        1961       1-14    w of Wm. E.
WOODS, Oliver                    1907        1926       1-14
WOODS, William E.                1861        1925       1-14    h of Mary
ABERNATHY, Albert L.           12JA1897    17FE1934     1-15    s of Ed & Dellie
ABERNATHY, Rosie Lee           22MY1907    24MH1975     1-15
ALEXANDER, Ed                    1837        1900       1-15    born in slavery
BURGESS, Nellie C.              7SE1915                 1-15    w of Wm. T.
BURGESS, William Earl          28JA1942    9SE1996      1-15
BURGESS, William T.            14MY1913    7AP1975      1-15    h of Nellie
CLEMONS, Bennie Sue                        15FE1944     1-15    d of B.D. & D.M.
CLEMONS, Delphia               26FE1894    9AP1912      1-15
CLEMONS, Frankie L.            22FE1906    7MH1906      1-15
CLEMONS, Hazel D.              16OC1917    18AP1919     1-15
CLEMONS, Lee R.                20JA1886    3DE1972      1-15    w of Raleigh
CLEMONS, Pauline M.            19JE1920                 1-15    w of Wm. T.
CLEMONS, Raleigh P.            21DE1884    8NO1960      1-15    h of Lee
CLEMONS, Wiley E.              19MY1912    8SE1914      1-15
CLEMONS, Wiley T.               6MH1888    22OC1930     1-15    masonic
CLEMONS, William T.            31JL1920    5JL1997      1-15    h of Pauline
COKER, A. Maud                 15FE1893    7MH1975      1-15    w of Arthur
COKER, Acie S.                 28MY1900    15DE1982     1-15    h of Beatrice
COKER, Almon A.                 5MY1922    16MH1986     1-15
COKER, Arthur S.               12JL1887    27JL1951     1-15    h of A. Maud
COKER, Beatrice                27SE1903    3DE1971      1-15    w of Acie
COKER, Charles F.               5OC1930    1AP1934      1-15
COKER, James A.                12DE1861    14JL1944     1-15    h of Millie
COKER, Jimmie G.               22MY1909    28MY1986     1-15    double w/Tamsie
COKER, Millie F.                2MH1865    21MH1941     1-15    w of James A.
COKER, Tamsie A.                7OC1905    11AU1963     1-15    double w/Jimmie
COKER, Terry Neal              14OC1938    4OC1996      1-15
DANLEY, Lennice B.              7OC1913    9AU1995      1-15    w of Lonzo
DANLEY, Lonzo O.                7SE1907    17NO1986     1-15    h of Lennice; (m 29JE1929)
FARS - see URBAN, Millie                                1-15
GIST, Arthur H.                 1SE1919                 1-15    h of Josephine
GIST, Josephine                 8MY1920    23DE1999     1-15    w of Arthur
GIST, Kathern L.               16JL1974    16JL1974     1-15    d of Wanda & Stanley
HOLDEN, M. Arthur              29NO1919    15MH1988     1-15    h of M. Beatrice
HOLDEN, M. Beatrice            19SE1917                 1-15    w of M. Arthur
LOVELACE, Lillie Gladys        25MY1910    30OC1977     1-15
LeMAY, Mamie L.                25AU1918    9AP1981      1-15    w of E.H.
LeMAY, infant son              13MH1947    13MH1947     1-15    s of E.H. & M.L.
LeMAYEuddress Howard            3FE1924    6NO1981      1-15    h of Mamie; Pfc  USA  WW2
MONTGOMERY, John Lewis         15AU1971    15AU1971     1-15    s of John & Elizabeth
URBAN, Jesse F.                29AU1906    18FE1987     1-15    h of Millie
URBAN, Millie Fars              8JA1908    27AP1995     1-15    w of Jesse
WILLIAMS, Billy Ray                        14SE1936     1-15    s of R.L. & L.G.
COKER, Grady Clenton           27FE1940    8MY1940      1-16    s of Eula Mae & Edward L.
COKER, Johnny O.               24NO1935    21OC1982     1-16
HARBIN, Howard E.               3NO1923    16JA1990     1-16    h of Rubie
HARBIN, Rubie P.                2MY1924                 1-16    w of Howard
HARBIN, infant                             21AU1943     1-16    d of Howard
BREWER - see HINE, Pauline                              2-01
FUDGE, Nettie Faye Sanderson    1AU1958    7JL2000      2-01
HINE, Homer                     2DE1917    25JL1997     2-01    h of Pauline
HINE, Pauline Brewer            8AP1915                 2-01    w of Homer
SANDERSON - see FUDGE, Nettie                           2-01
SANDERSON, Barbara J.            1941                   2-01    w of Charles
SANDERSON, Charles D.          21MH1940    3JA1984      2-01    h of Barbara; SP4 USA
SANDERSON, Esther M.           29NO1919                 2-01    w of Gertie
SANDERSON, Gertie Lee          21SE1917    7JA1982      2-01    h of Esther; S2 USN WW2
SANDERSON, Jimmy Lee           25MH1937    9JA1994      2-01
SANDERSON, Richard Gregory     27OC1952    25JE1994     2-01
DUPREE, Betty S.               15AU1935                 2-02    w of Raleigh
DUPREE, Raleigh T.             20JL1928    5DE1993      2-02    h of Betty
THIGPEN, Martha M.             25JA1941    9AP1999      2-03    w of Mirrion; (m 27MH1959)
THIGPEN, Mirrion L.            30SE1940                 2-03    h of Martha
THIGPEN, Revel Henry            2FE1913    3OC1984      2-03    h of Willie T.
THIGPEN, Willie Tee            21DE1920                 2-03    w of Revel
WEST, Margaret Allison         23DE1982    22JA1984     2-03    d of Donnie & Shirley
BRETHERICK, Brenda Faye        15OC1943                 2-04
BRETHERICK, Elton L.            6AP1905    4MH1987      2-04    h of M.P.
BRETHERICK, M. Pauline         16JE1915    4JE1994      2-04    w of Elton
GAMBLE - see KENNEDY, Lois                              2-05
GAMBLE, Billy                  17SE1933    31DE1993     2-05
KENNEDY, Edgar L.               5DE1924                 2-05    h of Lois
KENNEDY, Lois Gamble           11FE1926    8AU1997      2-05    w of Edgar
GIST, Marshall O.              24SE1925                 2-06    h of Mary
GIST, Mary (Betty)             13SE1930    7FE1983      2-06    w of Marshall; (m 8JA1949)
LAWSON, Carolyn Martin         10SE1950                 2-07    w of Cecil
LAWSON, Cecil Alvin             8SE1955    1OC1991      2-07    h of Carolyn
MARTIN - see LAWSON, Carolyn                            2-07
ROSARIO, Angel J.              19JE1962                 2-08    double w/Pamela
ROSARIO, Pamela J.             12JE1957    28OC1983     2-08    double w/Angel
ROGERS, Retha Christine        21FE1920                 2-09    w of Wm. J.
ROGERS, William Jason           8JE1908    17MH1991     2-09    h of Retha
BRADLEY, Henry Lee             11OC1929    11MY1994     2-10    h of Virgie
BRADLEY, Virgie Clemmons       25SE1931                 2-10    w of Henry; (m 11MH1951)
CLEMMONS - see BRADLEY, Virgie                          2-10
CLEMONS, Annie Mae             30MY1930                 2-11    w of Johnnie
CLEMONS, Johnnie H.             4AP1931    1NO1995      2-11    h of Annie
LEDBETTER, Kiyleen Kay         10JL1985    29MY1989     2-11    d of Walter
LEDBETTER, Walter Hugh Jr.      9AP1950    29MY1989     2-11    double w/Kiyleen
PUTMAN, Elizabeth V.           30JL1933                 2-11    w of James R.
PUTMAN, James R.               10JA1931                 2-11    h of Elizabeth
QUILLEN, Alfred H.             14MY1922    27MY1987     2-11    h of Marjorie
QUILLEN, Marjorie A.           31AU1924                 2-11    w of Alfred; (m 8JA1946)
ROGERS, Dorothy C.             26FE1939    12OC1994     2-11    w of Thomas
ROGERS, Thomas E.              10JL1933                 2-11    h of Dorothy
WARREN, Diane J.               21JL1945                 2-11    w of James L.
WARREN, James L.                7NO1937    10AU1990     2-11    h of Diane
BRYAN, Eleanor L.              12MY1947    6NO1993      2-12    w of Roy
BRYAN, Roy                     28SE1943                 2-12    h of Eleanor; (m 28SE1963)
CURTIS - see KENNEDY, Louise                            2-12
HAMM - see HUNT, Eula                                   2-12
HINES, Robert Lee               7NO1930    6AP1994      2-12
HUNT - see PRUETT, Stella                               2-12
HUNT, Betty Ruth                1SE1937                 2-12    w of Charles; (m 12DE1953)
HUNT, Charles Edward           12DE1934                 2-12    h of Betty
HUNT, Eula Hamm                 2SE1909    28OC1997     2-12    w of Wm. L.; (m 16OC1930)
HUNT, William Leo               5JA1911    25DE1998     2-12    h of Eula; USA  WW2
KENNEDY, Louise Curtis         12AU1915    22JE2000     2-12    w of Raleigh
KENNEDY, Raleigh James         31OC1913    24MY1986     2-12    h of Louise
PRUETT, Stella Hunt            14MY1936                 2-12    w of Willie
PRUETT, Willie L.               8MH1933    19MY1999     2-12    h of Stella
RICHARDSON, Margie Nell         6FE1955                 2-12    w of Wilburn
RICHARDSON, Wilburn Lee        29SE1928    22AU1997     2-12    h of Margie
DUNCAN, James H.                7AP1941    16JA2000     2-13    h of Margaret
DUNCAN, Margaret M.            28OC1937                 2-13    w of James H.
GIST, Arthur                                 DE1993     2-13    hard to read
SMITH, Jusin Lee                           21AP1995     2-13    s of Jerry & Nancy

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