Lindsey Chapel Cemetery



[Photo by David Leon Montgomery]

Surveyed June 2002
by Bob Torbert

Location: Section 8, Township 1, Range 12
NOTE: Updates are added at the bottom of the page.

       NAME            DOB        DOD    ROW        NOTES
LINDSEY, W. Albert   24AP1903   23MH1993  01 h of Lela
LINDSEY, Lela S.     26SE1904    8JA1991  01 w of Albert
GARRETT, Rufus J.    23FE1898   15JE1975  01 h of Ethel
GARRETT, Ethel M.     3DE1897   16JA1987  01 w of Rufus
LINDSEY, Richard H.  18JA1908    7AP1994  02 h of Norma
LINDSEY, Norma R.     3FE1906   20MH1988  02 w of Richard
HYDE, Alma           13JA1935   20AP2001  04
WALKER, Krysta Shay  13AU1995   16AU1995  04
WALKER, Johnny Lero  23DE1964    4SE1987  05 Sp4  USA
WALKER, Elmer O. (P  22JE1928    8NO1989  05 h of Opal
WALKER, Opal Lorene  25MH1931             05 w of Elmer
VICKRY, Ronald Cleo   5DE1948   29JA1990  05
VICKRY, Roger Dale    4MY1955   22JE1984  05
VICKRY, Dorothy Wil  28FE1932   24OC1995  06
VICKRY, Clifford C.  21AP1925   17FE1998  06 USA  WW2
NEWTON, Robert C.    15MH1941             07 h of Marie
NEWTON, Marie P.     17FE1945             07 w of Robert
GULLICK, Odie Bevis  16FE1896   13FE1973  07
WALLACE, Arnold      19JA1929   27NO1966  08
WALLACE, Myron       22OC1940             08
WALLACE, Osie        22NO1903   16JL1971  08
WALLACE, Ernest      26OC1904   13AP1981  08
MYHAN, Raymon H.     28JE1917   19AU1995  09 h of Reba; m 27DE1936
MYHAN, Reba L.       26JA1920    5JA2001  09 w of Raymon
MYHAN, Patricia      26JA1950    2JL1953  09
MYHAN, Kenneth       30SE1942   27MY1950  09
STOWE, Herbert N.    29JA1916   12MH1985  09 h of Cora
STOWE, Cora B.       19FE1914   15MY1994  09 w of Herbert
PRICE, Jerry D.       9MH1950    5MY1983  09
PRICE, James D.      30JA1923    4AU1990  09 h of Sarah
PRICE, Sarah L.       1SE1926   10AU2001  09 w of James
PRICE, Brenda Sue T  27JA1954    9MY1997  10
WEEKS, Bessie        25OC1919             10 w of Ellis
WEEKS, Ellis         28JA1919   21JA1993  10 h of Bessie
SIMONS, Lida E.      22FE1871    2MY1951  10 ? birth & death dates
SIMONS, E.B.             1856   23MH1939  10
LINDSEY, Aubra Lee   20SE1909   11DE1957  11 AL Cpl 461 Base AAF WW2
LINDSEY, Mary T.     15AU1867   28MY1955  11
LINDSEY, George H.   25MY1872   19DE1944  11
LINDSEY, Clifford F  14DE1910   16JL1928  11
LINDSEY, Vera Pearl   3NO1912   24OC1915  11
LINDSEY, Grady Lee   31DE1918    2MH1919  11 s of B.R. & Mary
STOWE, Susie          2JA1902   18JA1949  12 w of J.N.
STOWE, Jewel         27OC1922   14OC1924  12 d of J.N. & Susie
LINDSEY, Rosie Lee   31AU1871   12MY1951  12 w of W.L.
LINDSEY, W.L.        15MH1866    4AU1925  12 h of Rosie
LINDSEY, Birtie R.   13MH1900   25JE1961  12
LINDSEY, Mary M.     20AU1899   17JE1973  12 w of Birtie
MARTIN, Hursel       12SE1918    9MH1919  12 s of G.W. & N.B.
MARTIN, Nellie Bet   11SE1879   22FE1925  12
WALLACE, Owen W.     11FE1906   28AP1973  12 h of Lillie
WALLACE, Lillie E.   21JL1906    1NO1993  12 w of Owen
WALLACE, Owen Giffo  16OC1927   25MY1930  12
WRIGHT, James S.     28NO1887   29AP1936  12
VICKERY, Mamie Wrig  28FE1899   16JL1973  12
VICKRY, Wayford       6FE1929   26JA1997  13 USA  Korea
VICKERY, Callie          1887       1969  13
VICKERY, Monroe          1892       1967  13
VICKERY, J.W.         6NO1921    6OC1923  13 s of J.W. & C.S.
VICKERY, Alver           1919       2002  13
VICKERY, Alver           1919       2002  13 TN Pvt 142 Inf WW2
VICKERY, Dural O.     2NO1923   25FE1944  13 TN Pvt 142 Inf WW2
VICKERY, James F.        1894       1963  13
VICKERY, Larry D.        1897       1980  13
COOLEY, John             1847       1931  13
COOLEY, Roxie            1889       1965  13 double w/John
VICTORY, Louisa Eme      1853             14 L.E.M.W. Lay Victory
CASH, infant          6JA1914    6JA1914  14 s of J.T. & M.E.
BEVIS, Dewey Eugene  20JA1932   30JA1933  15
HIPPS, Hattie B.     30DE1906   19NO1953  15
HIPPS, Willie R.     25DE1893   18MY1952  15
HIPPS, Hattie Bevis  29DE1897    5DE1933  15
SCHUMEL, Dorothy Hy  11NO1893   15JE1970  16
HYDE, William H.     10AU1899    4SE1910  16 s of W.C. & M.A.
HYDE, Paul            1MY1886   20DE1901  16 s of W.C. & M.A.
HYDE, Silas           5OC1888    7AU1889  16 s of W.C. & M.A.
HYDE, Johnnie         7MY1903   26JL1910  16 s of W.C. & M.A.
HYDE, Martha A.      27AP1861    3SE1918  16
HYDE, William C.      1FE1857   23DE1918  16 h of Martha A.
BEVIS, Velma L.      19JL1909   28FE1994  16 w of Wayland
BEVIS, Wayne Waylan  24FE1911   23NO1990  16 h of Velma
BEVIS, Wayne         15JL1881   10NO1910  16 h of Dollie
BEVIS, Dollie        21OC1883    9MY1915  16 w of Wayne
BEVIS, William Lair  17JL1902    4NO1902  16 s of Wayne & Dollie
BEVIS, infant        25MY1909   25MY1909  16 d of Wayne & Dollie
BEVIS, Josephine V.      1860       1928  16 w of Daniel
BEVIS, Daniel H.         1858       1932  16 h of Josephine
BEVIS, John          22OC1907    8OC1943  16
SOUTHERN, Virgie M.   4OC1903   29JA1991  16 w of Wm.
SOUTHERN, William R   5FE1903    1MY1974  16 h of Virgie
TERRELL, Jane         9AU1859   19DE1907  17
BALENTINE, Rosaner   10FE1856   15SE1907  18 w of P.P.
BALENTINE, P.P.       2SE1852    1AP1910  18 h of Rosaner
GOUGH, Mary J.       19DE1848   16AU1894  18 w of J.A.
PIGG, Pearl           2JE1913   18OC1914  19
PIGG, Earl            6JA1915   21MY1916  19
GOODMAN, Herman      10FE1921    8SE1938  19 s of Boyd & Fannie
GOODMAN, F. Boyd      5JL1901    9MY1974  19 h of Fannie
GOODMAN, Fannie L.    4SE1898   20NO1948  19 w of Boyd
HAYES, William D.        1946       1947  19
HAYES, Willie        20DE1910    5OC1911  19 d of J.W. & S.A.
HAYES, Angia         24JA1871   20FE1941  19 w of J.W.
    [photo by D L Montgomery]
GOODMAN, Herschel    29MY1924   30SE1986  20 Pfc  USA  WW2
NORRED, Will                        1902  21
KEETON, Hannah Emil   6AU1873    2NO1906  21 w of J.N.
KEETON, Emma          6AU1873    2NO1906  21 w of J.N.
DAVIS, George         7FE1840    7AU1921  21
DAVIS, M.S.          20NO1863   15SE1927  22 [photo by D L Montgomery]
NORRED, John L.      13JA1878   11OC1940  22
NORRED, Ferry C.     19NO1878    1OC1963  22 double w/John
NORRED, infant                            22
VICKERY, Claudie Ja   9JE1925    2SE1953  22 TN Pvt Co D 97 Chem WW2
BALENTINE, D.M.      11NO1858   14MY1928  23 h of M.A.
BALENTINE, M.A.                 17JL1926  23 w of D.M.
WALLACE, Mary Ann               14JE1938  24
SCOTT, Odella        20JE1867   18AU1904  24 2nd w of D.E.
SCOTT, infant        Jul 1904    Sep1904  24 s of Odella & D.E.
SCOTT, infant         Aug1896    Aug1896  24 s of Odella & D.E.
SHAWS, Rosa          19MY1839   16AU1917  25
HAYES, Edwin Lee         1874       1936  25
HAYES, Virgie Spire      1874       1950  25
COBB, Thomas W.       5DE1871   24SE1918  26
GARRETT, Clarence R  26NO1904   25DE1905  26 s of W.R. & D.E.
GARRETT, N.L. (Mrs)      1857       1930  26 w of M.L.
GARRETT, Lizzie B.       1877             26 w of Wm.
GARRETT, William R.      1883       1957  26 h of Lizzie
COBB, Lee             5SE1884   30MY1950  27
COBB, Martha C.      17JA1846   25AU1925  27 w of W.M.
COBB, William M.     19OC1836   23SE1921  27 h of Martha;Pvt Co I 3 TN CSA
COBB, William H.     15JL1895   10NO1895  27
COBB, Martha M.      11SE1865   11MY1935  27 w of Charlie
COBB, Charlie L.      7MH1867             27 h of Martha M.
BREWER, Estellie A.  24MY1861    6DE1920  28 w of W.T.
LINDSEY, W.A.        16AU1836   24AP1919  28 h of Martha [photo by D L Montgomery]
LINDSEY, Martha      29JE1840    3OC1880  28 w of W.A.[photo by D L Montgomery]
BREWER, Amanda E.    27AP1854    6DE1876  35 w of W.T.

Additional information from David Montgomery  15 Jan 2005:
To my knowledge, there has been no burials in this cemetery since the above survey was done. The location of the cemetery is:

Lat: 34° 59˘ 12˛ N, Lon: 87° 49˘ 19˛ W

          Lindsey’s Chapel Church & Cemetery is located in Lauderdale County north of Florence, Alabama on Alabama Highway # 157 approximately 1 mile south of Cypress Inn, Tennessee on the west side of the highway.
          The church was built approximately 55 years ago with donations from residents of the community. Mr. Albert Lindsey, buried here, spearheaded the move to build the church. The church was built as a community church with no particular denominational ties. There are Confederate, World War II and Korean War veterans buried here. The oldest known
grave is 1867. The oldest known person buried here was born in 1836. There are 20 graves with no headstones or information. The cemetery is well cared for.

UPDATE 27 Feb 2005:
May, Duward T.; b. 22 Feb 1928, d. 06 Feb 2005, husband of Betty (Stowe)

UPDATE 12 Mar 2006:
Vickry, Roland Leo; b. 9 Jan 1951, d. 25 Dec 1995, son of Clifford and Dorothy
May, Betty (Stowe); b. 23 Jul 1938, only date; wife of Duward

UPDATE 13 Mar 2006:
Goodman, Luther Jr.; b. 16 Oct 1956, d. 17 Sep 2006

UPDATE 10 Apr 2007
Price, Larry Junior; b. 09 Jul 1948, d. 17 Oct 2006, husband of Shirley (Walker)
Wallace, Myron; b. 22 Oct 1940, d. 18 Dec 2006, son of Ernest & Osie

UPDATE 18 Aug 2007
Dodd, Dellie; b. 12 May 1921, d. 13 Aug 2007

UPDATE Dec 2007
Balentine, William “Buck”; b. 03 Jun 1940, d. 13 Aug 2007, husband of Patsy
Pigg, Carl Jr.; b. 04 Apr 1943, d. 29 Sep 2007
Vickery, Ada (Handley); no dates
Vickery, Ethel Cooley; circa 1906-1928
Vickery, James F.; b. 29 Feb 1894, d. 16 Oct 1963, father of James F. Vickery Jr.
        (complete dates)
Vickery, Lary Dodd; b. 31 Mar 1897, d. 13 Jul 1980 (complete dates)

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