Kernachan Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons - 5 Apr 1989

To reach this cemetery from Florence, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 8 (Gunwaleford Road); go 6.9 miles and turn right on a paved road; go 0.2 mile and turn left on a farm road; follow this road for 1.0 mile, until you come to a pasture gap; walk down this road (west) 215 yards, until you come to another pasture gap. Turn right (north) and walk 180 yards in this pasture. There is a gas line that crosses the pasture going in the direction you must walk. When you have walked 180 yards north, turn to your left and walk into the woods 50 yards to get to the cemetery. The distance you walk, in good weather and with permission from Robert Walker, you probably could drive almost to the cemetery. This cemetery is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map, and some older maps, as CUNNINGHAM Cemetery. The legal description is SE4, NE4, Sec 18, T3S, R13W.

 NAME                          Born          Died   Inscription/Comments
KERNACHAN, Robert                       14 Jan 1869 aged 76 years
WILLIAMS, Isaac B.      5 Apr AD 1812 5 Mar AD 1853 aged 39 yrs 11 mos 10 das
WILLIAMS, Maria C.**       6 Apr 1822    1 Sep 1851 aged 29 yrs 4 mos 25 das
   **Consort of Isaac B. Williams & daughter of Abram & Martha Kernachan
KERNACHAN, R. T.                        28 Mar 1868 aged 40 yrs 6 mos 9 das
JONES, Martha Tazewell     7 Apr 1845   15 Jun 1846 aged 1 yr 2 mos 8 das
JONES, Infant             22 Sep 1843    1 Oct 1843 
     inf son of James C. & Martha B. Jones
JONES, William Edward      2 Aug 1860   15 Oct 1882 
     son of James Carey & Matilda Bloomfield Jones
JONES, Sallie Bloomfield  11 Aug 1868   29 Mar 1883 
     dau of James C. & Matilda B. Jones
JONES, James Carey        30 Jul 1819   12 May 1885 father
       Matilda Bloomfield 16 May 1826   11 Oct 1885 mother; nee Kernachan
KERNACHAN, Abraham                      12 Mar 1833 aged 50 yrs; 
     born in County Donegall, Ireland
Some of these tombstones are broken, and some are out of place.

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