Huff Cemetery (Black)



Surveyed 15 Apr 1996 by Orlan K. Irons
and Peggy Baty; Resurveyed 30 Jan 1997
By Orlan K. Irons & William L. McDonald

To reach this cemetery from Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn east on Lauderdale 18 (Hough Road); go 0.5 mile to Lauderdale 133; cross this road and continue east on a gravel road 0.2 mile; cemetery located 10 yds. south of the gravel road in a wooded area. It has several large trees i it, and is badly grown up. This cemetery is shown on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway map, as well as some other maps. This cemetery is also known as the Posey Cemetery. The legal description is NW1/4, SW1/4, Sec 32, T2s R10w. The people buried in this cemetery are black. The last four graves listed below were found by Irons and McDonald in 1997 after the cemetery had been cleaned off.


NAME                      BORN        DIED         COMMENTS
HOUGH, Jenny                  1864        1941
No Name                    no date     no date  sunken place [5 graves]
BULLS, Maude L.        17 Apr 1892 13 Sep 1958
HOUGH, A. J.                  1884        1941
POSEY, Daisy           17 Feb 1884    Nov 1884
     In heaven there's one angel more
POSEY, Colston          5 Sep 1882 16 Oct 1902
     Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection
WATTS, Bessie          13 Jun 1885 15 Nov 1915
     Faithful to heaven even unto death
POSEY, Murdock         14 Jul 1893 16 Feb 1925
EDWARDS, Sittarh H.        no date  9 Jan 1900
     Wife of S. E. Edwards;   Died in Christ
POSEY, Charlie Jr.      9 Sep 1851 21 Jan 1934
    Father; I have fought a good fight. I have 
    finished my course. I have kept the faith.
POSEY, Kate             3 Apr 1852 13 Mar 1942
     wife of Charlie Posey; Faithful to her trust even unto death
No Name                    no date     no date
     This is a large marker, turned over on the face. Unable to read.
POSEY, Lucy             8 Jan 1862 25 Oct 1934
     Sister; God gave, He took, He will restore, 
     He doth all things well
POSEY, Emma A.         16 Oct 1866 14 Aug 1943
     Gone but not forgotten
JOHNSON, Ella Maude Pos30 Mar 1889 12 Jun 1945
     Gone but not forgotten
BULLS, Mose E. Jr.            1917        1931
HOUGH, Elmore                 1882        1900
HOUGH, Sallie                 1863        1912
HOUGH, Lew Ellen              1865        1941

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