Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery



Surveyed 10 Nov 2000
Robert Ellington Torbert
& Chelsea Torbert

From Florence, go West on AL 20; Left on County Road 2 and continue past River Bend Church of Christ; Left on County Road 205 to the church & cemetery. (Sec 14, T3S, R13W)

There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. The rows in this survey are numbered beginning near the church.

NAME                           DOB        DOD     ROW    NOTES
KIRKMAN, Robert H.          22JA1920    23JE1975   01  S1 USN WW2
ASHER, Lizzie                8SE1898    2MY1973    01
ARNETT, Charlie             18FE1905    4AP1974    01
OAKLEY, Earl                10AU1924    28NO1954   02
OAKLEY, James                7FE1927    22FE1951   02  AL Cpl Inf Korea
ARMSTEAD, Tom                 1883        1950     02  h of Florida
ARMSTEAD, Florida             1907        1966     02  w of Tom
PROBY, Mamie                28AP1921    30AP1938   02
ARMSTEAD, Andrew James      19JL1917    30OC1972   02  AL Tec 5 WW2
ARMSTEAD, Clarence          23MY1900    31DE1973   02
HUMES, John A.                1896        1976     02
ARMSTEAD, Isaac Sr.         10NO1877    30MH1978   02
ARMSTEAD, J.C.              23DE1899    29AP1971   02
IRONS, Jide Sr.               1878        1973     03
IRONS, Adline                 1907        1967     03
ARMSTEAD, Callie            27MH1876    1MH1951    03  w of Rev. George
ARMSTEAD, George (Rev.)     15OC1870    1JA1948    03  h of Callie
PROBY, Mamie                28AP1921    30AP1938   03  two stones with dates
HUMES, Lillie Mae            7MH1907    10DE1971   03
LITTLE, Lassiefene          13FE1941    10DE1968   03
BEASLEY, Robert              9SE1898    4AP1972    03  h of Mary D.
BEASLEY, Mary D.             4SE1901               03  w of Robert
DIXON, Robert               22MH1890    19JA1973   04
WILLIAMS, Lydia               1878        1963     04
PROBY, Staint Clare          4AU1895    2AP1963    04  AL Pvt 76 Co 163 Depot WW1
PROBY, Sammie L. (Pvt)      13SE1926    27OC1961   04
ARMSTEAD, Sam                1JA1871    10OC1951   04
JONES, Elizabeth              1934        1954     04
HUMES, Eliza                12AP1876    8MH1968    05
TURNER, Mary                            11NO1939   05  38 yrs old
THOMPSON, James             18DE1887    11NO1954   05  AL Pvt 548 Engr WW1
ARMSTEAD, Dennis            13MY1925    24AU1960   05
WILLIAMS, Henry               1876        1961     05
THOMPSON, Moses             10AP1915    15MH1971   06
WILLIAMS, Henry M.           5SE1898    20MH1956   06
LOVELACE, Austrila          18JA1910    24JL1945   07
HOLMES, Gus                 22AU1886    26NO1967   08
HOLMES, Robert James        20AP1932    8AU1961    08  AL Cpl USAR Korea
HOLMES, Freddie             25AU1925    12FE1949   08  AL Cpl WW2
BECKWITH, Jack               3JE1900    30MH1954   08  h of Hettie
BECKWITH, Hettie Sue         4JE1906    14OC1972   08  w of Jack
EAST, Ann                   11MH1867    18SE1953   09
SMITH, Will                 16MH1896    5MY1957    09  AL Pvt 548 SVC WW1
HOLMES, Earnest             17JA1918    23DE1967   09  AL Pvt USA WW2
HOLMES, John W.             19NO1910    14MH1972   09  AL PVT USA WW2
CHANDLER, William           29OC1923    25NO1968   10  AL S1 USN WW2
BARNETT, Robert G.            1942        1969     11
SMITH, Pearl                  1890        1964     11  AL Pvt Mg Co 366 Inf WW1
ROWELL, Prodgal              1AU1882    25FE1966   12
GAMBLE, Robert              27MY1917    1OC1967    12  AL Pfc USA WW2
BROWN, Moses                18FE1900    16OC1976   13
JOHNSON, Elijah             15JL1922    14FE1977   13
KOGER, Leonard J.           10DE1945    8SE1980    13
PERKINS, Ira                 8JE1903    1JE1981    13
PROBY, Hattie                7JA1903    2JE1983    13
GOODBE, Nenison             24DE1918    31DE1983   13
BODDIE, John W.               1924        1984     13
PERKINS, Mattie Rovell      30AU1906    30MH1984   13
ROVELL - see PERKINS, Mattie                       13
KOGER, Carl Henry           16FE1949    17JE1984   13
BEASLEY, Robert C.          12NO1923    30JE1984   13  S1 USN WW2
GAMBLE, Polly               28DE1921    16JL1985   13
KOGER, Frank Sr.             2FE1913    13JA1986   13
VAUGHN, Bazzie              16OC1909    14JL1986   13
HOLMES, Hessie T.            3JL1890    23MY1987   13
KOGER, Major J.             21FE1919    22JE1987   13
JONES, Nannie L.            11MY1900    20AP1989   13
JOHNSON, Beatrice           20AP1907    18MY1989   13
REEBER, Gertrude (Mrs.)     10MY1904    17MY1990   13
CHANDLER, Andrew Jr.         8FE1902    5JL1990    13  h of Mary R.
CHANDLER, Mary R.             1908                 13  w of Andrew
KOGER, Luther               20AP1917    24JA1991   13  Pvt USA WW2
WILLIAMS, Melvina             1915        1993     13
KOGER, Judie Mae            13DE1914    20JL1993   13
HARDY, Samella              15MY1908    13FE1994   13
THOMPSON, Willie             9AU1909    16FE1994   13
HARDY, Frank A.              3JL1935    9JA1996    13
BODDIE, Walter H.            9SE1909    4NO1996    13
JOHNSON, Hannah Mae          7AP1922    26FE1998   13
BARNETT, Bertha Mae         12SE1919    29SE1998   13
KOGER, Alma Butler          28JA1910    22NO1998   13
BUTLER - see KOGER, Alma                           13
ARMSTEAD, Annie             14MY1906    24JA1999   13
HILL, Minnie B.             12MH1925    23MH1999   13

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