George Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 2 Jan 1990

To reach this cemetery from Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto AL 157 (Cloverdale Road); go 1.4 miles and turn left on Lauderdale 16; go 1.8 miles to the cemetery; the cemetery is on the right side of the road, 60 yards from the road. There are several large cedar trees in the cemetery, that can be seen from the road. On the west side of this cemetery, is where most of the markers are, on the east there are only 3 markers and about 40 sunken holes and in the middle there are some graves marked with rocks. Roger Bass lives near this cemetery, and he said that there are about 40 graves here in the middle that slaves are buried in. Mr. Bass with the assistance of the Walden's takes care of part of this cemetery. The east side is badly grown up. Anyone visiting this cemetery should go to see Roger Bass before going into the cemetery. His house is about 200 yards west of the cemetery. The cemetery is listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description is SW4, SW4, S20, T2S, R11W.

          NAME                                  BORN                 DIED                  COMMENTS
Franklin, Martha A.                                   1896                 1966
Asher, Elias Sr.                                      1885                 1938
Asher, Anderson                                       1848                 1924
Walden (double)
     Jimmy                                         no date              no date
     Joe                                           no date              no date
George, James William                          24 Jan 1872           9 Aug 1959 son of Henry & Phebe H.
George, Mary Larimore                           2 Jun 1869          21 Sep 1959
George, Julia Esther                           11 Jun 1903          18 Oct 1983
Holland, Emma Jane                             27 Jan 1847           4 May 1928
Barnett, Thomas                                 7 Nov 1789          12 Nov 1858
Walden, Joseph Davis Sr., M.D.                 29 Apr 1905          27 Feb 1976 son of Charles & Florence Irvine Walden
Walden, Jimmy Jay George                       30 Apr 1909          24 May 1975
     wife of Joseph Davis Walden Sr. M. D.; dau of James William & Deddie Larimore George;
     mother of Jimmy and Joe Walden
Garner, Nancy R.                                                    18 Sep 1819 aged 1 yr 11 mo 12 dys
Simpson, Robert L.                             20 Jan 1918          21 Jan 1948 AL Pvt; Air Corps; WWII
George, Phoebe S.                              26 Feb 1845          12 Sep 1887 wife of Henry   George
George, Henry J.                               10 Nov 1873          14 Feb 1879 son of H. J. & P. S. George
Holland, Sarah                                                      16 Apr 1856 aged 11 mos; dau of James L. &  Bassaba Holland
Holland, Barcheba                              14 Jul 1811          27 Jun 1881
Holland, James L.                              24 Dec 1814          24 Apr 1871
Ross, Loveing                                                                   aged 81 yrs
     [according to the 1850 Census of Lauderdale Co AL, Loving Ross was 79, b VA]
Wilson, James                                  15 Feb 1897          10 Sep 1958 Alabama, Pfc,  802 Co Trans,  Corps, WWI
Wilson, Jimmie                                  9 Sep 1872          23 May 1918 Rector Haines Chamber 2181  Florence, Ala.
Chisholm, Lucy                                        1885                 1956 grave surrounded with rocks and is sunken
Lovelace, George M.                            30 Jun 1884          18 Aug 1966
Lovelace, Mollie Elizabeth                      3 Apr 1888          27 Dec 1960
Note: There are some graves marked with rocks for markers in the center part of this cemetery. There are 5 graves
marked with rocks that indicate a baby or small child. There is also a kind of rock wall, not very high, around the grave of
Nancy R. Garner. This wall is 25 feet long and 10 feet wide, which would indicate that there are probably more than one
person buried inside the wall.

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