Flynt Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons - 31 Jan 1989

This cemetery is listed on the Lauderdale County Highway Map as FLINT Cemetery. To reach this cemetery, turn off AL 20 (Savannah Highway), onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo Road), go 3.1 miles; turn left on Lauderdale 19,go 0.2 mile; turn right onto a farm road and go 9.2 mile until you come to a pasture gate. Stop here and walk up this hedgerow for 300 yards. You will see this cemetery in a large clump of hackberry trees. It is grown up, but you can still see all the tombstones an markers. There are 8 to 10 graves marked with rocks and 2 or 3 sunken holes. There are two tombstones, at the edge of these trees, close to a plowed up field, which could not belong here. In other words out of place. The legal description for the cemetery is SE4, NE4, Sec 2, T3s, R12w.

SURNAME     Given Names          Born          Died              Coments
FLYNT       Candis             4 Feb 1803           184?    (bottom broken off)
THOMPSON    T. F.             16 Jul 1847    17 Jul 1870          (fallen over)
no name     Ella                     aged 29yrs 9ms 29ds       (top broken off)
     Sleep on dear Ella and take thy rest with God called at the home
     he thought best
DUNCAN      Anna              14 Jan 1853    23 Apr 1875
FLYNT       Polly                           age 12 years
FLYNT       Elviry                          aged 7 years
THOMPSON    Josephine O.         Jul 1871     7 Dec 1871        dau of B & M R 
no name                          no dates                  (part of stone gone)
  Weep not father and mother for me for I am waiting on glory for thee

Added by Bob Torbert, 25 May 2002:
BURNS, Ella S.                  7 Mar 1858     6 Jan 1887  aged 29y 9m 29days
     wife of J. H. Burns
BURNS, Saletha                 15 Oct 1855    26 Sep 1885  wife of J. H. Burns
Footstone with initials "B E B"
WHITE, Sarah G.                17 Apr 1845    10 Jun 1871  wife of Dr M D White

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