Fisher - Stutts Cemetery



Surveyed 25 Aug 2000
Gerald Clemmons and Robert Torbert

From Florence, go East on US 72; North on US 43 to Green Hill; left (West) on CR 344 past Shiloh Church of Christ for about mile.  At mailbox number 1790, the cemetery is on the left, on a hill side next to the road. The legal description for this cemetery is SW4 Section 13, Township 1 Range 10.

     NAME                         DOB        DOD         COMMENTS
MILTON, Anderson M.                        9OC1829  s of J.M. & Sarah (one date)
BRETHERICK, L. Annie           20MH1853   26AP1926  w of Joesph
BRETHERICK, Joseph             14DE1849   27NO1923  h of L. Annie
BRETHERICK, N.T.                3JA1870   31AU1880  d of J. & L.A.
BRETHERICK, J.L.               23JL1874   28MY1880  s of J. & L.A.
McDONALD, Henry G.                                  1st Sgt Co A 2 TN Inf
McMURTRY, Mathew                 1785      3SE1863  born IRELAND
McDONALD, J.W.                 13OC1852    1AU1871
McDONALD, J.E.                  1SE1824   28FE1911
McDONALD, Janey                 5AU1830    1MY1904
LEAVILLE, Hannah R.              1864       1899    w of J.T.
LEAVILLE, Joanna               20SE1871   27JL1938
LEAVILLE, John T.               8JE1864   23DE1839
McDONALD, Stephen Emory        27DE1862   12OC1940
McDONALD, Ada                   6MH1899   10OC1899
BRADLEY, Mary L.                 1858       1935
BRADLEY, R.L.                    1856       1929
BRADLEY, Mary V.               13MH1886   20OC1886
BRADLEY, William A.            28JL1889   10AU1890
BRADLEY, Susie Mae              3DE1916   22JL1920
BRADLEY, Robert L.              5JA1904   15MH1906
JAYNES, James W.               29MY1923   25AU1923
JAYNES, D. Elaine              23MY1928    4JE1929
JAYNES, R. Fulton              24AP1919    4JE1921
JAMES, Juda E. McDonald        13DE1843   19NO1927  JAYNES? family; w of B.McD.
McDONALD, B. (Berry)           21MH1823    8JA1887  h of Juda E.
RICHARDSON, Roley G.           23JA1885    1AU1885
RICHARDSON, Sarah E.            5OC1866    6FE1885  w of H.D.
LAFAN, Jessie                              OC1907
LAFAN, Sherman                 25NO1851             double w/Mattie
LAFAN, Mattie                  28MY1881   28MY1956  double w/Sherman
HALL, Augusta                    1926       1932
LeFAN, Mary (Moll)             25OC1854   24JE1933
LeFAN, W.T. (Wm. Thomas)       29JE1829    7NO1908  h of Anna
LeFAN, Anna M.                  6JE1831   30JE1902  w of W.T.
LeFAN, ?vira                   20MH1863   15JL1899  facing a tree
THOMPSON, Ben F.               28FE1898   29SE1964
THOMPSON, Lucinda                1850       1891
LeFAN, William H.              19OC1857     1896
GOOCH, Clinton B.               6AP1920    8FE1964  Pfc AAA Gun BN WW2
GOOCH, Jane E. (Richardson)     1AU1879   20NO1970  w of Bayless
GOOCH, Bayless C.              29SE1877    3MY1934  h of Jane
GOOCH, Homer                    8AU1905    2JL1911  s of B.C.
BUTLER, C. (Canon)             22FE1822   26JA1901  h of Julia
BUTLER, Julia (Holtsford)       8AU1837   25MH1909  w of C.  (m23DE1852)
McMURTREY, John David           3MH1873   16AP1931  h of Nettie
McMURTREY, Nettie Arminta      20NO1876   23MH1954  w of John D.
McMURTREY, Marquis             10JE1901   10OC1901  s of J.D. & N.A.
ROBERTSON, Pink                 6JE1865   12FE1958  h of Myrtle
ROBERTSON, Myrtle              15FE1881   16MY1926  w of Pink
THIGPEN, Cora L.                1AU1907             d of Pink ROBERTSON
THIGPEN, Willie J.             13NO1901    8JA1949
THIGPEN, Jerry                   1938       1938
LeFAN, Ruth Ann                                     no dates
ENGLISH, Mary                    1822       1882
ENGLISH, S.E. or S.C.          31OC1851   12MY1874
BURKS, Henry                   24MH1850   23OC1928  not found 8/25/2000
BURKS, Martha (Richardson)     27OC1860   27FE1963  not found 8/25/2000
ENGLISH, Ida T.                25JL1881   15SE1882  not found 8/25/2000
ENGLISH, Mary J.               24MY1874   12AU1880  not found 8/25/2000
ENGLISH, Annie L.              24JA1880    5AU1880  not found 8/25/2000
HAM, T                                              not found 8/25/2000

NOTE: Those marked as 'not found' were listed in a much earlier survey done by William Q. Hill.

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