Cypress Cottonmill Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons and William L. McDonald, 17 Nov 1993

To reach this cemetery from Florence, turn right off South Court Street, onto AL 20 (Savannah Highway). Go 3.6 miles and turn right on Lauderdale 23 (Florence Golf & Country Club Road); go 0.5 mile to cemetery. The cemetery is past the club House and in back of the swimming pool. This is a large cemetery, and is heavily overgrown. There could be as many as 100 unmarked graves in this cemetery. This cemetery is shown on some older maps, but no name is given. This cemetery is also called the Martin Factory Cemetery. The legal description is SW4, SE4, Sec 5, NW4, NE4, Sec 8, T3s, R11w. [map]

NAME                         BORN         DIED          COMMENTS
Bevis, Thomas W.          18 Apr 1855   11 Jun 1918
Bevis, Emma                         died 8 Jan 1902   no other info
No Name                      no dates         2 cinder blocks for markers
Cottrell (Double)
      Mandy M.               no dates
      Andrew J.              no dates
Cox, James D.             21 Nov 1939   17 Nov 1940    son of J P & C E Cox;
                                                       our baby
Prince, Harrison A.        7 Mar 1909   30 May 1966
Rickard, Ella                            9 Feb 1986    only date
     Funeral home marker: 8 Sep 1893 - 9 Feb 1986; age 92
Rickard, Marshall                1868          1945
Rickard, Amanda                         11 Dec 1937    age 64 yrs.
Rikard, Edner              3 Sep 1901   19 Sep 1901
Rickard, Ruby Lee          7 Sep ____   13 Dec 1961
Rickard, Fred             13 May 1913   27 Aug 1990    PFC, US Army, WW II;
 Funeral home marker: Fred Rickard 13 May 1914-27 Aug 1990, age 76
    [note year born]
Bounds, Emma               9 Feb 1873   28 Nov 1900    daughter of John Bounds
Bounds, Addar             16 Feb 1881    7 Oct 1881
Bounds, Mary Caladonia     1 Oct 1849    6 Jul 1881    wife of John Bounds
Bounds, Johnnie           14 Jan 1877    6 Feb 1880    son of John & M C Bounds
Bounds, Emmaline                 1821    6 Aug 1872    wife of Lemuel Bounds
Bounds, Lemuel                   1820   15 Mar 1872
No Name                      no dates                  rocks for marker
No Name                      no dates                  rocks for marker
McCuan, Sarah Catherine          1827          1895    (wife of Nelson McCuan
  buried in McCuan-Moss Cem. At Cairo in Limestone Co AL [per Wm. L. McDonald]
McCuan, Bernard
      Marker contributed by William L. & John McDonald, and erected by
      William L. McDonald and Orlan K. Irons, 17 Nov 1993.
Toon, Willie                     1866          1876
      Grave unmarked;info per Wm. L. McDonald
Johnson (Double)
      Martha Nichols             1827          1908
          (wife of James Blassingame Johnson per William L. McDonald)
      Fred                       1890          1892 grandson
      Marker contributed by William L. & John McDonald, and erected by
      William L. McDonald and Orlan K. Irons, 17 Nov 1993.
McAfee, L.                 2 Oct 1844    7 Nov 1872
McAfee, J. H.              8 Feb 1848   26 Oct 1859
McAfee, J. G.              4 Jul 1820   20 Aug 1877
Wintter, Martha S. J.     14 May 1855   25 Jul 1880
Redding, Nancy E.         15 Mar 1870    2 Nov 1880
Redding, Alexander               1862          1910
     unmarked grave; info per Wm. L. McDonald
Redding, Isaac                   1900          1923
     unmarked grave; info per Wm. L. McDonald
Holt, J. L. E.             7 Jan 1868    3 Aug 1873    dau of P. F. & E. Holt
Holt, P. F.                  Sep 1831   13 Feb 1887    husband of E. Holt
Holt, E.                         1830    3 Jul 1898    wife of P.F. Holt
No Name                      no dates    a marble head & foot marker
No Name                      no dates  broken piece of marble standing in base
                                       also marble footmarker lying flat
Kilburn, Pauline           4 Mar 1907   25 Apr 1925    wife of John Kilburn
Stevenson Infant                        16 Jul 1889    only date
   inf son of R.E.& F.E. Stevenson
Redding, Nancy J.            no dates                  hand engraved
Redding, Izma                no dates                  hand engraved
Redding, Dad                 no dates                  hand engraved
No Name                      no dates            a standing concrete marker

UPDATE: contributed by Denise PRINCE Wilson, 1 Jun 2001:

PRINCE, Harrison A.   born 7 Mar 1909    died 30 May 
     (standing at foot of Harrison grave, to the left is 
      Cox, James D. info on headstone is correct.)
On the left of James Cox. is First wife of Harrison Prince.
PRINCE, Martha CODY   b. 1910  d. June 4 1929 
     daughter of Thomas CODY and Lula ROBINSON (no marker) 
(to the left of Martha is Mandy M. COTTRELL with second husband Andrew J. COTTRELL.) headstone 
      should read as follows, but is broken in spots.)
COTTRELL, Mandy M. born 11 Feb 1886  died. 7 Nov 1931 
      (mother of Harrison A. Prince; daughter of Jefferson 
       Davis RICKETTS)
COTTRELL, Andrew J. born 1881 died 8 Sept 1941

also in this same area are three babies of Harrison A. PRINCE and
2nd wife Ola Pearl CLEMMONS ( no headstone yet. Working on this project)

PRINCE, Alton Lee  b. 1933  d. 1934  (no marker)
PRINCE, Geraldene  b. 1935  d. 1936  (twin)  (no marker)
PRINCE, James Harold b. 1935 d. 1936 (twin)  No marker
    source (death cert on Martha and relatives of the children)

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