Cemetery - Crittenden



Surveyed 8 Apr 2001, by Dixie Setzer

Submitted with permission of surveyor
9 April 2001 by Liz Moore

Location: From US 72, turn right [south] on 107, in Center Star. Go to end of road, at stop sign turn left onto County Road 31. David and Dixie Setzer's  Farm is the third on the left.  Cemetery is located on the hill, and you will have to have permission before you go to the Cemetery. This survey was done at my request by Dixie Setzer ( My husbands Aunt).

CRITTENDEN William    died  1/5/1825 age about 40 Years He was the husband of Elizabeth G. Crittenden, the father of Wm H, Benj. F, Mary A, and Jane Crittenden

CRITTENDEN  In memory of William Henry born 9/27/1815 died 4/8/1854

CRITTENDEN Octavia born 11/1/1823 died 5/2/1861
( Note* Dixie looked at her abstract and found on a Warrenty Deed William H. Crittenden and his wife Octavia to Benjamin F. Crittenden dated 8/8/1844)

CRITTENDEN Benjamin Felix  born 9/6/1846  died 7/8/1861

CRITTENDEN Jane born 8/12/1820 died 5/26/1854 died of Typhoid Dysentry. Daughter of William W. & Elizabeth G. Crittenden, sister of Wm H, Benj F, and Mary  A Crittenden

JONES Mary Ann  born 3/3/1823 died 3/16/1848  Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann consort of William F. Jones

BROWN Susie E born 9/28/1858 died 8/21/1865  Daughter of S.E. and M.E. Brown

TAYLOR Mrs Susan I born 12/31/1804 died 10/6/1890

TAYLOR Benjamin born 4/23/1800 died 7/21/1878
        born Mecklenburg County, Virginia

TAPP Elizabeth Frances wife of Wm J Tapp born 6/6/18?? died 9/14/1856 age 27, 3 mos, 8 days

TAPP Elizabeth F. daughter of William J & Elizabeth F Tapp born 7/21/1856 died 9/20/1856

Notes *
William Crittenden married Octavia Ingram  June 24, 1843 Lauderdale Co, AL
Mary Ann Crittenden married William F Jones Sept, 24, 1839 Lauderdale Co, AL
Elizabeth F. Marks married William J. Tapp  June 19, 1850 Lauderdale Co, AL

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