Casey Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons, 30 Jan 1990

To reach this cemetery from Florence, take Cox Creek Parkway and turn north onto AL 157 (Cloverdale Road); go 0.4 mile to where the road curves and stop. There is a farm road on the right, follow this road, walking west and staying as close as you can to this hedge row for 785 yards; when you reach the corner of a large field on your right, and woods in front of you, turn right and follow the edge of this field and the woods. There is a large oak tree about where you should go into the woods. The cemetery is not listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description is Sec 7, T2S, R11W.

NAME                          BORN          DIED         
CASEY, Elizabeth                          1 Dec 1839
        aged 80 yrs 2 mos & 4 days; wife of Gen. Levi Casey
CASEY, Charity                           28 Jul 1839
        aged 37 yrs 7 mos & 5 days; wife of J. D. Casey
CASEY, Sarah F.                          14 Feb 1851
       aged 32 yrs 2 mos & 2 days;  third wife of J. D. Case
CASEY, Jacob D.             23 Nov 1796  11 Jun 1853
CASEY, Virginia J.          30 Aug 1853  11 Oct 1853
       dau of J. D. & R. F. Casey
RICE, Richard               12 Dec 1859  21 Sep 1860
       son of Rev. W. B. & R. F. Edwards  (broken in 3 pieces

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