Cannon Cemetery



Surveyed by Orlan Irons - 7 Aug 1989

To reach this cemetery, turn left off AL 20, (Savannah Highway) onto Lauderdale 14 (Waterloo Road), go 10.7 miles; turn left on a gravel road, go 0.1 mile; turn right in front of Billy and Nancy Ogletree's house, go through their yard, through a pasture gate for 0.2 mile. After you go through the gate into the pasture, the cemetery will be on the right. There are two cherry trees and one cedar tree in this cemetery, that can be seen from the Ogletree's house. There is a small chain link fence around some of the graves. There is at least two tombstones standing against these trees, on the outside of the fence. This cemetery is not listed on the 1987 Lauderdale County Highway Map. The legal description for the cemetery is NW4, NE4, Sec 23, T2S, R13W.

SURNAME          Given Names          Born           Died           Comments
CANNON           Jabez                    1801           1867
WAITS            James              9 Nov 1801     4 Apr 1889
CANNON           Isaac             20 Feb 1832    22 Oct 1855
WAITS**          Lydia              9 Apr 1804    30 Jun 1883     wife of James Waits

** This was on the outside of the fence, the tombstone was in three parts, including the base. There is also another tombstone standing against the trees, that does not have any names or dates on it. There is also one foot marker still standing, that is on the outside of the fence.

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