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Alexander’s Stereotype Edition, The HOLY BIBLE, containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, Translated from the original tongues, PHILADELPHIA: Stereotyped and Published by c. Alexander & co. Athenian building, Franklin Place and sold by ALL THE PRINCIPLE BOOKSELLERS IN THE UNITED STATES. 1834

David Howard His Bible Bought _____ Pratt in October 2nd 1837. Price $2.25.
Bob? B. In Vaughn –Oct. 5—1837

Elender E. Howard
Elliott J. Howard
Emily N. A. Howard
Joseph Howard
Jesey T. Howard
Jason Howard
James C. Howard
John S. Howard

page 2,                                            MARRIAGES

David Howard was Married March the 20th 1833
Eleaner Howard daughter of David & Anny Howard was married on
          the 24 of Nov 1867?
Elliott J. Howard was Married February 6th 1868

page 3,                                      BIRTHS & DEATHS

David Howard Was Born September the 4th 1814
Anny Howard was Born October the 4th 1811
Eleanor Elizabeth Howard was Born February the 7th 1834
Joseph Howard Was Born November the 27th 1835
Elliot Jane Howard was Bornd October 26th 1837

David Howard beloved Husband of Anny Howard departed this life
         October 24th 1854 in the 41st year of his age
Joseph Howard affectionate Son of David & Anny Howard departed
         this live Oct. 21, 1856 in the 21 year of his age

page 4,                                   BIRTHS & DEATHS

Jesse Thomas Howard was Born September the 28 1840
Jason Howard was Bornd January the 22 1843
Emely Nancy Ann Howard was Bornd February the 12 1845
James Christopher Howard was Bornd May the 9 1847
John S. Howard Was Born Oct 13th 1850
Thomas Howard Departed this life Jan the 18thin the 22
          year of his age
Jason Howard Departed this life Jan the 21st /62 in the 19th
          year of his age

page 5

Lemuel H. McCollum Was Bornd August 15th 1839
L. H. McCollum was married January 8th 1863


Eliott Jane Belew was Bornd August the 13 1836
John Westley Belew was Bornd January the 14 1839
Sarah ann belew was Bornd February the 4 1840

page 6                  THOMAS HOWARD’S CHILDREN AGES

Polly Jackson was Bornd September the 25 1810
Susannah Howard was bornd January the 25 1813
David Howard was bornd Sept the 4 1814
Lucy Howard was bornd November the 15 1816
Letty Howard was bornd Sept the 24 1818
Nathan Howard was bornd Oct the 1 – 1820
Sally Howard was bornd Sept the 7 1822
Elender howard was bornd oct the 15 1824
Maryan Howard was bornd March the 15 1827
Page torn, illegible name and date
Robert howard was bornd August the 2 1832

Thomas Howard died December the 29 1850
Nutty Howard died October the 4th 1852

page 7,                 JOSEPH HOWARD’S CHILDREN AGES

Elender Howard was Bornd January the 5-----1783
Stephen Howard was Bornd March the 28-----1784
Obediah Howard was Bornd January the 5----1786
Letty Howard was Bornd July the 12-------------1788
Thomas Howard was Bornd July the 28---------1790
Elizabeth Howard was Bornd August the 27----1792
Nathan Howard was Bornd Sept. the 29---------1795

Thomas Howard died December the 29 1850

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