ALGenWeb Project - Alabama - Construction Guide
Construction Guide

The requirements and guidelines for constructing county pages for AlGenWeb.


    The goal of each county's page for the ALGenWeb Project is to create indices of genealogy-related links. Each page should be simple and easy to use. A standardized interface will help users navigate each of the county sites of the ALGenWeb Project easily.

Design Recommendation:

    To help decrease page loading times, the use of graphics should be limited. If possible, use graphics that are already loaded into the cache. Subjects that use more than one screen-full of text should have their own web page. Common navigational elements should be placed on each web page. And when in doubt, keep it simple.

County Page Requirements
These requirements are adapted from the USGenWeb county page requirements.

  • Prominently display the USGenWeb logo on your pages. You may select from several versions of the logo at
  • Have a pointer to the ALGenWeb index of counties or the ALGenWeb home page.
    (<A HREF="">)
  • List libraries and archives within the county which contain valuable information for the genealogist.
  • Provide a list of individuals who are willing to lookup information in local libraries and archives.
  • Provide a list of ancestor queries for your county.


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