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A selected few Franklin County Marriages 1891-1929

These marriages submitted by  Janet Rikard 

Boyd, T. A. Hammock, Martha E. 31 Dec, 1899 by Robert Bullen
Barksdale, Bill Rollins, Francis 22 Feb. 1900 by J. D. Thorn, M.G.
Brown, W. T. Malone, Lena 1 Mch 1900 by J. M. Wright, M.G.
Balding, J.T. Parrish, Mary F. 25 Mch 1900 by J.S. Stockton, M.G.
Brown, James B. Webb, Maggie E. 25 Mch 1900 by R. L. Quinn
Bordon, Ky Roberts, Lucy A. 27 Mch 1900 by W.B. Hutchens, M.G.
Butler, John Keller, Sarah Matilda 7 Jun 1900 by A.L. Hall, M.G.
Byars, J.T. Pilgrim, Mollie 4 Aug. 1900 by M. J. Pace, M.G.
Brown, George T. Myrick, Mattie 8 Aug. 1900 by G.W. Stout, J.P.
Brasher, J.B. Tolerson, Fanny 25 Aug. 1900 by M.J. Pace, M.G.
Bailey, G.W. Mitchell, Laura returned unexecuted
Beasley, William J. Pierce, Cansadie 26 Sep. 1900 by J.E. Tubbs, M.G.
Benton, Benjamin(col.) Nelson, Willie(col.) 11 Oct. 1900 by Walter Hamilton, M.G.
Bates, Gratten(col.) Owes, Mary (col.) 12 Oct. 1900 by R.J. Moody, J.P.
Butters, Frank Hughes, Lea 15 Oct 1900 by A.L. Smith
Brown, Billie Quinn, Lena 26 Dec. 1900 by J.T. Whitehurst
Bolton, Authur Middleton, Mary M. 30 Dec. 1900 by W.H.Austin, M.G.
Brown, R.E. Rikard, Alma 20 Jan. 1901 by J.J. Jones, M.G.
Bailey, Harrison J. Brooks, Rosa 15 Mch 1901 by Albert W. Briscoe
Baker, C.M. Palmer, Julia 21 Mch 1901 by H.B. Foster
Barrett, John I. Puckett, Georgi Ann 24 Mch 1901 by J.D. Thorn, M.G.
Blackburn, C. M. Thorn, Gily Belle 26 Apr. 1900 by J.D. Thorn, M.G.
Broadus, Boyce Sargent, Margret R. 4 Jul 1901 by Albert W. Briscoe, M.G.
Bishop, H. B. Son, Lola 28 Jul 1901 by E.R. Little, M.G.
Bordon, James W. Mitchell, Louvary 28 Jul. 1901 by J.M. Yocum, J.P.
Bendall, G.W. Atkins, Liddie 1 Sep. 1901 by T.M. Johnson, M.G.
Batey, Lee Porter, Lucy 18 Sep. 1901 James W. Chalk
Bradford, Fred W. Lindsey, Louisa 27 Oct. 1901 by W.C. Summers, M.G.
Bishop,Charley W. Song, Ida 27 Oct. 1901 by E. R. Little, M.G.
Nelson, Reed(col.) Gholson, Della(col.) Sept. 4, 1894 by M. Jones, M.G. 
Plyler, Thomas C. Thornton, Emma Aug 11, 1895 by A.J. Saint, J.P.
Pennington, V. M. Mayfield, Georgia Aug 18, 1895 by John J. Underwood 
Pounders, M. F. Mays, Lilly Aug 15,1895 by A.M. Warnock 
Petree, W. A. Goins, Sarah J. Oct.16, 1895 by T. B. Strickland 
Parrish, William F. Holland, Alice S. Oct 19, 1895 by J. E. Miller, J.P. 
Parker, William A. Saint, Sarah E. Jan. 26,1896 by Porter Duboise 
Porterfield, Grant (col.) Nash , Mary (col.) April 12,1896 by J.H. Kelly 
Posey, Erving Kiker, Elizabeth E. Oct. 25, 1896 by Elder J. T. Thompson 
Pace, J.B. Pace, Leona Nov. 29, 1896 by B. H. James, M.G. 
Parker, Ben(col.) Sherrod, Fannie A.(col.)Dec. 23, 1896 by E.C. White, M.G. 
Petree, David T. Nelson, Clemmie A. Jan. 3, 1897 by B.E. Finch, M.G. 
Peteet, Walton Cleere, Carrie March, 31, 1897 by R.O. Brown 
Quinn, Will (col.) Thompson, Mollie(col.) Dec. 27, 1893 by A.J. James. M.G. 
Quillin, Hiram C. Bolton, Ada Dec. 2,1896 by J.L. Brittain 
Robbins,J.W. - Williams, Jane, 29 Aug 1897 by J.H. Kimbrough MG.
Robbins, Charley(col) - Gholson, Mary A.(co1), 2 Dec 1897 by W.H. Hamilton MG
Rollins, Samuel(col) - Sugg, Julia (col), 23 Dec 1897 by J. H. Kelley MG
Ray, Leroy - Brazzel, Nancy - 18 Jan 1898 by J.T. Whitehurst MG
Rickets, Squire T. - Cox. Alice V. - 5 Apr 1898 by James M. Thorn
Reed, C.P.- Right, Belle - 18 May 1898 by A.M. Warnock NP
Richard, Amanuel - Mill , Hattie - 18 Sep 1898 by B.H. James MG
Roden, M.E. - Isbell, Missouri A. - 22 Dec 1898 by S.W. Lee MG
Reed, W.T. - Watson, Sarah - 1 Jan 1899 by John W. Doss
Russell, W.A. -Parrish, Margrett - 15 Jan 1899 Stockton MG
Robertson, John - Lovett, Sarah Ann - not shown not shown
Richardsen Louis B. - Mansell ,Willie E. - 21 June 1899 by I.B. Bradley
Rea, James - Patton, Mary - 17 Aug 1899 by W.H. Austin MG
Raburn, Taylor V. - Mathuse, Mara - 23 Nov 1899 by R.W. Swinney LMG
Reed, George (col) - Win, Carrie (col) - 26 Nov 1899 by W.H. Hamilton MG
Rickard, John W. - Greenhill, Elta M. - 27 Dec 1899 by B.H. James MG
Reed, W.R. - Ingram, Lou Visa - 4 Apr 1900 by J.W. Doss JP
Russell, Isaac (col) - Burgess. Sarah (col) -8 Apr 1900 by W.H.Hamtlton MG
Rates Lawerence - Barns Nellie May - 28 May 1900 by Isaac Gilbert
Russ, John T. - Hubbard, Lucencie - 29 Jun 1900 by W,W. Mehery
Robsin, W.W. - James, Rhoda - 11 Aug 1900 by M.J. Pace MG
Robsin, Lees - Mathews, Ella - 8 Sep 1900 - W.P. Scott
Reid, L.B. - Thompson, Leona - 19 Sep 1900 by A.R. Smith JP
Riner, T.P. - Gilbert, Bella - 14 Nov 1900 by W.M. Whitlock MG
Reeves, Julius - Hodge, Alice - 17 Oct 1900 by W.B. Hutchens MG
Rickard, H.H. - Taylor, Judy C. - 7 Nov 1900 by A.L. Smith MG
Rickard, J. D. Hester, Margarett L. Jan. 8, 1891 by Josiah J. Jones 
Ross , Malcolm W. - Bowen , Rachael - 10 Dec 1900 by Frank W. Gardner
Rafer Thomas - Raburn, Lucy - 12 Dec 1900 by T.M. Camp
Rea,A.W. - Corbell, Josie - 22 Dec 1900 by J.T. Whitehurst
Rea, James A. Taylor, Virginia A. Feb. 1, 1891 by J. T. Whitehurst, M.G. 
Roe, F. S. Tubbs, Lucy B. Jan. 29, 1891 by T.C. Spraggins, J.P. 
Robinson, J.B. Garrett, Martha Feb. 27, 1891 by John L.Willis, M.G. 
Rea, William Fisher, Lucinda April 11, 1891 by M.L. Jones 
Ratliff, M. E. Bradford, Susie (not given) (not given) 
Robinson, Jessie W. Taylor, Lou Aug.11, 1891 by Joseph Garrett 
Rogers, J.A. Ramsey, M.L. Aug. 5, 1891 by W. F. White, M.G. 
Rickard, Sidney Copland, Ethel Oct. 14, 1891 by James W.M. Taylor 
Rickard, W.E. Blackburn, V. J. Nov. 12, 1891 by B. E. Finch, M.G. 
Rollins, Sam Phillips, Sarah Dec. 1, 1891 by H.J. Johnson, M.G. 
Redden, Sidney Hensler, Fannie Dec. 23, 1891 by G. W. Hurley, N.P., ex-officio J.P. 
Raines , Adolphus Ligon, Phena Dec 24, 1891 by E.C. White 
Richardson, Robert E. Reeves, Lutie Jan 12, 1892 by J.O.A. Pace, M.G. 
Rea, W.I. Jackson, S.E. March 2, 1892 by T.E. McCulloch, J.P. 
Roberson, John Hollingworth, Lilly June 15, 1892 by E. Hughes, M.G. 
Ross, Richard L. McMahan, Martha July 7, 1892 by F. M. Jackson 
Rhama, W. W. Robins, Mattie Aug. 6, 1892 by J.T. Whitehurst 
Rollins, John L. Dill, Julie Oct. 2, 1892 by Wm. mays 
Roberson ,A. (col.) Burgess, Adline (col.) Nov. 6, 1892 by (not given) 
Robinson, J.T. Sanderson, Lilly C. Jan. 1, 1893 by M.J. Pace , M.G. 
Roberson, John (col.) Pruitt, Angeline(col.) March 25, 1894 by E.C. White, M.G. 
Rickey, John T. Sanderson, Lilly C. Feb. 1, 1893 by M.J. Pace , M.G 
Reynolds, Louis (col.) Kirk, Mattie(col.) Sept. 1, 1894 by T.C. Spraggins, J.P. 
Rollins, J.T. Stanphill, Parthena Sept. 20,1894 by R.C. Harris 
Russell, W.L. Ramsey, S.M. Dec. 23, 1894 by J.S. Stockton, M.G. 
Riddle, Joe L. Green, Dora Jane Jan. 17, 1895 by F.M. Jackson, M.G. 
Russell, James M. King , Susie Jan. 20, 1895 by M.J. Pace, M.G. 
Ridley, Wash Melton, Malinda Dec. 3, 1895 by Theo. Copeland, M.G. 
Rea, Thomas Elliot, Nannie B. May 27, 1896 by James M. Thorn, J.P. 
Robinson, Charley(col.)Toney, Anna(col.) June 14, 1896 by C.N. Williams, M.G. 
Reaves, Robert E. L. Walker, Flora Oct. 6, 1896 by J.C. Brittain, M.G. 
Reece, Larkin S. Reese, Mary L. Oct.16, 1896 by A.J. Barrett, N.P., ex-officio J.P. 
Reed, James T. Clayton , Virgie Dec. 23, 1897 by Mike Finney, M.G. 
Rea, P.H. Hutcheson, Luella E. Dec. 27, 1896 by H. B. Foster, M.G. 
Rea, B.P. Bell, Luella March 25, 1897 by J.T. Whitehurst, M.G. 
Rollins, Hosea B. Rogers, Maggie May 12, 1897 by james M. Thorn, J.P. 
Steel, W.A. Smith, Josie Dec. 30, 1890 by A.R. Smith, J.P. 
Sibley, Albert Horton, Lucy Dec. 28, 1890 by T.E. McCulloch, J.P. 
Smith, William(col.) Reed, Annie(col.) April 18, 1897 by E.C. White, M.G. 
Sugg, Irvin(col.) Harris, Low(col.) May 5, 1897 by Monroe James 
Taylor, W. R. Williams, Phoeba Feb. 5, 1891 by J.J.Jones, M.G. 
Taylor J. W. Pennington, M.L. April 12, 1891 by J.J. Jones, M.G. 
Taylor, Edward A. Hughes, Beckey May 26, 1891 byJ.T. Chambliss, M.G. 
Thompson, G.R. Short, Prudy June , 3, 1891 by J.T. Whitehurst, M.G. 
Taylor, J.C. Smith, Margan June 7, 1891 by Robert D. Lindsey, J.P. 
Taylor, Willie Hill, Katie Aug. 2, 1891 by R. W. Swinney, M.G. 
Tompkins, W.L. West, S.W. Nov. 18, 1891 by James M. Jordan 
Taylor, John L. Massey, Mary E. Dec. 24, 1891 by James N.W. Taylor, J.P. 
Taylor, John Rickard, Nora Jan. 3, 1892 by James N.W. Taylor, J.P. 
Thompson, John W. Dickinson, Laura Jan. 7, 1892 by F.M. Little, M.G. 
Thomas, James Greenhill, Emmer Jan. 31, 1892 by M. Jones, M.G. 
Terry, R.K. Quinn, Lauella May 1, 1892 by J.T. Whitehurst
Terry, James C. Walden, Fannie July 31, 1892 by A.R. Smith J.P.
Toney, Oscar Hughes, Dora March 22, 1893 by J.J. Jones M.G.
Turner, D.M. McCulloch, Ellen M. May 18, 1893 by A.J. James, M.G.
Taylor, Riley F. Brewer, Ida May Oct. 15, 1893 by J.J. Jones, M.G.
Taylor, S. J. Bolding, Eliza A. Dec. 21, 1893 by J.J. Jones, M.G.
Thompson, Fred L.R. Allen, Lucretia Dec. 28, 1893 by J.S. Robertson
Thorn, Columbus Daniel, Ozellar Jan. 7, 1894 by B.E. Finch
Thornton, T.R. Lowe, Harriett S. Feb. 25, 1894 by A.J. Flippo, J.P.
Taylor, John W. Rickard, Laura B. April 8, 1894 by J.J. Jones, J. P.
Taylor, Sam C. Taylor, Eva R. May 6, 1894 by J. J. Jones,M.G.
Thomas, Henry T. Chambliss, Nancy B. July 26, 1894 by J.J Underwood, N.P. Ex-officio J.P.
Thorn, W.J. Holland, Armindy Aug. 26, 1894 by James E. Miller
Thompson, J.R. McRight, Lizzie Lee Sept. 26, 1894 by J. S. Robertson, M.G.
Taylor, Thomas M. Hutcheson, Mollie V. M. Oct. 7, 1894 by T.D. Newell, M.G.
Tidwell, J.J. West, M.J. Nov. 18, 1894 by Porter Duboise
Tiffin, John McCulloch, Leaver Dec. 30, 1894 by J.T. Mink, M.G.
Thompson, A.J. Hargett, Clemie C. Dec. 25, 1894 by J.S. Robertson, M.G.
Tompkins, Robert L. Wood, Willie E. Jan. 16, 1895 by John S. Robertson, M.G.
Taylor, William R. Hutchenson, Flora E. Feb. 3, 1895 by T. M. Camp
Thompson, Neal Mitchell, Florennce Feb. 6, 1895 by Mike Finnet, M.G.
Trapp, T. W. Baker, Minnie Feb. 19, 1895 by G. B. Haney
Thompson, D. B. Thompson, Viola March 17, 1895 by Isaac Bradford
Turner, J. B. Harper, Ella Aug. 16, 1895 by M.J. Pace
Turbyfill, J. S. Gates, Dora V. Nov. 27, 1895 by J. T. Whitehurst
Tucker, E.W. Moore, Laura E. Dec. 8, 1895 by Porter DuBoise
Turbyfill, G. A. Crowell, Sallie m. Aug. 16, 1896 by J.T. Whitehurst
Taylor, W. R. Rickard, Lillie M. Aug 23, 1896 by B. G. Hardin, M.G.
Tompkins, William A. Sugg, Virginia Feb. 20, 1896 by W.H. Hamilton, M.G.
Tucker, S. H. Vessels, Alice Sept. 16, 1896 by J.J Jones, M.G.
Tompkins, W. A. Petree, Etta Jan. 14, 1897 by John J. Underwood
Tucker, George L. Tubb, Anna B. Jan. 20, 1897 by Rome Pickins, M. G.
Umphres, Franklin D. Holland, Dma J. Jan. 31, 1892 by R. C. Harris
Underwood, N.T. Davaney, Lizzie H. April 5, 1892 by J. W. White, M.G.
Underwood, William J. Locks, Lizzie Sept. 20, 1894 by W. H. Austin, M.G.
Underwood, A.J. Blackledge, Chess Jan. 22, 1896 by Josiah J. Jones, M.G.
Vess, F. M. Nance, Sarah E. (not shown) (not shown)
Vinson, Robert L. Barksdale, Mary Jan. 12 , 1893 by Robert Bullen, J.P.

These marriages submitted by  Janet Rikard

Some of these marriages are Colbert County

Roberson, James F.(c) - Reed, Julia A.(c) - 23 Jan 1901 by James Hampton
Rollins, F.M. - Hall, Manerva - 28 Apr 1901 by A.L. Anderson
Riner, John B, - King, Mary T. - 23 Jun 1902 by Frank H . Gardner
Reaves, S.R. - Moore, Eva - 23 Jun 190l by B. H. James
Robinson, P.C. - Hamilton, Mary L. - 29 Oct 1901 by James Hampton MG
Rice,W.L. - Swinney, Mary - 24 Nov 1901 by W.N, Taylor MG
Rogers,Ed 0. - Vinson, Anna - 26 Nov 1901 by J.D. Thorn MG
Russell, S.L. - James, Leathie L. - 8 Dec 1901 by T.E. James
Roberson, Thomas H, - Keelon, Maggie - 8 Jan 1902 by A.W. Briscoe
Rogers, Riley G. - King, Lula - 1 Jun 1902 by T.E. McCulloch
Summerel, William T. - Grissom, Mary F. - 15 July 1897 by A.R. Smith JP
Stanphill, W.R. - Garrison, Anna - 12 Sept 1897 by J.T. Mink MG
Sparks, lsom - Yocum, Amy - 24 Oct 1897 by John Askew
Sanderson,J.C. - Power, Victoria - 7 Nov 1897 by Bennett White
Scott,John - Davis, Elinora - 9 Nov 1897 by J.F. Smith JP
South, Joe L. - Stonecipher, Joan - 8 Dec 1897 byG.L. Cleere
Shewbart, A.A. - Rickard, Sarah L. - 12 Jan 1898 by B.G. Hardin MG
Sockwell, Ed B. - Smith, Mary A. - 2 Feb 1898 by M W. Dailey MG
Smith, Andrew - Hamilton, Mattie - 13 Feb 1898 by J.H. Kelley
Sibley,Kibbie - Porter, Allie J. - 23 Mch 1898 by J.L. Brittain
Scrugg, Jake - Montgomery , Josie - 29 Jun 1898 by W.H. Hamilton MG
Seay, James A. - Foreman, Belle - 31 Jul 1898 by Geo.W. Stout JP
Slay,J.T. - Franks,Nancy Jane - 7 Aug 1898 by J.M. Haney