Franklin County Alabama William "Buck" Hester Family

William "Buck" Hester Family

William "Buck" HESTER was born 27 January 1780, and his wife, Amy MALONE, was born 17 March 1789. They both were born and married in North Carolina - their marriage having occured on 18 October 1805 in Person County, North Carolina.

In the spring of 1818, Buck and his oldest son Roling, came to Franklin County, Alabama and settled about five or six miles east of Russellville near Tharp Springs. They built a log cabin, cleared a few acres of land, raised a small crop of corn, and then in the fall of that same year went back to North Carolina on their ox cart after the rest of the family.

Buck HESTER and his wife Amy had a large family of eight boys and eight girls. They are as follows:

  1. Roling HESTER Born: 23 Jan 1807 North Carolina, Married: Lucendy RICHARDSON 11 Dec 1828, Died: 19 Jul 1882
  2. Nancy HESTER Born: 11 Oct 1808 North Carolina, Married: #1 John RICHARDSON 3 Jan 1826, #2 John RICHARDSON (date unknown), Died: ?
  3. John HESTER Born: 16 Jul 1810 North Carolina, Married: Sarah BOWEN 24 Dec 1831
  4. Polley HESTER Born: 24 Jul 1812 North Carolina, Married: Mr. BOURLAND 25 Feb 1839, Died: ?
  5. Judy HESTER Born: 13 Jun 1814 North Carolina, Married: Simeon WATES 2 Jan 1831, Died: ?
  6. Salley HESTER Born: 26 Mar 1816 North Carolina, Married: Linsey MOORE 25 Dec 1832, Died: ?
  7. William H. HESTER Born: 25 Mar 1818 North Carolina, Married: Milissia LINDSEY 20 Sep 1840, Died: ?
  8. Robert B. HESTER Born: 20 Dec 1819 Probably Franklin Co. Alabama, Married: #1 Sarah WILLIAMS (date unknown), #2 -------- WILLIAMS (a sister, no date), Died: ?
  9. Chesley B. HESTER Born: 24 Jun 1822 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: Salley RICKARD 25 Jul 1844, Died: ?
  10. Amy Penie HESTER Born: 12 Jan 1824 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: Levi RICKARD or RIKARD 18 Feb 1841 Ala, Died: 1901/1902
  11. Semirah HESTER Born: 8 Dec 1825 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: Henry RICKARD 18 Feb 1841, Died: ?
  12. Pertheny HESTER Born: 25 Jul 1827 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: John (Pump) Pomfret 7 Nov 1844, Died: ?
  13. Huldah HESTER Born: 31 Mar 1829 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: John Carioli RICKARD 6 Mar 1845, Died: 4 Aug 1893
  14. Jackson HESTER Born: 22 Feb 1831 Franklin County, Alabama, Died: ?
  15. Hudson G. HESTER Born: 5 Sep 1833 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: Catherine THORN (date unknown), Died: 14 Feb 1866
  16. Lucas N. HESTER Born: 30 Jul 1835 Franklin County, Alabama, Married: Martha ELLEGE (date unknown), Died: ?

The following is the family of Roling HESTER, oldest son of Buck HESTER, and his wife Lucendy RICHARDSON:

  1. William Carroll HESTER Born: 14 Oct 1829, Married: Jane BOLTON
  2. John Chess HESTER Born: 28 May 1832, Married: Mary Ann KING
  3. James Goodloe HESTER Born: 26 (May?) 1833, Never married
  4. Mary Ellender HESTER Born: 22 Aug 1838, Married: Richard Green MALONE (grandson of John MALONE and Anne BLACKWELL - Amy MALONE's parents)
  5. Roling Benton HESTER Born: 20 May 1840, Married: #1 Welthy MALONE (grand daughter of John MALONE and Anne BLACKWELL - Amy MALONE's parents), Married: #2 Eva MALONE (grand daughter of John MALONE and Anne BLACKWELL - Amy MALONE's parents), Married: #3 -------- CANTRELL, Married: #4 Mahaley STONE
  6. Starling (R?) HESTER Born: 9 Aug 1842, Married: Fannie WINDOM
  7. Wiley R. HESTER Born: 25 Jul 1844, Married: Mourn Christiny THOMPSON
  8. Obituary of Wiley R. HESTER
  9. Nancy L. HESTER Born: 26 Sep 1846, Married: Sidney KING
  10. Robert M. HESTER Born: 26 Aug 1848, Married: #1 Huldah MALONE (grand daughter of John MALONE and Anne BLACKWELL - Amy MALONE's parents), Married: #2 Mattie WARNICK, Married: #3 Susie LEE

Transcript of the Family Bible
This Bible is currently owned by Beatrice Hendrix, Russellville, Alabama. The family records were copied by A. Badle Hester on May 24, 1977. Futher extraction by Mary Elle Ahlstrom in March 1978, with original document spelling and wording retained. Transmitted via e-mail on September 22, 1996 byRobert L. Williams to Richard Prince, former County Coordinator.

Will of Robert Hester
This will, dated June 1827, was copied from the Person County, North Carolina, Will Book 10, page 328.

Deeds of gift from Robert Hester to his grandchildren

William Carroll Hester's Civil War letter

Information provided byRobert L. Williams




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