Fayette Co., AL: 1850 Slave Schedules
Fayette County, Alabama
~ 1850 Slave Schedules ~

For many researchers, the 1850 U.S. census marked the first time that all inhabitants of a household were identified by name.  For others, it took another 20 years and a Civil War in order to enjoy the same privilege.  The 1850 Slave Schedules are significant to both groups, as they offer insight into some ancestors and valuable clues to others. 

The slave censuses were taken for purposes of representation — the southern states could claim three-fifths of their slave populations in determining Congressional apportionment.  Slaves were counted by number rather than name and differentiated according to age, sex and "colour."  In 1850, the government recognized only three classifications of race: White, Black and Mulatto.  The latter term technically referred to a person with mixed Anglo and Negro ancestry, but physical appearance often overruled genetics.  Anyone who was not perceivably White or Black was deemed Mulatto.

Slaves were enumerated at the same time but on a different form (schedule) than the "free" population.  Therefore, householders and slaveholders were recorded generally in the same order on both censuses.  This is important for researchers because enumerators sometimes spelled names differently (e.g., Reynolds vs. Runnels, Robertson vs. Robinson, etc.) as they switched between forms.  By comparing the two schedules and the order in which the individuals appear, an accurate identification can be made.

The Fayette County Slave Schedules have been transcribed in sections to make them easier and faster to download.  They are grouped according to page numbers where the slaveholders are found on the 1850 U.S. census.  A head-of-household index for that schedule is available here.

Slave Inhabitants in the County of Fayette, State of Alabama

Census Pages:

1-17  |  18-28  |  29-36  |  37-44  |  45-47  |  48  |  49-54

  55-58  |  59-65  |  66-72  |  73-78  |  79-88  |  89-92  |  93-98  |  99-102

Population Schedules of the Seventh Census of the United States - 1850 - Alabama (Slave Schedules),
National Archives Microfilm M-432, Roll 19

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