Fayette Co., AL: Unidentified Family Photos
Fayette County, Alabama

~ Unidentified Family Photos ~
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Newton-Otts in a Box
Photo   Photo   Photo
A box belonging to Gains Martin NEWTON contained numerous unidentified photos
his father's family (NEWTON) and his mother's family (OTTS).  Other associated surnames
include WHITLEY and ALLEN.
  These are just a sampling (follow any image link above to the complete set).

Generously contributed by
Ron Newton

Unknown "Lowrey" Family
This picture was with LOWREY pictures, but people not known.
Speculation is that it might be an early photo of Mandy LOWREY and husband, Fed McGUFF.
Does anyone know for sure?

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Sarah ... or Ludie ... or not?
Is this woman Sarah Ann (CUNNINGHAM) DOBBS or perhaps
Martha Louise "Ludie" (HOLLINGSWORTH) STEPHENS (1846-1925)?  Or someone else altogether?

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Sawyer Family Mysteries
Herman Cook says his cousin identified the two men in the top photo as
(left to right) Edwin Harris "Toad" SAWYER and his brother, Burlis Edgar SAWYER.
The bottom photo could be of James H. SAWYER and his wife, Frances Mahulda BRASHER.
Can anyone confirm these tentative IDs?

Generously contributed by
Monica Ruttledge

Fowlers Crossroads, Alabama ~ "Johnson brothers"
This composite photograph was shared by Dallas JOHNSON several years ago.
He referred to these men as the "Brothers of Fowler's Crossroads"
and identified two of them as Price JOHNSON and Pleasant JOHNSON.
He said he knew the others, too, but never sent their names.
Maybe someone can identify these guys.

Generously contributed by
Monica Johnson Phillips

Winfield, Alabama ~ Willis connection
Written on the back of this undated photo:
Ms. B.H. WILLIS / Rt 1 - Winfield, Ala. / Grandparents of John H. WILLIS

 "My grandfather was James Franklin WILLIS (1853-1926) [Mary Jane BUCKNER 1856-?] of Fayette County.
His son, Zedic Hamilton WILLIS (1881-1942) married Mellie Jane WELCH (1879-1938).
One of their sons was John H. WILLIS [1906-1993].  This John WILLIS' other set of grandparents
would have been William Thomas "Tom" WELCH (of Fayette) and Mary Monroe "Mollie" SANFORD (of Tuscaloosa).
I do not know who Ms. B.H. WILLIS is - perhaps the one who had the photograph.
We would love to ask Fayette County folks if they know who this couple is."

NOTE:  Couple positively identified as William Thomas WELCH and his wife,
Mary Monroe SANFORD - 08/27/2010

Generously contributed by
Donna Willis Brown

Berry - New Lexington, Alabama

otos removed by contributor 06/03/2014)
These people posed for photographs with Theron DAVIS, probably in the early 1920s.
Their names are not known.

Generously contributed by
Martha Davis

Fayette Elementary School?
This group of students may have attended
the old Fayette Elementary School in the 1920s.

Generously contributed by
Joe Young Campbell

Stough, Alabama
This unidentified photo is one of several believed to have been preserved
among the effects of Carrie (GRAY) WATKINS, a longtime resident of Fayette County near Stough.
Family connections also may include SANFORD, FOWLER, or LIVINGSTON.
The bulk of the photos can be seen at http://photobucket.com/oldpics/.
The originals are in the trusted care of Howard WATKINS.

Generously contributed by
Howard Watkins

Lowrey-Fowler connection
Photo     Photo
These unidentified images, captured on tintype (left) and cabinet card (right),
were found in a trunk belonging to Dollie LOWREY FOWLER.
The man at right appears to be wearing a uniform.

NOTE:  These men identified by Helen Moore Webster as Fayette County Civil War veterans - 06/23/2010

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Fayette, Alabama
Fayette businessman?
The photo of this dapper gentleman was found in a box of discards from the Fayette Library.
Does anyone know his name?

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Bluff, Alabama ~ Dillard connection
Mother and 3 small girls
This photograph was found among DILLARD family photos.
The DILLARDs lived in the Bluff community, so it is assumed that the people above have some connection
to the family and/or the community.

Generously contributed by
Jackie Wolf

Southern Fayette County ~ Sparks connection?
Photo     Photo
"I found this picture among my grandmother RICE's pictures.
It could be related to the SPARKS family.  I hope someone will recognize them.
They lived about one mile north of Tuscaloosa-Fayette county line on Hwy 43."

Generously contributed by
Lillie Mae White Clary

Southern Fayette County ~ Northern Tuscaloosa County

These people may be related to the FARLEY, JENNINGS, NORRIS, SIMPSON, and/or SMITH
families, who settled in Tuscaloosa County near the Fayette County line.
The photograph was found among the Leander and Anna Bell (JENNINGS) NORRIS family photos.
It may have been taken at the old Nazareth Primitive Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa County.

Photo     Photo
NOTE:  Persons immediately above identified as:
Left: Winfred A. SMITH and daughters, Maveline (in lap) and Adrell - 06/26/2007
Right: Riley RAWLS
(son of Newt RAWLS & Beulah JENNINGS) of Texas - 07/01/2007

Generously contributed by
Imogene Watkins Smith

North-Central Fayette County

The following unidentified photographs belonged to the James B. MORTON and Delmus SMITH families
of Fayette County.  Related surnames include HAM, STEWART, and BALLARD.
Please help me put names to these beautiful faces!

Unknown siblings    < Unknown siblings
Could this be Fletcher and Annie (MORTON) BALLARD? >    Fletcher
            & Annie Morton Ballard?
To Uncle Jim Morton    < On back of photo: "To Uncle Jim Morton"
On back of photo: "O U Murff" >   O U Murff
Selma & Effie Morton    < "Selma & Effie MORTON,"
but who were their parents?
Could this be John U. & Lela (MOORE) MORTON? >   John U. & Lela Moore Morton?
Unknown handsome man    < This handsome man is also in the group photo below (1st row, 6th from left)
Unidentified group; perhaps associated with the Ebel Methodist Church? >   Unknown
Unknown boy    < What a sweet baby not to be known!
Apparent supporters of the Republican Party (1908 or 1912) >   GOP

Generously contributed by
Karen Melton Manasco

Fayette County Photos

[ offsite link ]

"These photos are all of folks who either lived in Fayette County or who moved away from there.
They all should be DEASON or REYNOLDS relations, but the Deason and Reynolds daughters married others
whose last names included BRASIER [or] BRASHER, PYLE, and others.

"These photos were all in the possession of Francis Reynolds who married Daniel R. Deason.
Fannie was born on January 2, 1861 in Alabama to George Washington Reynolds
(who died the next year at Petersburg) and Hannah HOLLINGSWORTH Reynolds.
She and Dan married on October 19, 1884, in Fayette County, a few years after Fannie's sister
Zilpha Amanda "Mandie" Reynolds had married Dan's older brother Robert M. "Bob" Deason.
These two couples decided to leave Fayette County and came to Lee County, Mississippi at the turn of the century.
She stayed in contact with her kin and some of Dan's kin back in Fayette County,
but when she passed away on January 22, 1925, she was buried in the Priceville Cemetery in Tupelo."

Generously contributed by
Dave Webb

Wesley Chapel ~ Fayette-Lamar County

Unknown family     Unknown family     Unknown woman

"Bill SHEPHERD, grandson of Starling Van Buren WALDROP and Roxanne "Annie" GODFREY,
has sent three old photographs that are unlabeled, wondering if I knew who they were."

NOTE:  Woman on right identified as Johnnie Emma RICHARDS (1862-1938), wife of James Albert Hulliar ESTES - 06/21/2010
See additional info at Find A Grave

Generously submitted by
Lynn Fusinato

North-Central Fayette County

Melton or Guin

Found this photo in among my dad's old pictures.
Written on the back is my dad's name, a location (Harlan, KY)
and what looks like "GUIN."  My grandfather, William H. MELTON, had two sisters (Nancy and Martha)
who both married GUINs.  Perhaps the photo is of one of their families.

Generously contributed by
Karen Melton Manasco

Berry, Alabama

Unknown group

These people likely were relatives or friends
of the ALDRIDGE - HAMMETT families and may have lived in the Berry area.
Photograph courtesy of Barbara Aldridge KEENE.

Generously submitted by
Sabrina Aldridge

Between Fowlers Crossroads & Bankston, Alabama

Unknown man     Unknown female     Unknown couple

Descendants of Aquilla BRASHER and his wife, Frances "Frankie" HENDERSON,
shared these old tintype photographs.  They are presumed to show members
Names, anyone?

NOTE:  The person on the left above identified as
Martha Cowline (Caroline) MALLETT, wife of Hugh Benjamin "Huey" McCOY Jr.,
of Tuscaloosa County.  This couple also appears on the right above.
See later family group photo
Hugh was the son of
Malissa Matilda BRASHER,

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Northwest Fayette County

Unknown male      Unknown female    

These people lived probably in or north of the Mt. Vernon community.
The man looks like a young John Benjamin Franklin PRICE but confirmation is needed.
Photographs courtesy of Addie Lou Barnes BENTLEY
from her mother's (Vera Price BARNES) collection.

NOTE:  Woman above identified as Nancy Palestine HOLLIMAN - 04/12/2006

Generously submitted by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Central Fayette County
Unknown female
This woman lived possibly in the Bankston area.
The photograph was discovered in the family album of R.C. "Bob" LOWREY.
Considering the estimated ages of the woman and photograph, she probably was a LOWREY relative
rather than an "old girlfriend" (as suggested by Bob's widow).
Any clues?

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Lowrey connection?
This unidentified man was in a collection of Fayette County
LOWREY family pictures.

NOTE:  Identified by Helen Moore Webster as Dr. Newton Harvey LINDSEY (18701934),
son of Thomas G. LINDSEY & Laura Jane ESTES.
Dr. Lindsey practiced medicine in North Texas and Pauls Valley, OK - 06/23/2010

Generously contributed by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

Connection to Mary Gray?
This photograph was discovered by Howard WATKINS among the possessions
of his grandmother, Carrie (GRAY) WATKINS.
A faded penciled note on the back of the photo says only "Mary GRAY."
Mr. WATKINS suspects that it was taken about 1900
and that GRAY was a married name.  Can anyone confirm?

Generously submitted by
Frances Lowrey Brasher

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