Fayette Co., AL, Cemetery Records
Fayette County, Alabama

~ Cemetery Records ~

Many of the records posted below
were compiled
in 1958/1959 and published
by the late Herbert M. Newell Jr.
and his wife, Jeanie Patterson Newell (above).
Mrs. Newell has graciously given the Fayette County website
permission to post these records.
We are grateful for her generosity and very thankful
for this couple's extraordinary commitment to Fayette County!

If you have access to the cemeteries not transcribed below
~ or if you know of others not listed ~
please consider transcribing and submitting them to this website.

Your contributions will be greatly appreciated by all.

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Unlike people, graveyards were rarely christened with a name when they were first "born."
Instead, they were referred to over time by any number of names, depending upon who was doing the referring.
Burial places tended to take on the names of the nearest church, or community, or landowner, or as in several cases in Fayette County all three.
While these competing names may seem trifling to local residents, they cause great confusion and conflict among researchers
trying to locate the final resting places of their ancestors.  An attempt is made here to list all of Fayette County's cemeteries
and their various designations.  Your additions and corrections are welcomed.

Adams-Pinion Family Cemetery 

33.608N 87.639W - S of Berry
Alta Cemetery   Cedar Creek
Mt. Joy Baptist
33.687N 87.534W - E of Berry
Alta Baptist Cemetery  
Alta Independent Church 
E of Berry, on Willie Williams Rd
Anthony Family Cemetery (2 stones)

E of Winfield
Antioch Cemetery #1
33.636 N 87.922W - Nr Belk
Antioch Cemetery #2 

E of Fayette
Antioch Cemetery #3 
Belk, Antioch Free Will Baptist
SE of Belk
Ashcraft Corner Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.529N 87.901W - S of Belk
Ballard Family Cemetery  
33.862N 87.793W - S of Winfield
Ballard School House Cemetery 

S of Winfield
Bankhead Cemetery 

33.686N 87.853W -  Nr Fayette
Bankston Cemetery  
33.673N 87.668W - Bankston
Belk Cemetery   Antioch #3 (Free Will Baptist) SE of Belk
Berea Church of Christ Cemetery 

33.849N 87.728W - N of Hub'ville
Berry City Cemetery  
33.664N 87.595W - Berry
Berryhill Family Cemetery  
33.906N 87.883W - W of Winfield
Bethabara Baptist Church Cemetery   Bethaberry
33.691N 87.576W - NE of Berry
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery
Gibson Hill Baptist
Nr Salem
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery

33.813N 87.875W - E of Bluff
Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.722N 87.729W - N of Stough
Bethlehem Methodist Cemetery  
33.748N 87.800W - N of Fayette
Bevan Chapel Missionary Bapt Cemetery  
33.694N 87.558W - NE of Berry
Bluff Cemetery   Powell Family Bluff
Boley Springs Cemetery 

33.637N 87.513W - Nr Berry
Box Cemetery
33.881N 87.706W -  Nr Bazemore
Brotherton Family Cemetery  
N of Newtonville
Brown Cemetery (NE)
Turkey Creek
33.899N 87.662W - E of Bazemore
Brown Cemetery (SW)

33.559N 87.894W - Nr Ashcraft Cnr
Bunkum / Buncombe / Buncomb Cemetery   El Bethel Methodist E of Newtonville
Caines Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
33.644N 87.848W - S of Fayette
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery Porter Family
N of Fayette
Camp Comfort Community Cemetery 
Housh Chapel Church of Christ
Unity Baptist Church
33.794N 87.801W - SE of Winfield
Cedar Creek Cemetery   Alta
Mt. Joy Baptist
33.666N 87.535W - E of Berry
Cedar Grove Church Cemetery  
33.759N 87.676W - S of Fowlers X'rds
Chapel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.537N 87.879W - N of Ashcraft Cnr
Chapel Hill Methodist Church Cemetery   Pisgah Baptist 
W of Fayette
Cleveland Church of Christ Cemetery  
33.698N 87.648W - NW of Berry
Clover Hill Cemetery **
Sprinkle (Sprinkle Hill)
33.869N 87.691W - Nr Bazemore
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.547N 87.734W - Nr Newtonville
County Line Cemetery  
33.918N 87.949W - W of Winfield
Covin Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.688N 87.880W - W of Fayette
Davis Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery   
33.754N 87.693W - N of Bankston
Davis Chapel Church Cemetery

SW of Berry
Dobbs - Barzilla S. Dobbs Grave 

SW of Fowlers X'rds
Dobbs Family Cemetery
33.756N 87.643W - S of Fowlers X'rds
Dykes Cemetery   Mozingo
33.873N 87.775W - SE of Winfield
Earnest Cemetery
33.620N 87.474W -  Nr Wiley
Edmonds Family Cemetery   Musgrove Family
Nr Lawrence Mill
Elam (Ellem) Cemetery   Elm Church of Christ 33.898N 87.757W - Nr Winfield
El Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery **

33.778N 87.828W - SE of Winfield
El Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery   Bunkum (Buncombe)
E of Newtonville
Elm Church of Christ Cemetery   Elam (Ellem)
33.898N 87.757W - Nr Winfield
Elm Grove Church Cemetery
33.851N 87.585W - Nr Howard
Enis Family Cemetery  
33.785N 87.601W - Nr Howard
Fayette City Cemetery  
33.696N 87.834W - Fayette
Fayette Memorial Gardens
Heritage Memorial Gardens
McConnell Family
33.732N 87.812W - N of Fayette
Feltman Family Cemetery  
N of Pea Ridge
Flat Top Cemetery (3 Watkins stones) 
N of Lawrence Mill
Flatwood Cemetery 
Upper Flatwood Cemetery 
33.611N 87.456W - Nr Wiley
Fowler Family Cemetery 

33.754N 87.756W - SE of Winfield
Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery   Sand Springs 33.821N 87.775W - S of Winfield
Gibson Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Bethany Baptist
Nr Salem
Gibson Hill Cemetery   Willcutt Chapel
33.690N 87.486W - Nr Salem
Gilpin Family Cemetery  
33.811N 87.804W - SE of Winfield
Glen Allen Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.914N 87.741W - Glen Allen
Glover Family Cemetery  
33.711N 87.818W - Fayette
Gravlee Family Cemetery Nall Family
33.559N 87.818W - Nr Newtonville
Gumbud Cemetery   Macedonia Baptist
33.632N 87.805W - SE of Fayette
Harmony Grove Baptist Cemetery
33.915N 87.818W - S of Winfield
Harper Cemetery Hyder Family
33.746N 87.918W - W of Mt Vernon
Harris Cemetery
33.859N 87.610W - Nr Howard
Harris Graves  
Nr Howard
Heggard Church Cemetery   Hopewell Baptist
Rose Hill
33.594N 87.702W - SW of Berry
Heritage Memorial Gardens 
Fayette Memorial Gardens
McConnell Family
33.732N 87.812W - N of Fayette
Hillcrest Cemetery
33.880N 87.798W - Nr Winfield
Hodges Chapel Cemetery  
33.873N 87.823W - SE of Winfield
Hodges Family Cemetery   "Pig Eye" (?)
33.871N 87.840W - SE of Winfield
Holliman Family Cemetery   Stewart Family
33.804N 87.918W - S of Bluff
Hollingsworth Family Cemetery

33.783N 87.743W - S of Hub'ville
Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery   Heggard Church
Rose Hill
33.594N 87.702W - SW of Berry
Hopewell Cemetery  
33.912N 87.712W - Nr Glen Allen
Hopewell Primitive Baptist Cemetery
33.755N 87.797W - Nr Lawrence Mill
Housh Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery   Camp Comfort Community
Unity Baptist

33.794N 87.801W - SE of Winfield
Hubbertville Church of Christ Cemetery **
33.828N 87.741W - Hub'ville
Humber Family Cemetery  
Nr Bluff
Hyder Family Cemetery   Harper
33.746N 87.918W - W of Mt Vernon
Jenkins Family Cemetery  
33.715N 87.606W - SW of Pea Ridge
Johnson Family Cemetery  
33.823N 87.622W - NE of Fowlers X'rds
Johnson School House Cemetery   Pleasant Hill Church
33.841N 87.615W - Nr Howard
Killingsworth Family Cemetery   New River Baptist 33.836N 87.658W - S of Hub'ville
Kimbrell Cemetery   Montgomery Family
Williamson Family
S of Bankston
Kuykendall Family Cemetery (3 stones) 
W of Winfield
Lawrence Cemetery  [offsite link]   Randolph
N of Berry
Lee Family Cemetery   Vick-Kelley
33.622N 87.691W - SW of Berry
Liberty Hill Methodist Church Cemetery  
(west of Covin)
Logan Cemetery
33.884N 87.822W - Nr Winfield
Lucas - Charles Daniel Lucas Jr. Grave 

Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery   Gumbud
33.632N 87.805W - SE of Fayette
Madison Cemetery **
33.641N 87.564W - E of Berry
Madison Family Cemetery  
Nr Berry
Mallory Cemetery   McDonald Family
33.894N 87.901W - N of Wayside
Mayfield Church of Christ Cemetery
33.809N 87.717W - Nr Hub'ville
McCollum Cemetery **
Hubbertville Church of Christ 33.841N 87.709W - Hub'ville
McCollum Family Cemetery  
Nr Hub'ville
McConnell Family Cemetery   Fayette Memorial Gardens
Heritage Memorial Gardens

33.732N 87.812W - N of Fayette
McDonald Family Cemetery   Mallory
33.894N 87.901W - N of Wayside
Melton Family Cemetery  
33.578N 87.739W - N of Concord
Montgomery Family Cemetery   Kimbrell
Williamson Family
S of Bankston
Moore Family Cemetery   Woods
33.694N 87.674W - Nr Bankston
Morris Family Cemetery  
33.874N 87.733W - S of Glen Allen
Moss Family Cemetery  (2 stones)

33.882N 87.830W - Nr Winfield
Mountain Home Missionary Baptist Cemetery  
Nr Fowlers X'rds
Mozingo Cemetery   Dykes
33.873N 87.775W - SE of Winfield
Mt. Joy Baptist Church Cemetery   Alta
Cedar Creek
33.687N 87.534W - E of Berry
Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.774N 87.889W - SE of Bluff
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.632N 87.760W - SE of Fayette
Mt. Vernon Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.733N 87.904W - Mt Vernon
Mt. Willing Cemetery ** 
33.912N 87.924W - Nr Marion Co
Musgrove Chapel Methodist Cemetery  
33.881N 87.833W - Nr Winfield
Musgrove Family Cemetery   Edmonds Family
Nr Lawrence Mill
Nall Family Cemetery Gravlee Family
33.559N 87.818W - Nr Newtonville
New Canaan Cemetery
33.607N 87.785W - SE of Fayette
New Chapel Cemetery 
New Chapel Methodist 
33.594N 87.688W - SE of Fayette
New Friendship Missionary Baptist Cemetery  
33.670N 87.908W - NE of Belk
New Hope Cemetery
33.733N 87.571W - Pea Ridge
New Liberty Freewill Baptist Cemetery   Possum Trot 33.799N 87.673W - Nr Hub'ville
New Prospect Methodist Cemetery
E of Fowlers X'rds
New River Baptist Church Cemetery   Killingsworth Family
33.834N 87.657W - S of Hub'ville
New River Church of Christ Cemetery **

33.807N 87.729W - S of Hub'ville
New River Primitive Baptist Cemetery **
Old Union
33.853N 87.688W - E of Hub'ville
New Salem Cemetery
33.680N 87.495W - E of Berry
Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.688N 87.720W - W of Bankston
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
33.582N 87.900W - S of Belk
Oakwood Cemetery 
Fayette Memorial Gardens
Heritage Memorial Gardens
McConnell Family
33.732N 87.812W - N of Fayette
Old Bethel Cemetery  
33.612N 87.927W - Nr Belk
Old Brand Cemetery  
SE of Glen Allen
Old Canaan Cemetery
33.578N 87.759W - SE of Fayette
Old Lebanon Cemetery 

Nr Walker County
Old Mt. Lebanon Baptist Cemetery  
33.746N 87.881W - Nr Mt Vernon
Old Philadelphia Church Cemetery 

NW of Berry
Old Rocky Mount Baptist Cemetery   Rocky Mount Baptist
33.674N 87.895W - NE of Belk
Old Salem Church Cemetery
E of Berry
Old Shepherd Church Cemetery
33.553N 87.827W - W of Newtonville
Old Tyre Cemetery
Phillips NE
33.808N 87.542W - S of Howard
Old Union Cemetery **
New River Primitive Baptist
33.853N 87.688W - E of Hub'ville
Old Union Primitive Baptist Cemetery  
33.854N 87.880W - S of Wayside
Old Wesley Chapel Cemetery   Wilson
Nr Ashcraft Corner
Owens Family Cemetery  
33.594N 87.895W - SW of Fayette
Palestine Cemetery
33.613N 87.854W - S of Fayette
Panter Family Cemetery (#1)   Old Panter
33.740N 87.553W - NE of Pea Ridge
Panter Family Cemetery (#2)
New Panter
33.732N 87.583W - W of Pea Ridge
Patterson Family Cemetery  
33.544N 87.730W - Nr Concord
Pea Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery  
Pea Ridge
Pendley Cemetery **
33.694N 87.547W - E of Berry
Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.741N 87.646W - NW of Berry
Phillips Cemetery (NE)
Old Tyre
33.808N 87.542W - S of Howard
Phillips Family Cemetery **

W of Howard
Phillips Memorial Cemetery (est. 1968)

33.643N 87.728W - S of Stough
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.612N 87.866W - S of Fayette
Piney Grove Church Cemetery

33.902N 87.706W - Nr Glen Allen
Piney Grove Church of God Cemetery
33.713N 87.710W - NE of Stough
Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery   Chapel Hill Methodist 
33.712N 87.862W - Fayette
Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery
W of Howard
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.697N 87.765W - E of Fayette
Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery   Johnson School House
33.841N 87.615W - Nr Howard
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.651N 87.631W - Berry
Porter Family Cemetery   Calvary Baptist
33.756N 87.832W - N of Fayette
Possum Trot Cemetery   New Liberty Freewill Baptist 33.799N 87.673W - Nr Hub'ville
Powell Family Cemetery   Bluff
33.821N 87.915W - Bluff
Randolph Cemetery  [offsite link] 
N of Berry
Rehobeth Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.762N 87.748W - NE of Fayette
Rice Family Cemetery
33.535N 87.708W - SE of Concord
Robertson Family Cemetery  
Fayette W
Rocky Mount Baptist Church Cemetery   Old Rocky Mount Baptist
33.674N 87.895W - NE of Belk
Rose Hill Cemetery   Heggard Church
Hopewell Baptist
33.594N 87.702W - SW of Berry
Salem Nazarene Church Cem (2 Smith stones)
33.675N 87.501W - E of Berry
Sand Springs Cemetery   Friendship Baptist
33.821N 87.775W - S of Winfield
Sanders Family Cemetery  
33.558N 87.921W - Nr Ashcraft Cnr
Savage Family Cemetery **

33.594N 87.822W - S of Fayette
Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.621N 87.667W - SW of Berry
Shady Grove Church Cemetery (SW)

33.558N 87.819W - N of Newtonville
Shady Grove Nazarene Church Cemetery  
33.793N 87.888W - SE of Bluff
Shepherd Baptist Church Cemetery
33.545N 87.802W - Newtonville
Shirley Family Cemetery
33.769N 87.778W - N of Fayette
Siloam (Solome) Baptist Church Cemetery  
33.900N 87.857W - W of Winfield
Simmons Cemetery
33.581N 87.637W - S of Berry
South Family Cemetery  
33.597N 87.746W - NE of Newtonville
Springhill Primitive Baptist Cemetery  
33.833N 87.904W - N of Bluff
Sprinkle (Sprinkle Hill) Cemetery **
Clover Hill
33.869N 87.691W - Nr Bazemore
Stewart Family Cemetery  
33.845N 87.828W - S of Winfield
Stewart Family Cemetery   Holliman Family
33.804N 87.918W - S of Bluff
Strong Family Cemetery Whitley/Whitson 33.688N 87.786W - E of Fayette
Studdards Crossroads Cemetery  
33.809N 87.591W - Studdards X'rds
Sulphur Springs Baptist Church Cemetery  
SE of Berry
Summers Cemetery
33.562N 87.907W - Nr Ashcraft Cnr
Tabernacle Cemetery  
33.678N 87.591W - NE of Berry
Thornton Cemetery
33.840N 87.737W - Nr Hub'ville
Tidwell Family Cemetery Tucker Family (North)
33.867N 87.644W - W of Howard
Tidwell Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery **

33.868N 87.681W - W of Howard
Tucker Family Cemetery (North) Tidwell Family
33.867N 87.644W - W of Howard
Tucker Family Cemetery (South)
33.585N 87.749W - N of Newtonville
Turkey Creek Cemetery
Brown (NE)
E of Bazemore
Unidentied or Forgotten Cemeteries 

Union Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
33.610N 87.513W - SE of Berry
Unity Baptist Church Cemetery   Camp Comfort Community
Housh Chapel Church of Christ
33.794N 87.801W - SE of Winfield
Unity Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

33.563N 87.740W - N of Concord
Vick-Kelley Cemetery   Lee Family
33.622N 87.691W - SW of Berry
Victory Church Cemetery
NW of Berry
Wade Cemetery **
New River Primitive Baptist
Old Union
33.817N 87.698W - E of Hub'ville
Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery New Wesley Chapel
33.679N 87.947W - N of Belk
Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery (SW)  
Nr Pickens County
West Highland Church of Christ Cemetery    
Whitehead Family Cemetery **

33.852N 87.733W - N of Hub'ville
White Springs Church Cemetery  
33.869N 87.786W - SE of Winfield
Whites Chapel Church Cemetery **

33.877N 87.707W - S of Bazemore
Whitley Cemetery (NE) 

33.819N 87.535W - SE of Howard
Whitley/Whitson Cemetery Strong Family
33.688N 87.786W - E of Fayette
Willcutt Chapel Cemetery   Gibson Hill
33.690N 87.486W - Nr Salem
Williamson Family Cemetery   Kimbrell
Montgomery Family
S of Bankston
Willingham Cemetery
33.565N 87.686W - E of Newtonville
Wilson Cemetery   Old Wesley Chapel
Nr Ashcraft Corner
Woods Cemetery   Moore Family
33.694N 87.674W - Nr Bankston
Wright Family Cemetery  
33.568N 87.833W - Nr Newtonville
Zion Cemetery (in Fayette city proper)

33.716N 87.825W - Fayette NE
Zion Chapel Cemetery
33.604N 87.768W - SE of Fayette
Zion Methodist Church Cemetery  
33.708N 87.646W - N of Bankston
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