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In 1753 a land survey was made for Robert BERRY Sr. in North Carolina.  On May 12, 1757, Robert was given a Land Grant of the 259 acres surveyed in 1753.  On March 13, 1780 he was granted another 293 acres by the State of North Carolina.  This last grant was probably for his service in the Revolutionary Army.  All of his neighbors at the time have ties back to Scottish Clans.  Robert BERRY Sr. married Elizabeth CATES about 1759 in Caswell County, North Carolina.  They had 10 children: Mary, Robert Jr., Joshua, Thomas, David, William, Henry, John, Elizabeth, and Isaac.
Robert BERRY Jr. was born 1760 in Orange County, North Carolina.  He married Mary CAMP about 1784 in Rutherford County, North Carolina.  Robert BERRY Jr. served North Carolina in the War of 1812.  He is still in North Carolina in 1820, but by 1830 he is now in Fayette County, Alabama with at least two of his adult children, Thompson and Robert.  Robert Jr. and Mary had 4 children: Cathrine, Thompson, Robert III, and David, all born in North Carolina.
Thompson BERRY was born Dec 18, 1801 in Orange County, North Carolina.  He married Rosanna GUTMAN, born Nov 25, 1805 in Fayette County.  I have read at least one source on the internet that says that the town of Berry Station, Alabama (now Berry, AL) was named for an early settler, Thompson BERRY.  Thompson and Rosanna had 8 children, all born in Fayette County, Alabama: John, Caroline, Henry Bradford, Elisa, Francis, Elizabeth, Mary, and Palentine.

Henry Bradford BERRY was born Dec 6, 1829 in Fayette County, Alabama.  He married Malissa JEFFRIES on June 4, 1874.  Malissa was born Nov 6, 1851 and died in 1921.  Henry Bradford died on Apr 22, 1895.  Henry and Malissa, along with his parents Thompson and Rosanna were buried in Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery in Fayette County.  Henry Bradford and Malissa had 6 children: Clara Mae, Henry Alberta, James Marvin, Cordelia Frances, Mattie Lee, and William Thomas.
William Thomas BERRY was born June 15, 1893 in Fayette County, Alabama.  He married Louisa (Bert) MINNS around 1910.  William and Bert were living in Corona, Walker County, Alabama (about 10 miles east of Fayette) with their first child, 1-month-old John Henry.  Their second son, William T., was born in 1912 and William Thomas died shortly after that, believed to be from complications of pneumonia.  He is buried in the same cemetery as Henry Bradford and Thompson.  The headstone lists his date of death as Sept 22, 1912.
William T. BERRY was born in 1912 in Fayette County, Alabama.  His mother Louisa (Bert) re-married and in 1920 he was living in Jasper, Walker County, Alabama with his Mother and Step Father Charley BURBOL.  The BURBOLs had 4 children at this time: Charles, George, John, and William T.  In 1930 William was 18 years old and living with his family in Norvell, Arkansas where they were cotton farmers and probably sharecroppers.  His brother John is not on the 1930 census and probably deceased.  Also Charles, who was 2 years old in 1920 is not listed in 1930.
This BERRY/BURBOL family moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area, probably for the work.  Many of the family still lives in this area.  Some have moved to southern Ohio and West Virginia.

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