Fayette Co., AL: Harris Graves (069)
Fayette County, Alabama
~ Harris Graves ~

Location: On private property, about two miles east of Lawrence Mill (SW¼ S13-T15S-R12W)
Contributed by: Frances Lowrey Brasher - 03 Jun 2006 ~ (additions/corrections are highlighted)   

According to The Heritage of Fayette County, Alabama (p. 244), "Edwin HARRIS married a Miss GRACY,* who was probably a sister or other close relative of Rebecca GRACY, who married Adlai HARRIS.  Edwin moved to Madison County, Illinois with his brother Adlai and other relatives around 1817 and in 1821 moved to Alabama and settled in present-day Fayette County.  He received a land grant in 1821, located near Ford's Mountain.  He received other land grants in Fayette County in 1836 and 1852.  Edwin's wife died in the early 1840's and was buried 'with a boy child on a mountain top' in the Ford's Mountain area." (italics added)
One of the HARRIS land grants was located on or near property now owned by the BRASHER family in Section 13, Township 15 South, Range 12 West.  The two graves mentioned above are said to be in the southwest quarter of this property.  The current owner is familiar with the general location of the alleged burials but has never actually seen the graves.  The old headstones were removed according to Jake BRASHER, a relative who always claimed to know the exact site.

Edwin HARRIS (1796–1862) was buried at Powell Family Cemetery near Bluff.

* The Illinois Statewide Marriage Index (1763–1900) shows that Edwin HARRIS married Peggy GRACEY, 18 Dec 1818 in Bond Co., IL.

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