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Established in January, 1893, Luttrell Hardware Company was owned and operated by Chester M. Luttrell and W.E. Foshee. It was first know as Luttrell & Foshee and located in a 25 X 90 foot building near the present-day Willie's Restuarant. In 1894, Captain J.H. Fuller and R.E. Mollett purchased Mr. Foshee's interest in the company. The company operated under the name Luttrell & Foshee until 1897 when Chester Luttrell's brother, Elston Luttrell aquired the Fuller - Mollett interest. At this time the business was known as Luttrell Hardware Company until they closed theird doors in 1969.
A clerk for the company, J.W. Adkisson cme to Brewton from Columbia, Tennessee in 1900. In 1901 he bought one-third interest and was made Vice-President and Assistance Manager. Luttrell Hardware company was incorporated on May 29, 1901 with a capital stock of $30,000. At the time of coporation, the following officers were elected: Chester M. Luttrell - President, J.W. Adkisson - Vice President, and Elston Luttrell - Secretary and Treasurer.
The corporation built and moved into a building and warehouse which was later used by Hainje's Home Furnishings, Inc. in 1902. Chester M. Luttrell, President and General Manager retireds in 1906 to become head of mery Hardware of Bradford, Pennsylvania. His stock was divided between Elston Luttrell and J.W. Adkisson, who was elected President and Manager.
Expansion was made once again in 1912 and a 45 X 110 foot, three story building was erected on St. Joseph Avenue close to the L&N Station since many orders were shipped by rail. The company maitained a large mail order business during the 1920's and 1930's. Items advertised and sold included a large assortment of iron, hardware, wire,steam fittings, paints, oils & glass, sash, doors, blinds, sporting goods, mill supplies and nails. The company was also the sole owner of 'Cedar Creek' brand tools. Along with Robbins & McGowin Co., Hainje's Home Furnishing, Luttrell Hardware Company drew customers to Brewton from all over South Alabama and Northwest Florida.
In the early 1920's Mr. Adkisson's son, J.W., Jr. entered the business and was elected as Vice President in 1930 following the death of Elston Luttrell. H.H. Luttrell and R.B. Luttrell took over Elston's interest as Secretary - Treasurer and Assistant Secretary - Treasurer, respectively. J.W. Akisson, Sr. died in 1964, leaving the managment of the company to his son, J.W., Jr. At this time H.H. Luttrell was elected Vice President and C.R. Luttrell was named Secretary - Treasurer. J.W. Adkisson, Jr. died in July of 1969. At this time H.H. Luttrell became President with C.R. Luttrell filling the position of Vice President & Secretary - Treasurer.
On November 26, 1969, Luttrell Hardware Company closed it's doors, bring an end to 76 years of a hardware enterprise owned by the Luttrell and Adkisson families. Pensacola Mill Supply purchased the Lutrell Hardware building and presently continue to operate a hardware business at this site.

Located in the Alabama Room of the Jefferson Davis Community College, which houses the Escambia County Historical Society Archives are the Cash and Day Books and other Ledgers of the Luttrell Hardware Company. I have thumbed through some of these ledgers and it is interesting to read what items were bought by whom. Maybe some of your ancsetors did business with Luttrell Hardware. Chances are that if they lived in Escambia County and the surrounding areas, they probably did at some time!

Source: JDCC; Alabama Room; Vertical file; Luttrell Hardware Company.

2007 Kellie Crnkovich