The Storm and Flood of 1998

WELL!!!! March surely came in like a lion in not only Escambia county, but in the whole Southeastern part of the United States. Saturday, March the 7th, about 12:30 am, I was awoken by the sound of thunder, lightening, rain, and wind. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my bedroon door. My son, very excitedly saying "Mom, the shed is gone! George's shed is gone!" Sure enough, my husbands gather all, large enough for two cars, shed was upside down next to where it once stood. The electricity was out and wasn't restored until about 5:00 am. Then two more bad storm systems passed through before daylight. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night. As daylight approached and the electricity restored, I immediately turned the radio on and began listening to our local radio station. The last thing I wanted to hear was what I was hearing. The creeks were rising and flooding expected. By 8:00 am East Brewton and Brewton were flooded. My daughter, husband, daughter-in-law and her children were stranded on the wrong side! There are ways to "go around", but they were told those roads were also closed! My daughter ended staying with her friend, my daughter-in-law went to my step-daughter's home and after checking for himself, my husband made it "around" and made it home.
Murder creek crested at about 18 feet late Sunday and after many residents of Escambia were "stranded" the last closed bridge and roadway was finally opened this afternoon. I was able to bring my daughter home. My step son went "around" and brought my daughter-in-law and children home Monday. Finally everyone safe and at home!
Area businesses and residents began clean-up Monday as the waters receded and they were able to get into their stores and homes. Some were not able to start until this afternoon. I cannot begin to guess at the amount of damages. Fortunately Escambia County came through the "Storm & Flood of '98" without any lose of lives.
Now, hopefully, we'll make it through the bitter cold weather we are having this week. Lows tonight are expected in the mid twenties! Hard Freeze warnings are out! Escambians...cover the pipes and plants and bring in the pets tonight!

What is it they say....."In like a lion, out like a lamb!"......let's hope so!

2007 Kellie Crnkovich