Letter from Ozark-Dale Library
Dale County Alabama
Dothan was in Henry County until 1903;
earlier it was known as Poplar Head


Letter from Ozark-Dale Library
Posted at library request.

The library wants to help you and requested the following post to Dale.

Now, the Ozark-Dale Library has a new site that is just beginning to
have information put on it. We would appreciate any help with
information etc. that persons interested in genealogy and history can

Material sent to me, Jocelyn Rayford, Genealogy Librarian, will get on
the site, if possible. Our webmaster is a high school student who has a
limited amount of time to devote to our website. I am presently working
up a list of Confederate soldiers from Dale County to put on the site.

Mrs. Myers, a volunteer, is working on obituaries from the 1930 SOUTHERN
STARS. Gradually more will be put on.

Meanwhile, any person from any location is welcome to send a request by
E-mail to me Jocelyn Rayford at [email protected] or send the request
by mail to Jocelyn Rayford, Ozark-Dale County Public Library, 416 James
Street, Ozark, AL, 36360, or by phone at 334-774-5480.

The Creel Richardson Room continues to remain open and I encourage you
all to com, if at all possible. In addition to obituaries and family
files we have a lot of original material provided by Church histories as
well as the history of various fraternal organizations. Please come.

Jocelyn Rayford
Genealogy/Reference Librarian



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