Dale County Alabama
Dothan was in Henry County until 1903;
earlier it was known as Poplar Head



Byrds Old Field Cemetery

Cemetery Located At Byrds Old Field about 2 miles North of Ozark on Left of Highway US 231
by Mr. E.H. Hayes Feb. 24, 1949.

O. F. Godwin		Nov 18,1873	Aug 9,1894	Wife of WA Godwin

Mary E. Godwin		Aug 26,1846	Oct 3,1916	Wife

Robert Godwin		Apr 8,1835	Dec 1,1891

Mary Josephine Godwin	June 15,1887	July 2,1887

Bright Byrd		1790		1886		Pvt. 2nd NC Mil. 
							War of 1812

Gracy Jane Byrd		Aug 27,1843	Sept 13,1883	Dau. of N & Z Byrd

Rachel E. Paulk		Jan 23,1846	Aug 22,1877	Wife of J.W. Paulk


This cemetery is located on the Camp Rucker Reservation about six miles from the main 
gate closest Ozark. Turn right at main gate toward the Lake, go to gate 54 but turn right
before entering, turn right before entering Gate 55 on left of road  that goes by Negro beach.
Copied June 10,1950 by Mr. E. H. Hayes

Acrel Byrd		Dec 16,1815	June 24,1891

Bartilla Byrd		Feb 26,1820	June 8,1879	Wife of Acrel Byrd
							Born in Johnson County NC

John C. Byrd		Mar 9,1871	June 21,1879	Son of Curtis & Samantha Byrd

William W. Byrd		Nov 21,1869	July 21,1872	Son of Curtis & Samantha Byrd

Sarah Byrd		1835		Nov 29,1903	Wife of RD Byrd

Curtis Byrd		June 21,1809	July 7,1905	Born in North Carolina

Elizabeth Harper (Byrd)	Nov 7,1810	Oct 23,1889	Wife of Curtis Byrd
							Mar. in Ala. Sept 27,1832
Bertis Byrd		June 1814	1854

Mary Byrd		June 1815	Mar 4,1888	Wife of Bertis Byrd

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