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20th Battalion Alabama Light Artillery

Waddell's Artillery Battery

Source:  Willis Brewer's Alabama:  Her History, Resources War Record, and Public Men from 1540 to 1872

Waddell's battery was organized in February 1862 by an order allowing 20 men to be taken from each company of the Sixth Alabama. Equipped with eight guns, the battery was involved in the Kentucky Campaign. Sent to Mississippi with General Carter L. Stevenson's Division, the battery was badly cut up and lost nearly all of its guns at Baker's Creek. It lost quite a number during the siege of Vicksburg, and was there captured. Exchanged on 12 September 1863, the battery was increased to a battalion and designated the 20th Light Artillery Battalion in October 1863.

Officers: Captains. James F. Waddell (Russell); Lieutenants: W. D. Emery (Montgomery; wounded, Vicksburg); R. H. Bellamy (Russell); Alonzo O'Neal (Russell); A. H. Burch (Russell); Jefferson Bates (Russell); and Robert Harvey, all of (Russell)

20th Alabama Artillery Battalion

Source:  http://www.ehistory.com/uscw/features/regimental/alabama/confederate/alarty.cfm

Waddell's Alabama Artillery Battery was organized in February 1862 by an order allowing up to 20 men to be taken from each company of the 6th Alabama Regiment. Equipped with eight guns, the battery was in the Kentucky Campaign. Sent to Mississippi with General Carter L. Stevenson's Division, the battery was badly cut up and lost nearly all its guns at Baker's Creek. It lost more men during the Siege of Vicksburg and was there captured when the fortress fell, 4 July 1863. It was paroled later and declared exchanged on 12 September 1863. The battery was increased to a battalion and designated as the 20th Light Artillery in October 1863. Company "A" was organized at Columbus, Georgia in November 1863 and ordered to Dalton. There it became a part of the Army of Tennessee for the campaigns of 1864. At Girard, while confronting Wilson, the guns and two-thirds of the men were captured. Company "B" was also organized at Columbus in November 1863 and sent to Dalton. It participated in the Atlanta Campaigns armed with two 6-lb. and two 12-lb Blakely’s. Its losses were not severe. Ordered to Columbus, the battery fought Union General James Wilson at Girard where the men were dispersed and the guns abandoned.

[There was also a Company "C", the Arkansas Helena Artillery, organized at Helena, Arkansas in May 1861 and transferred east of the Mississippi River. After the Battle of Shiloh and the Kentucky Campaign, it was placed in the Army of Tennessee, participating from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, from Tennessee and North Carolina. Its commanders were Captains. J. H. Calvary; A. W. Clarkson; and Thomas J. Key.]

Officers: Major James Fleming Waddell (Russell); Captains: Winslow D. Emery (Montgomery; commanding Co. "A"); and Richard H. Bellamy (Russell; commanding Co. "B")

Armaments: consisted of four 10-lb. Parrott guns (as of 29 March 1864).



Abraham, Isaac, Company A
Abraham, Joseph, Company A, Quarter Master Sergeant.
Adcock, J. T., Company B
Adcock, Thomas C., Company A
Akin, Cyrus N., Company A, Corporal
Allen, Benjamin H., Company A
Allen, Joel L., Company A
Allen, Marcellus, Company A, 2nd Lieutenant
Allen, Peter J., Company A
Allen, T. D., Emery's Company A
Ambrose, James K. P., Companies A & B
Atha, Thomas E., Company A, Master Forager
Bagley, James L., Company A
Bailey, Leonidas M., Companies A & B, Chief Bugler
Baker, Albert C., Company A
Baker, E. H., Company B
Baker, William H., Companies A & B, Guidon
Baldwin, Leonard G., Company A
Baldwin, R. P., Company B
Bankston, William, Company B
Barefield, A. J., Company A
Barnett, Richard S., Company A
Barnett, Robert R., N. C. S., Sergeant Major
Barrett, R.R., Company B
Barron, Isaac N., Companies A & B
Bates, Thomas J., Company A, 1st Lieutenant
Bean, R. M., Company A
Bean, Thomas A., Company A
Bellamy, Richard H., Companies A & B, Captain
Bellamy, William A., Companies A & B, Sergeant
Benton, Isham G., Company A, Sergeant
Benton, J. F., Company A
Benton, James A., Companies A & B
Bickerstaff, James H., Company A
Blasingame, Leonard G., Companies A & B, Farrier
Boggus, William H. H., Companies A & B
Borround, Andrew J., Assistant Surgeon
Bowen, Isaac B., Company A
Bowen, James D., Company A
Boyd, Samuel W., Company A
Boyd, William D., Company A
Boykin, Robert H., Companies A & B, 2nd Lieutenant
Boykin, S.C., Company B
Branham, Solomon, Company A
Brazell, John G., Company A
Brooks, Henry T., Company A, Artificer
Brooks, James M., Company A
Brooks, William C., Company A
Browning, James, Company A
Bryan, Alsey A., Company A
Bullard, J. R., Company A
Burch, Archibald H., Companies A & B, 1st Lieutenant
Burkalow, Jessee D., Companies A & B, Artificer
Bustian, James G., Companies A & B
Butler, Henry P., Company A
Butler, Mark, Company A
Cahill, John, Company B
Calhoun, James D., Company A
Calhoun, John L., Company A
Calhoun, S. M., Company B
Campbell, Oliver C., Companies A & B, Sergeant
Caudle, A. I.
Caver, Wade H., Company A
Chadwick, John, Company B, Blacksmith
Chambliss, Thomas B., Company A
Chandler, Asa H., Company A
Chester, William L., Company A
Childs, James C., Company B
Chiles, J. C., Company B
Clark, William H., Company A, Sergeant
Cliatt, G. W., Company B
Cliatt, William A., Companies A & B
Clinton, William J., Company A
Cohen, David L., Companies A & B, Captain, Acting Quarter Master
Coleman, Henry C., Company A, Corporal
Collum, J. A., Company A
Corr, J. B., Company A
Corr, Robert H., Company A, Sergeant
Craft, John W., Company A
Craigg, H., Company B
Crane, Joseph H., Company A
Crawford, Joseph H., Company A, Corporal
Crawford, Sural D., Company A
Crowder, Thomas W., Company A, 2nd Lieutenant
Currence, Junius J., Companies A & B, Gunner
David, H. H., Company B
Davidson, Allen, Company A
Davis, Hairburd R., Companies A & B
Davis, J.C., Company B, Artificer
Davis, William, Company A
Day, John, Company A
Day, William H., Company A
Denson, W. H., Company B
Devine, Peter, Company A
Dinkins, W. M.,
Dodson, I. P., Emery's Company A
Dudley, H. L., Company B
Dudley, Henry H., Companies A & B, Corporal
Edge, Abel, Company A
Edge, Benjamin, Company A
Edge, John, Company A
Edge, Thomas, Company A
Ellington, James O., Company A
Elliott, John, Companies A & B, Corporal
Ellison, David, Company A
Emery, Winslow D., Company A  Captain
Ethridge, W.R., Company B
Eubanks, Henry, Companies A & B
Flake, Thomas J., Companies A & B  Sergeant
Fleming, H., Company B
Fleming, James J., Companies A & B
Flewellen, J. R., Company B, Corporal
Flournoy, J. R., Company B
Foster, J. W., Company A
Foster, John S., Company A
Fuller, George W., Companies A & B, Corporal
Gaines, Robert H. G., Company A  Gunner
Garlick, Samuel A., Company A
Gaston, George W., Company A
Gibson, E. F., Company B
Gibson, H. C., Company B
Gibson, W. J., Company B
Glaze, J. T., Company A
Goins, Raleigh H., Companies A & B
Goolsbee, R. S., Company A
Gray, Phineas,
Green, Duncan C., Company B & A  1st Lieutenant., Adjutant
Greene, Alfred M., Company A, Artificer
Grier, James, Company A
Grouse, W. H.,
Hammock, Archibald D., Company A
Harbuck, James H., Company A
Harbuck, W. T., Company A
Harrell, Edwin M., Companies A & B, Sergeant
Harris, Brittain D., Company A
Harris, Joseph J., Company A
Harris, L. H., Company A
Harris, Peterson, Company A
Harris, T. L., Company B
Harris, Thomas, Company A
Harrisson, J. H., Company B
Harvey, Robert M., Companies A & B, 1st Lieutenant
Harwood, Addison J., Companies A & B
Hays, George A., Company A
Hays, John W., Company A
Heard, F. A., Company B, Artificer
Herring, W. J., Company B
Higgins, John H., Companies A & B
Hill, John, Company A
Hill, Leonidas, Company A
Holland, James T., Companies A & B  2nd Lieutenant
Hollis, Elijah, Company A
Hooper, W. de B., Company B  2nd Lieutenant
Horrell, Edwin M., Companies A & B, Sergeant
Howard, John H., Company A, Corporal
Howard, Mims, Company A
Ingram, B., Company A
Ingram, J. R., Company A
Ingram, William H., Company A
Ingram, William L., Company A, Artificer
Inlow, Arthur P., Company A
Irons, William H., Company A
Irwin, Young M., Company A
Ivey, D. M., Company B
Ivey, James, Company A
Ivey, Taylor, Company A
Jackson, E. T., Company A
Jackson, R. E., Company B
Jackson, Robert C., Company A
Jacobs, James W., Company A
Jacobs, John, Company A
Jacobs, Tillman C., Company A
Jelks, M. B., Company B
Jenkins, F. M., Company A
Jenkins, J., Company A
Jenkins, John, Company A
Jenkins, William C., Company A
Jett, James B., Company A
Johnson, R. W., Company A
Jones, Francis M., Company A
Jones, George W., Companies A & B
Jones, Henry C., Companies A & B
Jones, John J., Company A
Jones, N.W., Company B
Jones, Owen W., Companies A & B
Jones, Shirad, Company A
Jones, T. A., Company B
Kent, David D., Companies A & B, Corporal
King, Francis M. G., Companies A & B
Kirkland, William C., Company A, Ordinance Sergeant
Knowles, D., Company B
Knowles, J.P., Company B
Knowles, James C. C., Companies A & B, Corporal
Lamar, Obediah C. G., Company A, Sergeant
Lane, W. T. C., Company B
Langley, Noel, Company B
Lawrence, W., Company B
Lawson, William S., Companies A & B
Lewis, J. H., Company B
Littleton, J. H., Company B
Lockhart, Francis A., Companies A & B
Loeb, Felix B., Companies A & B, Sergeant
Long, F. B., Company B
Long, George W., Company B, Commissary Sergeant
Lord, Mulder W., Company A
Lott, John A., Companies A & B
Louis, Abraham,
Love, Clement L., Company B & A
Love, Cole J., Company A
Love, Eldridge, Company A
Low, Mulden W.,
Luker, Henry L., Companies A & B
Luker, William J., Companies A & B
Mallory, Thomas R., Companies A & B, Corporal
Malloy, George W., Companies A & B
Martin, William M., Company A
Mason, Alfred A., Company A
Mason, G. W., Company A
Mason, John R., Company A
Mason, William G., Company A
Maynor, J. T., Company B
McCafferty, J. S., Company C
McClendon, J. A., Company B
McClendon, Richard, Companies A & B, Sergeant
McCormick, Archibald E., Companies A & B
McCoy, Edmond S., Companies A & B
McCoy, James G., Companies A & B, Quarter Master Sergeant
McCoy, Leander F., Company A , Quarter Master Sergeant
McCurdy, James, Company A
McDonald, David, Company A
McDonald, James M., Company A
McDuffie, Francis M., Company A
McGee, George,, Artificer
McGee, Thomas, Company B
McGehee, Christopher C. M.,
McIntyre, John W., Companies A & B
McKinnon, Malcom N., Companies A & B
McMurray, James B., Companies A & B
McNeill, David T., Companies A & B
Menhenet, William H., Company A, Sergeant
Miller, William E., Company A
Moore, Edward D., Assistant Surgeon
Moore, Robert A., Companies A & B
Moore, T. R., Company B
Moreland, Tortulus H., Companies A & B
Morton, Edward T., Companies A & B
Murphy, Edward, Company A
Murphy, Zebulon T., Surgeon
Newton, L. L., Company B
Newton, W. N., Company B
Newton, William N., Company A
O'Neal, F. A., Companies A & B, Senior 1st Lieutenant.
O'Neal, John T., Companies A & B
O'Neal, W.W., Company B
Ogle, William L., Company A
Orr, J. H., Company B
Owsley, Thomas J., Companies A & B
Pace, Clement, Companies A & B
Pace, Isaac E., Company B
Pace, William A., Companies A & B
Page, A. T., Company A
Page, Jesse B., Companies A & B, Quarter Master Sergeant
Pankey, George W., Companies A & B
Parker, John S., Company A
Parker, W. A., Company A
Patterson, Peter, Companies A & B
Payne, John C., Companies A & B, Corporal
Perdue, Lorenza D., Companies A & B, Corporal
Perkins, James O., Companies A & B
Perry, H. B., Company A
Persons, John G., Companies A & B
Persons, W. M., Company B
Pierce, Francis H., Companies A & B
Piper, B. F., Company B
Piper, T. L., Company B
Pitts, C. W., Company B
Plott, C. J., Company B
Porter, Alpheous, Company A
Porter, Clayton, Company A
Porter, Greene B., Companies A & B
Prince, Benjamin F., Companies A & B
Prince, George, Company A
Prince, J. H., Company B
Pullen, Anthony D., Companies A & B
Purcell, A., Company A
Purcell, W.F., Company A
Ransom, William S., Company A, Artificer
Ranton, H., Company B
Rathwell, Richard, Companies A & B
Ray, Alexander, Company A
Reeves, George N., Company A, Artificer
Reynolds, Henry H., Companies A & B
Reynolds, James A., Companies A & B
Riddle, T. B., Company A
Rigby, Tillman, Company A
Roberson, Thomas, Company B
Roberts, J., Company B
Robinson, James J., Company A
Roquemore, P. W., Company B
Rusk, William H., Companies A & B
Rygan, A.J.,
Satterwhite, Isaac S.C., Companies A & B
Satterwhite, Stephen A., Companies A & B
Satterwhite, William H., Companies A & B
Saxton, Newton, Company A
Sewell, George W., Companies A & B
Sharp, J. F., Company B
Sharp, Morgan J., Companies A & B
Sheffield, Frederick K., Companies A & B
Shirah, Francis M., Companies A & B
Shumaker, J. B.,
Simmons, John K., Company A, 1st Sergeant
Simpson, Andrew J., Companies A & B
Sinclair, John, Companies A & B
Skinner, John N., Companies A & B
Skinner, M. D., Company B
Skinner, Mathew A., Companies A & B
Slappy, George W., Companies A & B
Slappy, John J., Companies A & B
Slappy, John N., Companies A & B
Smith, B.F., Company A
Smith, Bartlett A., Company A, Corporal
Smith, Burrell I., Company A
Smith, Daniel, Companies A & B
Smith, Francis L., Companies A & B
Smith, George W., Companies A & B, Artificer
Smith, J. M., Company B
Smith, John R., Companies A & B
Smith, John S., Companies A & B
Smith, R. W., Company A
Smith, Richard R., Companies A & B
Smith, Sidney, Companies A & B, Artificer
Smith, T. J., Company B
Smith, Thomas H., Company A, Artificer
Smith, Thomas J., Companies A & B
Smith, W. L., Company B
Smith, William, Company A
Smith, William A., Company A
Smith, William J., Company A
Spivey, Joseph, Companies A & B
Stevens, J. M., Company A
Stewart, Norman R., Companies A & B
Story, John B., Companies A & B
Story, Marion N., Companies A & B
Strickland, John J., Companies A & B
Sturkie, Samuel A., Companies A & B
Sturky, D. B., Company B
Taylor, William H., Companies A & B
Terry, J. S., Company B
Terry, W. C., Company B
Thomas, M. W., Company A
Thompson, L. S.,
Thornton, Leander A., Company A
Tisinger, D. F., Company A
Trawick, M. T., Company B
Trotter, W. W., Company K
Waddell, James F., Company A, Major
Wagner, George G., Company A
Walder, James H., Company A
Walker, J. R., Company A
Walker, William A., Company A, Hospital Steward
Walton, T. M., Company A
Wardlow, Edward M., Company A
Ware, Henry, Company B
Waugh, John L., Company A
West, Charles J., Company A
Whatley, W. H., Company A
White, W. M., Company B
Wiggins, James L., Companies A & B
Wilkerson, R. A., Company B
Wilkey, J. R., Company B
Wilkey, James R., Companies A & B
Wilkey, William, Company A
Wilkins, N. R., Company A
Willett, Benjamin F., Companies A & B, 3rd CC
Williams, George J., Companies A & B
Williams, Samuel E., Companies A & B
Williams, Wyatt G., Companies A & B
Williamson, A. H., Company B
Williamson, James C., Companies A & B, 1st Sergeant
Williamson, James M., Company A
Willis, J. C., Company B
Willis, Oliver H., Companies A & B, Corporal
Witt, James, Companies A & B
Yergan, Andrew J., Company A


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