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A List of Pioneer Preachers who helped to organize churches that

constitute the Cullman Baptist Association:


Phillip McCarty Musgrove. Born, Edgefield, S.C. Studied Oldfield School,

Alabama. Licensed November, 1843, Mt. Tabor church, Alabama. Ordained

May 19, 1844, Mt. Tabor. Preached Mt. Tabor 10 years; Blount, 18 years;

Browns Valley, 10 years; Harmony, 8 years; Walnut Grove, 6 years;

Springville, 3 years; Hopewell, 15 years; Union, 6 years; Arkadelphia,

6 years; Cullman, 6 years; My. Bap. Code, 7 years. A criticism of Dr. T.

O. Summers. Sermon in "Baptist Watchman" at Elyton, Ala., 1881. "Reply

to J. M. Boland on Bible Baptism" in Alabama Baptist.


Charles A. Owen, born in Morgan County, Alabama, December 18, 1844,

licensed 1871, ordained 1872. Emmaus Church, pastor of Emmaus 6 years;

Beech Grove, 2 years; Hopewell, 6 years; Cullman, 2 years; Good Hope, 20

years; Ryan Creek, 12 years; Mt. Zion, 1 year; Elizabeth, 2 years; the

first moderator of the Cullman Baptist Association.


A. Adams, born, N.C., 1834, licensed and ordained in 1862, Hopewell,

Alabama. Pastor, Jack River, Mulberry, Cedar Hill and Bethlehem, Alabama.,

4 years.


Reuben C. Ledbetter, born in Franklin Co., Alabama, liscensed 1883,

Macedonia Church; ordained 1889, Duck River Church; pastor, Center Hill

1891; Simcoe 1893 and 1894; Duck River, 1895; supplied Mulberry, 1896;

Missionary, 1894-1897; pastor Macedonia, 1898; served as moderator and served other churches and was faithful until death.


George W. Cone, born in Georgia, licensed 1886, Hopewell Church; ordained

New Hope (Damascus), Pastor, Pisgah, Davis Creek, Damascus, New Prospect,

Beech Grove, Rocky Branch, Mt. Joy and Friendship, Crooked Creek, GA.


J. H. Harbison, born in Winston County on June 4, 1856. Licensed August 11,

1889; ordained August 13, 1890, Ryan's Creek Church, Alabama. Served Ryan's

Creek, Mt. Hope, Bethel, Logan, Cold Springs, Antioch, Bethany, Pleasent

Grove, Harmony, New Mt. Zion. Assocational missionary many years. He is

still living and prayed the closing prayer of the 1934 session.

(J.H. Harbison died October 28, 1935. This was to be his last-John 3:16.)


Isaac Windsor, born in Randolph County; studied at Walnut Grove College,

Morgan County and Albertville College. Licensed 1888, Flint Creek Church;

ordained 1891 Mt. Vernon Church. Pastor New Canaan 1892; Phillippi 1893;

Hartselle 1894; Bangor 1896; Hopewell, New Union, Simcoe, Arkadelphia



John E. Weaver, born Blue Springs, Alabama.; studied at Somerville Academy;

licensed 1875; ordained 1878; Rocky Creek, Alabama. Pastor Salem 1878-1894,

Mt. Tabor 1880, Rocky Creek, Blue springs 1888-1889, Falkville 1885-1889, Somerville and first Church, Cullman, 1899.


John A. Basham, born Basham, Alabama.; studied Enfield, Ill.; ordained 1893, Hopewell Church; pastor Hopewell 1893-1896, Ebenezer 1893-1897, Flint Creek 1894-1895 and 1898-1899, Good Hope 1897, Sardis 1898-1899, Logan 1898, Mt.

Hope 1898-1899, Liberty 1899.


Albert W. Briscoe, born Apple Grove, Alabama.; studied North Alabama Baptist

Collegiate Institute and Normal School; licensed October 1895, Falkville

Church; ordained June 1897, Cullman First Church. Pastor Cullman First Church

1896-1898, Hillsboro 1898-1899, Russellville, Alabama.


William H. Guthrie, born Somerville, Georgia.; studied Academy, Fairburn, Georgia.; licensed 1886; ordained 1892, Logan Church. Pastor Zion and Friend-

ship 1893-1894, Logan 1894-1896 and 1897-1899, Pleasent Grove 1897-1899.


G. A. Chum, born in Morgan County, Alabama.; studied in high school at Somer-

ville, Alabama.; licensed June 1882; ordained August 1884, Hopewell Church;

Pastor Hopewell 1883-1885, Morris 1883-1887, Oak Grove 1885-1888; First

Cullman 1888-1890, Hanceville, Bethlehem 1891-1892, Flint Creek 1893-1894,

Turner Chapel 1895, Brooksville 1897, Guntersville 1898.


George s. Sloan, born Hall County, Georgia.; licensed June 24, 1882, ordained

May 27, 1883, Harmony Church. Pastor O.M. Bower 1883-1888, Arkadelphia 1884-

1891, Harmony 1849-1891, Dorsey Creek 1888, Union three years, New Prospect

two years, Mt. Hope one year, Good Hope one year, Fairview one year, Union

1894, Cane Creek 1896.



Thomas e. Hays, born in Blount County, Alabama; licensed August 1882, ordained

August 24, 1884, Beech Grove Church. Pastor New Prospect, Bethsadia, Fairview, Beech Grove 1888.


James Hilton, born Tennessee.; licensed and ordained in 1867, Oak Grove Church.

Pastor Houston 1870, Blooming Grave, Bethel, Mt. Hope, Lynn, Pleasent Grove,

Providence, Missionary Clear Creek Association, 2 years; North River

Association, four years.


Gabriel L. Brindley, born in Blountsville, Alabama.; licensed 1866, Enon Church;

ordained 1870, Flint Creek Church. Pastor Flint Creek, Hopewell, Lystra, Holly Pond, Mulberry and Center Hill.


Jesse E. Creel, born Data, Alabama.; studied Blount College, Howard College;

licensed December 19, 1897, Providence Church; ordained October 23, 1898, New

Bethel Church. Pastor Mary Lee 1898, Mt. Zion 1898, clerk of Cullman Baptist

Association for several years.


William s. Smith, born in Falkville, Alabama.; licensed and ordained Mt. Zion

Church. Pastor Mt. Zion, Bell Springs, Cullman, Enon and Ebenezer.


William T. Cobbs, born in Hartselle, Alabama.; studied high school, Mountain

View, Alabama.; licensed August 1880; ordained August 1882, Shoal Creek Church.

Pastor New Shiloh and Flint River 1882, Pleasent Hill and Enen 1885-1892,

Danville 1888-1892, Mt. Nebo 1888, Cullman, Columbus, Georgia, Hartselle,

Falkville, Hillsboro, Hopewell, Alabama.


W. H. Absher, Pastor Good Hope Church twenty-two years and many other churches;

was moderator of the Association for several years.


F. M. Leeth, Pastor of Ryans Creek for eight years, serving many other churches.

We wish it was possible to give a sketch of all.


James C. Calvert, born July 7, 1855; licensed and ordained, Ryans Creek. Pastor

Bethsadia, Antioch, Pisgah.


Most all of the names of the other preachers are connected in some way with the

history of our Association. These are all I have the names of with the date of

their ordination and the churches they pastored.

S.J. Calvert

Note: Simeon J. Calvert was also instrumental in the developement of churches across Cullman County, Alabama.