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Table of Contents

This is a Table of Contents of the Silverhill History site. Click any Page title to go to that page.
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Introduction Page - Start here for an interactive adventure in Silverhill History.

Home Page - The Silverhill Reading Room. Each area contains the subjects listed below. provides search technology for this website.

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The Silverhill History Website needs your help!

Ways to help:

1. Collect information for the site:
2. Write something for the website:
      Anything about Silverhill’s history or people, such as:
      a. Biographies,
      b. Family histories,
      c. Organizational histories,
      d. Silverhill memories,
      e. Interviews with older Silverhill residents,
      f. Anything else that is related to Silverhill’s past.
3. Type information for the site:
      Old articles and papers that are scanned and put on the site need to be retyped on a computer so that their information is searchable by another computer. Computers or search engines can only search typed information, not photos or scanned pictures of information.
4. Translate old Swedish:
      The old Silverhill Newsletters have a wealth of information in them on Silverhill’s early days and its people, but they need to be translated into English.

Thank You to these
Volunteers and Contributors!

Are you ready to help and want to know where to begin? Start by getting in touch with the Webmaster:

Debbie Owen
PO Box 250
Silverhill, AL 36576

Phone: (251) 945-6666

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