Big Wooden Book History - Silverhill 1896-1952


Silverhill 1896 - 1952

       This large book measures 22 3/4 inches wide by 29 inches high. The front and back covers are made of plywood. Inside are ten thick paper pages containing a history of Silverhill from 1896 through 1952.

       The history is an English translation made by Mrs. George Lundberg (the former Ester Lovisa Westerlund Johnson), a teacher at Silverhill School and the first child to live in the town of Silverhill. The original history was written in 1930 in Swedish by Mr. Charles Norman, Sr., the second mayor to serve Silverhill and the builder and owner of the first cotton gin and grist mill in town.

       Mrs. Lundberg created the book to be used in a Teacher's Extension Course from Troy State Teacher's College, on The History of Baldwin County and Alabama. A group of teachers in Baldwin County, teachers from Silverhill School, Mrs. I. Carlson (Genie Ora Tharp Carlson), and Mrs. F. Engstrom (Mildred H. Engstrom) also helped in the making of this book.

       The students of Silverhill School who had a part in creating the book were: Carl Johnson, and Gary Gate, page one; Richard Frolik page two; Anna Lou Richardson, Mary Lou Starr, Susie Sullivan, page three; Margaret Gresham, Laura Douglas, page four; Margaret Gresham page five; Anna Lou Richardson page six; Kenneth Byrd page seven; Charles Davis page eight; and Barbara Ann Konicky page nine.

       The book was given to the Silverhill Library and has been on display in the upstairs museum. Click on the book's cover to open.