O. P. Forsman News Article

Newspaper Article on
O. P. Forsman

   This newspaper clipping was found in an old trunk in one of the sheds at Ted Forsman's home. We don't know what newspaper the article was in. The year was probably 1907. The article was found in May of 2004 (97 years later).

    Early in May, when Silverhill was visited, the farm crops looked exceedingly thrifty---corn was up knee-high and potato shipments were under way. A fair example of how the farmers are doing at this point will be shown in an interview with Mr. O. P. Forsman, who came to Silverhill from northwest Kansas four years ago. He bought an improved forty-acre farm. The improvements included a good house and barn and twelve acres cleared. He has cleared double this amount of land and says he would not take twice what he paid for the place. This year he sold 103 crates of strawberries--superb Lady Thompsons--off one and one-half acres. These brought from $1.25 to $2.50 a crate, averaging $1.74, in Mobile. Besides the amount sold the family, a good sized o??????e berries from this patch three times a day. Mr. Forsman estimated these at twenty-five to fifty crates additional.

   Off three-fourths an acre of snap beans he got fifty hampers (7/8 of a bushel to the hamper), which netted 52 to 90 cents a hamper. As high as 300 bushels of sweet potatoes are made here to the acre and 100 bushels of salable Irish potatoes. Cotton averages three-fourths of a bale, corn thirty-five to fourty bushels.

Contributed by Dixie Forsman White.