Silverhill Fair


         November 28, 1921, the Silverhill Community and Fair Association organized. They held their first annual Fair as a one-day, outdoor event on "the hill" at what is now the Silverhill Oscar Johnson Memorial Park.

         The year next it was held in the colony-owned two-room school building. The large crowds attending this event led to the addition of two rooms to the school.

         In 1924, the association and community patrons built the Community Hall for such functions. The Community Hall was a large wooden building, located where the fire hall was later built.

         In 1950, the first annual Baldwin County Fair was held at the Livestock Coliseum in Robertsdale on October 24 through 28, sponsored by the Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Association, Inc.


Held at the beginning of the Fair in the late 1930's.

"Joe the Ox", Mr. Joe Kolmar
with his ox and cart.

Mr. Philip G. Armstrong
clowning around with his wheelbarrow.

  Silverhill Fair of 1924

  Silverhill Fair of 1925

  Silverhill Fair of 1935

  Silverhill Fair of 1936

  Silverhill Fair of 1937

  Silverhill Fair of 1938

  Silverhill Fair of 1939

  Silverhill Fair of 1940

  Silverhill Fair of 1941

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