Silverhill Power Company

The Silverhill Power Company

Silverhill Power Company Stock Certificate

         The history of electricity in Silverhill began in 1921, when three Silverhill men introduced electricity to the town. Clarence N. Anderson, Harold C. Fosberg, and Paul C. Anderson, built a gasoline-driven generator that produced electricity. Clarence and Paul both had experience in automobile engine repair. The generator supplied electricity to several homes and businesses in the center of Silverhill.

         The First Baptist Church of Silverhill and the Mission Covenant Church installed electric lighting in 1924, using an electric line that was run from the Robertsdale electric station. This company, Duel Light and Power Company of Robertsdale and Loxley was acquired on March 1, 1926 by Foley Light and Power Company, which would soon become Riviera Utilities.

         As more people asked to have electricity brought to their homes, plans were drawn to build a dam and generating plant on Fish River to the west of town (on the south side of the Fish River bridge of highway 104). In 1925, Harold C. Fosberg, Clarence N. Anderson, and Charles M. Lyrene, began to build the dam.

         The three men, needing financial backing, began the Silverhill Power Company, and began to sell stocks in October of 1929. The Great Depression began and the power company could not raise the funds it needed to continue building. The Silverhill Power Company granted Riviera Utilities of Foley the franchise for supplying electricity to Silverhill. This transaction took place on August 11, 1931.