First Baptist Church, Silverhill, Alabama


Pictured is the Baptist Church and
the parsonage about 1915.
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         The Swedish settler's of Silverhill, believing in Jesus Christ as their Savior and desiring to worship Him together, made it their priority to organize and build churches. Established first was the Baptist Church on November 5, 1899 in the Olander Hotel. The small congregation continued to meet in the hotel until 1900 when they began meeting in the Land Company Office (later known as the Silverhill Library). The Svea Land Company assisted the congregation by giving them a piece of property on which to build.

         The church sanctuary was built by the congregation in 1903 and a parsonage in 1907. Later the sanctuary, found to have been built into the street's right of way, was moved 18 feet to the east in 1930. Morning services were conducted in the Swedish language until 1930.

50 Year Church History 1899 - 1949

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