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Announcements of Deaths The North Alabamian
Announcements of Deaths The Tuscumbia Enquirer
Bailey, Bob Carl The Times Daily
17 Apr 2001
Berryman, Mrs. Lawrence The Florence Times
3 Oct 1940
Brown, Charles C. The Hutchinson Herald
Hutchinson, Reno Co, Kansas
10 and 11 May 1927
Butler, John The Florence Times
Friday, 14 Sep 1923
Campbell, Cynthia M. The Florence Times
10 Feb 1940
Campbell, George Frank The Florence Times
13 Jan 1944
Campbell, James Jackson The Florence Times
5 Apr 1954
Campbell, John Robert The Florence News
6 Dec 1943
Campbell, William Alexander The Florence Times
11 Mar 1946
Campbell, W. G. The Florence Times
12 Jan 1939
Camron, Mary E. The Florence Times
17 Mar 1942
Betty J.
Earlie Nora
Sandra Tidwell
Dimick, Corinne Pickett Darlene (Campbell) Scott
Goins, Rufus Alston Sandra Tidwell
Goodwin, Mrs. Mattie Bell The Florence Times
19 Dec 1930
Habbler, Henry The Weekly Dispatch (Tuscumbia, Colbert Co., AL),
Thursday, October 17, 1901
Florence Times,
Friday, October 18, 1901
Franklin Times
(Russellville, Franklin Co, AL), Friday, October 18, 1901
The Sheffield Standard, Saturday,
October 19, 1901
The Sheffield Reaper, Saturday,
October 19, 1901
Higdon, John T. The Leighton News
Friday, 2 Mar 1894
Hyatt, Grubb, and Powell
Train Wreck
The Florence Times
2 Feb 1931, p. 1
Halsey, Jimmy Jones - 1873
Halsey, Orlando P. - 1900
Halsey, Mary Catherine (Jones) - 1929
North Alabamian and Times
3 May 1873, p. 3
Weekly Dispatch
Thursday, 2 Aug 1900, p. 3
Florence Times
3 Aug 1900, p. 8
Tuscumbia Times,
Thursday, 15 & 22 Oct 1929, p. 1
Florence Times
Friday, 18 Oct 1929, p. 1
Jones, David North Alabamian and Times,
27 Nov 1873, p. 3
McKiernan, Judge B. F. Florence Journal,
Wednesday, 18 Jul 1866, p. 2
McKiernan, Maj. Bernard  and
wife, Mrs. Mary A. (Waters) McKiernan
Moulton Democrat, 19 Mar 1858
North Alabamian, 13 Apr 1885
Florence Gazette, 14 Apr 1885
McKiernan, Major Charles B. The Florence Times
Saturday, 25 Jul 1890, p. 3 and
Saturday, 1 Aug 1890, p. 1
Moore Family
Brackin, Edna Lucille (Moore)
Grimes, Leona (Moore)
Moore, Mrs. Ada Roselle

Moore, James Henry
Moore, Leander
Moore, Raymond M.
Moore, Russell Theo "Buster"
Moore, Sam
Moore, William Earle
Willis, Dorothy (Moore)
Sandra Tidwell
Myrick, Richard The Florence Times
28 Jul 1968
Pitts, Eugene The Florence Times
Friday, 14 Sep 1923
Pitts, William R. The Florence Times
Monday, 9 Dec 1940
Purser Family
Syble E. Purser
William Tennis Purser
Sandra Tidwell
Quinn, Burrill Darlene (Campbell) Scott
Rand, Mrs. Martha A. The Leighton News
Friday, 8 Nov 1907
Ricks, Rev. George
African American
The Leighton News
Friday, 1 Jan 1909, p. 8
Roden, Billy Matthew The Florence Times
3 Nov 1945
Roden, Lee Anderson The Florence Times
2 Feb 1938
Roden, Miss Ollie Verchie The Florence Times
22 May 1941
Roden, Mrs. Sallie The Florence Times
2 Nov 1938
Rutland, Fred Wilson Courier Journal [Florence, AL]
5 Apr 1995
Rutland, John Wallace Courier Journal [Florence, AL]
29 Nov 1995
Sizemore, Rebecca A. Sandra Tidwell
Tenge, Capt. C. A. Florence Journal
22 Jul 1869, p. 3
Walker, Hon. Peter The North Alabamian,
Friday, 26 Jul 1844, p. 3.

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