Hobgood Plantation Cemetery


Township 4, Range 10, Section 7

Contributed 26 June 2008
by Scott Dawsey

LOCATION: Leaving Muscle Shoals on Wilson Dam Rd. ( Co Rd 133 ) head south of 6th st. 1000 yrs before you go under the railroad track you will turn left on a gravel road no signs this will carry you back to two houses. on the gravel rd 1/2 way down look to your left in a grove of trees there is a stone wall that surrounds the cemetery. The Hobgood and Hicks families are buried inside the wall and the Keenum, Elledge and the Narmore families are buried outside the wall. Township4S, Range 10W, Southeast 1/4 of section 7

Inside the wall, Hobgood and Hicks

In Memory of John Hobgood
born in Halifax Co. Va.
Oct 10 AD 1800
Migrated to Alabama
AD 1818
Died Feb 13,1859
Sleep on dear father for thou art blest
God called him home to take thy rest
In Memory of
Martha A.
Wife of John Hobgood
born May 20,1810
died Feb 27,1885
Aged 71 yrs. 9 mos. 7 days
Sacred to the memory of
John Hobgood Jr.
Son of John and Martha A Hobgood
born Nov.25,1846
died July 12,1855
He was a student of LaGrange
College at the time of his death
Ann Marah Hicks
1868 --- 1884
Yea upon the harp will I
praise thee of God My God
Sarah Hobgood Hicks
1844 --- 1894
A devoted wife and
Loving Mother
[ NOTE: Wife of David Water Hicks
buried Oakwood Cemetery Tuscumbia]
David Benard
son of D. W. and S. A. Hicks
born Aug 19,1865
died Nov. 18,1868
Kindred sprits called the darling
Home to thy Saviors brest
In the land of the blissfull rest

Outside the wall

Harvey B. Keenum
1890 --- 1942
Tommy E Toy
dau of H. E. and L. B. Keenum
born Nov 28,1917
died Feb 10,1918
Lee Mauldon
Son of H. E. and L. E. Keenum
born Feb 11,1915
died Feb.18,1918
Lee Mauldon
Son of H. E. and L. E. Keenum
born Feb 11,1915
died Feb.18,1918
Auston Keenum
born July 24,1902
died April 23,1903
Lonnie Keenum
born Jan 18,1866
died May 31,1903
James Melton 1
son of J. M. and Mary Elledge
born Mar 22, 189_
died July 14,1908
son of J. M. and M. R. Elledge
born March 27,1905
died Dec 3,1909
B. F. Elledge
born March 27,1846
died Dec 2,1906
Erected by his loving children
Oneal Elledge
born July 1, 1902
died May 31,1908
foot stone M. E. K.
Ludia Ma
daughter of J. W. Elledge
born Jan 22,1901
died July 23,1901
[broken stone]
[broken stone]

Vide L.
daughter of J. M. and A. L. Narmore
born Aug 7 1913
died Sept 23,1913


[NOTE: This child's month and year of birth are given as Mar 1895 on the 1900 census for Colbert County, AL. His parents are Jesse and Mary (Massengale) Elledge.] back

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