Temple B'Nai Israel Cemetery



Contributed 21 May 2006
by Erwin Coleman

The Jewish Cemetery of Temple B'nai Israel, is located within the grounds of Oakwood Cemetery, Sheffield, Colbert County, Alabama. Erwin Coleman is the chairman of the Cemetery Committee, and as such keeps the records. He has kindly shared these.

Surname            Given Name(s)      Born      Place of Birth      Died     Place of Death Comments/Notes

ABROMS             Luke             01 Dec 1897  Marigold, MS    26-Apr-1981  Memphis, TN
ABROMS             Reba             28-Feb-1901                  31-Aug-1984  Memphis, TN
BLOCK              Abram Leon       00-000-1897                  00-000-1967                 First Wife of Abram
BLOCK              Flora            00 000 1876                  00 000 1926                 Second wife of Abram
BLOCK              Max              00-000-1867                  00-000-1961                 Buried  in part of !V 1 and
BLOCK              Sadie            00-000-1886                  00-000-1960                 Son of Seymour and Rose
BLUNKER            (Infant)         22-Oct-1943  Florence, AL    22-Oct-1943  Florence, AL
BLUNKER            Rose             31-Dec-1918                  25-Jul-1952
BOOKHOLTZ          Gussie           15 May 1845                  19-Jun-1966  Florence, AL
BOOKHOLTZ          Isador           28 Sep 1887                  07-Oct-1965  Florence, AL
BURGESS            Frances B.       00-000-1923                  00-000-1967  Florence, AL
COHN               Sam              00-000-1885                  00-000-1957
FELDMANN           Albert           31 Jul 1876                  29-Apr-1968  Florence, AL
FELDMANN           Hattie           12 Dec 1881                  01-Nov-1970  Florence, AL
FREHLING           Leon Arthur      12 May 1893                  19-Aug-1950
FLORMAN            I. Gary                       New York, NY                 Sheffield, AL
GALLINGER          Ann              00-000-1916     Germany      00-000-2000  Birmingham AL  Frmr Rabbi,Temple B'nai Isra
GALLINGER          Joseph S.        00-000-1912     Germany      00-000-1976  Birmingham, AL
GOLDBERG           Morris A.                                     18-Mar-1966
GOLDSTEIN          Celia Rhea       11-Jan-1924                  23-Apr-1988  Florence, AL
GOLDSTEIN          Joseph           27-Nov-1917                  13-Apr-1979  Florence, AL
GORDON             M.
HIRSCH             Aaron            25 Feb 1898                  05-Feb-1947
iSRAEL             Bessie                                        15-Aug-1965  Florence, AL
ISRAEL             Hilda            00-000-1903                  00-00-1988   Florence, AL
ISRAEL             Julia            25 Dec 1895                  27-Apr-1974  Florence, AL
ISRAEL             Lillye           00-000-1898                  00-000-1943
ISRAEL             Manuel Ben       04 Jul 1895                  06-Mar-1972  Florence, AL
ISRAEL             Milton           00-000-1896                  00-000-1942
ISRAEL             Sam J.           21-Nov-1990                  15-Aug-1965  Florence, AL
KLIBANOFF          Hyman            20 Oct 1886                  10-Jun-1947  Florence, AL  Buried in part of Graves 3 a
KLIBANOFF          Lillie A.        01 Aug 1890                  13-Feb-1969  Florence, AL  US Army, WW II
KLIBANOFF          Morris           29-Jan-1917                  13-Dec-1996  Florence, AL  Buried between Graves 18 and
KLIBANOFF          Roslyn                                        06-Dec-2003  Florence, AL  Spouse of Morris Klibanoff
KOHN               Infant           17-Jun-1904                  20-Sep-1905                Grave unmarked
KOHN               Solomon
KREISMAN           Adolph           00-000-1850                  00-000-1927  Florence, AL
KREISMAN           Isaac            15 Feb 1881                  13-Dec-1940  Florence, AL
KREISMAN           Ray              14 Jul 1881                  16-Dec-1959  Florence, AL
KREISMAN           Sara             00-000-1850                  00-000-1916  Florence, AL
LEAVITT            Sara D.          25 Jun 1882                  18-Jul-1951  Florence, AL
LEVIN              Hildreth                      Florence, AL    07-Nov-1991
LEVIN              Morton           14-Sep-1901                  23-Apr-1956  Chicago, Ill
LEVINSON           David Max        07 Dec 1895                  28-Feb-1981  Florence, AL
LEVINSON           Helen            18-Aug-1901  Sheffield, AL   25-Mar-1987  Florence, AL  Son of D. M. and Helen Levin
LEVINSON           Infant           22-Jan-1929  Sheffield, AL   22-Jun-1929  Florence, AL  33rd Degree Mason, Vet. WWI
MAY                Harold. S        23 May 1899                  17-Jul-1972  Florence, AL
MAY                Joseph P.        30 Sep 1865                  01-Feb-1939  Florence, AL  Veteran WWI
MAY                Lawrence S.      31-Jan-1901                  03-Sep-1970  Montgomery, AL
MAY                Mollie S.        23 Apr 1874                  05-Jan-1954  Florence, AL  Son of Leo and Bertha Mendel
MENDEL             Infant                                                                   Son of A & DE Moog
MOOG               Mannie           10 Sep 1888                               Sheffield, AL  Son of A & DE Moog
MOOG               Manuel           17 Nov 1868                  17 Jan 1888  Sheffield, AL  *Plot also shown as XVI
MOSES              Abram J.         25 Oct 1828  Charleston, SC  29 Dec 1890  Florence,  AL  *Plot also shown as XVII
MOSES                               09 Sep 1850                  05 May 1859  Sheffield, AL
MUHLENDORF         Jack             31 Jul 193                   14-Sep-1984  Sheffield, AL
MUHLENDORF         S. Allen         05-Jul-1943                  16-Sep-1983  Sheffield, AL  Veteran WWI
MUTH               Ben F.           20 Jan 1896                  12-Feb-1965  Mobile, AL
MUTH               Estelle          15-Jun-1900  Pineapple, AL   16-Feb-1980  Mobile, AL   Veteran WWII
MUTH               Joseph Samuel    25-Jun-1923  Florence, AL    16-Sep-1966  Mobile, AL
NADLER             Celia S.         20 Dec 1880                  14-Nov-1952  Nashville, TN
NADLER             Herman           20 Feb 1875                  09-Feb-1944  Nashville, TN
NATHAN             Hannah           12 Dec 1831                  15-Apr-1913  Florence, AL
NATHAN             Morris           28 Feb 1828                  03 Oct 1898  Florence, AL
OLIM               Abraham          00-000-1872                  00-000-1972  Sheffield, AL
OLIM               Charlotte        05-Jan-1916  Sheffield, AL   18-Mar-1996  Florence, AL
OLIM               Julian           18-Nov-1903                  04-Nov-1986  Sheffield, AL
OLIM               Maurice          17-Oct-1906  Sheffield, AL   24-Oct-1927  Sheffield, AL
OLIM               Phiillip         15 Feb 1875                  14-Oct-1959  Florence, AL
OLIM               Ray D,           03 May 1876                  10-May-1946
OLIM               Ray K.           00-000-1881                  00-000-1962
OLIM               William Harris   24-Aug-1939                  25-Mar-1965  Sheffield, AL
PATTERSON          Joe                                           07-Oct-1921  Sheffield,AL
PATTERSON          Katie                                         11-Jul-1941  Mobile, AL
PATTERSON          Solomon          24 Feb 1896  Pineapple, AL   02-Mar-1982  Mobile, AL
PERRY              Albert Leo       06 Jan 1897                  18-Mar-1958  Florence, AL
ROSENBAUM          Anna             08 Apr 1889                  09 Apr 1975  Florence, AL
ROSENBAUM          David Hillel     11-May-1941  Florence, AL    02-Sep-1982  Washington, DC
ROSENBAUM          Louis            12 May 1887                  08-Sep-1962  Florence, AL
ROSENBAUM          Stanley          01-Oct-1910  Florence, AL    01-Dec-1983  Florence, AL
SCHNEIDER          Elizabeth Julie  14-Dec-1982                  19-Jul-1995  Florence, AL
SCHULMAN           Stanley Louis                                 07-Nov-1994  Florence, AL
SEBULSKY           Rebecca          22 May 1899  Brooklyn, NY    26-Jul-1971  Florence, AL
SHIPPER            Morris E.        00-000-1900                  00-000-1956  Florence, AL
SIMON              Agnes .          18-Aug-1901  Sheffield, AL   12-Mar-1995  Florence, AL
SMITH              Dr. James Clark
SMITH              Dr. James G.
SMITH              Mary Chloe
SMITH              Newman Gary
SMITH              William Cahoon   00-000-1910                  00-000-1955
SMITH              William Chloe
SNYDER             Jerry Morris     18-Jun-1911                  08-Jan-1952  Florence, AL
SONNENFIELD        Joseph           08 Nov 1883                  22-Feb-1958
SONNENFIELD        Mattie S.        25 May 1894  Florence, AL    13-Nov-1947
SONNENFIELD        Rose                    1905                         1905
SPIELBERGER        Ben Milton       04 Jun 1888 Birmingham, AL   10-Sep-1963  Memphis, TN
SPIELBERGER        Bertha Benda     23 Jun 1860                  08-Sep-1922  Sheffield, AL
SPIELBERGER        Elnora           26 May 1891  Florence, AL    01-Oct-1955  Sheffield, AL
SPIELBERGER        Jacob            12 Jan 1856                  23-Aug-1934  Sheffield,AL
SPIELBERGER        Sadie S.         18-Jul-1902 Little Rock, AR  17-Oct-1998  Florence, AL
STABLER            Shirley          25-Jul-1924 Florence, AL     04-Mar-1999  Florence, AL
STIEWEL            Maurice Edgar    06 Mar 1897 Little Rock, AR  27-Aug-1960  Sheffield, AL  Veteran WWI
TEKS               Arnold           18-Jun-1915                  28-Sep-1999  Florence, AL
TEKS               Julia                                            Jul 200   Florence, AL
TEKS               Hattie           16 Jul 1887                  24-Jul-1958
TEKS               Moses Louis      17-Jun-1910                  30-Dec-1979
TEKS               Manuel           02 Apr 1871                  14-Dec-1961
TEKS               Milton           18-Dec-1921                  21-Aug-1999  Florence, AL  Survivor of the Holocaust
VAN AMERONGEN      Elizabeth        28-Oct-1910  Netherlands     24-Apr-2000  Corinth,  MS  LtC US Army WWII
WEINBAUM           Harold           20-Oct-1909                  21-Jun-1983  Sheffield, AL
WEINBAUM           Pauline          08-Apr-1911                  11-Dec-1955  Sheffield, AL
YOUNG              Dr. Richard Earl 10-Dec-1921                  13-May-1988  Florence, AL
ZEFF               Bertha (Betty)   26-Dec-1913  Florence, AL    25-Mar-1965  Florence, AL
ZEFF               Milburn          10-Nov-1913                  02-Apr-1989  Florence, AL
ZUCKER             Bernard William  08-Sep-1901                  08-May-1956  Florence, AL

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