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Elisha H. Simmons Family Bible

First Born Son
William B. Simmons and Dority Henderson Simmons

Transcribed by Ann Melugin Williams
November 21, 1999

This Bible's cover is engraved "E.H. Simmons."

The Comprehensive Bible; containing the Old and New Testaments, according to the Authorized Version [etc.], Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1851

This Bible was in the possession of Cathryn Caldwell Stalcup in Edroy, Texas. Cathryn Calwell Stalcup died April 20, 2002. Her husband has this Bible, but he is hard of hearing, has trouble with the phone, and doesn't do e-mail. You can contact Ann Melugin Williams and she can help you.


Elisha H. Simmons was born; January the 21st 1817

Eldies Askew was born; April the 11th, 1824

William Frederick Simmons was Born; February 20th 1841

James Thomas Simmons was Born; November the 6th 1842

Laura Dorothy Simmons was born; Nov 13th 1843

Augustus Leonidus Simmons was born; February the 1st 1846

an infant sone [sic] born; June 12th 1847 & died without name

Elisha Burwell [Binwell?] Simmons was born; June 16th 1848

Mary Francis [sic] Simmons was born; June the 16th 1850

Emma Eldah Simmons was born; May 29th 1852

Edna Simmons was born; July 30th 1854

Willie Henderson Simmons, Son of EH & Eldies Simmons was borned the 3rd day of August AD 1856-1856

[The information above seems to have been written in the same hand, same ink.]

William B. Simmons Father of E H. Simmons was borned 1785 Oct 8 1785

Dorothy Henderson, consort of W.B. S. was borned 19th of March 1798. 1798.
[The ink is smeared on the two entries above as though from a leaky pen. The writer has repeated the years in the margin for clarity.]

Marriages: [Each written at different times]

Elisha H. Simmons and Eldies Askew was maried December the 31st 1839 [added later:] her age 16yrs Elba Ala.
They moved to Copeville Tex 18701-1. [sic. Could mean Jan. 1, 1870?]

Wm H.H. Caldwell & Laura. D. Simmons. was married Nov 5th 1867, [added later] at Elba Ala.
She died 1936-May 8-WHH died July 21-1924.

T.L. Pool & Emma E. Simmons was married Nov 5th 1873

E.B. Simmons & S.J. Stallings was married Jan 11th 1877
[added later and contradicted on the next page] he died Feb. 1899-Nevada Tex

S.B. Caldwell and Mary F. Simmons was married Jan. 1st 1879
[added later:] at Copeville Tex

Willie. Henderson. Simmons. & Ella Bowen. was married May 1882.
[added later:] Copeville Tex.


James Thomas Simmons departed this life Nov the 9th 1842 aged 3 days and 20 hours

Augustus Leonidus Simmons departed this life July the 28th 1846 aged 5 months & 27 days

An Infant sone [sic] Departed this life June the 12th 1847 aged one hour

William F. Simmons Son of EH & E Simmons died at Corinth Missippi [sic] (while in Service)-on the 23d day of May AD 1862 & was buried at Evergreen Church near Elba on the 29th May 1862-was the 1st Lt of Co 1E 25th Ala Regt of volunteers for the war

Willi [sic] H Simmons died Dec 1895 of Pneumonia near Nevada, Texas
[added later] 2 boys 2 girls

Elisha H Simmons-husband & Father mentioned in this family record departed this life at Geneva Ala on the evening of the 25th December AD 1856
Sick eleven days-

Laura Ellen Caldwell daughter of William & Laura Caldwell, departed this life June 21st 1874 age 3 months 15 days
[added later] burried [sic] Thompson cemetry [sic]

Eldyss Askew Simmons Died May 17th 1887, near Nevada Texas, was burried [sic] at South-Baptist-Chruch [sic], in Collin County, Texas,
[added later] a faithful Christian

E.B. Simmons died March 8, 1899, Nevada Texas of Pneumonia,

Death of Relatives:

William B. Simmons Father of EH Simmons
departed this life at his residence near Elba Ala on the 28th July AD 1853
in the 67th year of his age
Disease Typhoid Fever

Wm Warren Simmons Brother of EH Simmons
departed this life at Elba Ala on the 2d January AD 1857-In the 29th year of his age
Sick 7 days

Sarah Sophia Simmons
consort of Wm Warren Simmons departed this life at Elba Ala on the 9th February AD 1856; In the 22d year of her age
Left an Infant Daughter Sally Sophia. 9 days old.
[added later] J.B. Simmons reared Sarah Sophie Simmons
Educated at LaGrange Ga
Marrid [sic] J Perry Boyd 4 girls 1 boy moved to Tex. 1884 Boyd & EB Simmons went in dry goods business in Nevada later moved to Elba Ala to care for JB Simmons in his last days.

Dorothy Simmons Wife of William B Simmons departed this life Feb 7 [looks like 13 is crossed out and 7 written above] 1881 (at the residence of her son John [Joshua?] B Simmons near Elb [sic] Ala) in 82 year of her age disease pneumonia

Laura Dorothy Simmons Caldwell passed May 8 1936 at the home of her daughter Susie Jordan
4719 San Jacinto Dallas Tex
she went with Susie to S.S & church every Sunday until 3 wks before she passed was a faithful Christian
age 92 & liked [sic] 5 days being 92˝ yrs old was loved by everyone who knew her
had 7 children Charlie Susie Laura Elen [sic] John, Emet [?] Walter & Fred.
John killed in auto accident Charlie passed with cancer 4 are left at this date 7-1-52 (1952)

William H.H. Caldwell (Son in law of EH & E Simmons)
Was borned December the 3rd 1841
[added later]Died July 21-1924. 1611 Bennett Dallas Tex.

Charly Simmons Caldwell, Son of W.H.H. & L.D. Caldwell,
Was born Aug the 21st 1868.
Near Elba Ala
[added later] married Belle Kicks [?] 1894 5 boys 3 girls

Susan Eldies Caldwell daughter of WHH & LD was born December 15th 1870 in Texas
[added later] Copeville Tex. Married HT Jordan 1894 lived in Allen Tex 2 boy [sic] & 2 girls moved to Dallas 1907
HT passed 1935-12-1

Theodosius L. Pool
Son in law of E.H. & E. Simmons was borned June15th 1852

S. J. Simmons daughter in law of EH & E Simmons was born Oct 13th AD 1857

E.H.T. Simmons son of Emma Eldis Pool [?] was born Aug 2 1874
[added later] died 1945 Enid Okla.

TL Pool & EE Pool were divorced Nov 15th [?] 1875
[added later] in 1894 married Jack Cook in Putnam Tex.

Mary Emma Simmons was borned Jan 26 AD 1878

Sallie Mabel Simmons was borned May 12th AD 1879

John B. Simmons son of EB & SJ Simmons was born Feb 13th 1881

E.B. & Jane Simmons has 5 girls 2 boys. Mary Emma Sallie. Daisy Jesse, Warren Vela & Eldyss.

John Allen Caldwell married Cassie Harless. 2 children
She died then married Fannie Sparks. 2 twin boys. 5 girls (twin girls.)

Emet Caldwell married Inez Patterson 3 boy-2 girls then Fronie [?] Sparks 3 girls 2 boys

Walter Caldwell married Nevada Deckard in 1900 2 girls 1 boy.

W.H. Caldwell married Pearle Smith 1908-2 boys George died age 3 mos Giles other son has 2 boys Stephen & Geo. Harles [?] died [page torn] 69 [4?]-11-27
[added later] and Nancy 1954
Fred died 10-1971

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