Extractions from old newspaper   Parts of Digging Up The Past                           January,  2005


The Choctaw Alliance - January 7, 1896

Mr. M. R. Land, of Ararat, will leave in a few days to make his home in the "lone Star State" near Rodgers. We dislike very much to lose him as a citizen, but at the same time we wish him success.


Dr. Samuel F. Johnson has opened up a regular hotel in Butler.


TO THE PUBLIC - For a length of time there will be no dinners at the Miller Hotel. We are prepared to take only transit customers.


                                   January 14, 1896

Born unto Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Knighton, of Butler, on Sunday the 12th, a son.


Mr. J. W. Wimberley and family, of Butler, left Sunday to make their future home in or near Rodgers, Texas.


Mr. R. H. Lee, of Laurel, Mississippi, son of Mr. Wash Lee, is at the bedside of his sick father. He came through from Meridian on his bicycle.


Because a fellow acts the fool is no sign he is crazy.


Miss Bettie L. Tillman was born January 30th, 1870 and died October 28th, 1895, at her father's residence, Mr. George Tillman. The funeral was held at Hopewell Church.


Mr. R. H. Carney died on the 28th day of August, 1895. He was a member of Delta Lodge # 189  F. & A. M.


                               February 4, 1896

We notice several familiar names among the jurors, and when they draw their pay we want an introduction to Mr. Dollar.


                               February 11, 1896

The Commissioners appointed Mr. D. C. Williamson, of Isney, as County Surveyor, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Wash Lee.


                               February 25, 1896

The bloodhounds for Choctaw County have arrived - Dandy and Dina.


                               March 3, 1896

Dr. Davis made old snags and rotten teeth rattle from the jaw bones of several citizens here yesterday, all of whom testify in his behalf.


The Choctaw Herald  March 3, 1897

Rev. O. B. Carlisle, of Melvin, paid this office a visit last Saturday.


Two herds of cattle were driven through town this week.


Married at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J. C. Wright, by Hon. C. C. McCall, Probate Judge, on the 24th, Mr. S. L. Morgan, of Hopewell and Miss Susan E. Wright.


                                March 17, 1897

Butler is now enjoying the luxury of a daily mail from Meridian.


                                April 21, 1897

Mr. T. A. Littlepage has leased the warehouse and landing at Tuscahoma.


                                May 26, 1897

Mr. W. D. Wilcox is putting a new roof on the residence of Mr. G. B. Bush, and making other necessary repairs.


                                June 2, 1897

Robert, the seven year old son of Mr. A. J. Boney, died at his father's home near Lusk, on the 20th of May, 1897.


                                JUNE 16, 1897

Just try a ten cent box of cascarets, the finest liver and bowel regulator ever made.


Messrs. Jackson and Breitling, lessees of the Meridian & Tuscahoma Telephone line are putting the same in first class order. The line is now in working order from Tuscahoma to Causeyville, Mississippi, and in a few days messages may be sent through to Meridian.


When self-righteousness gets up in the night to pray nobody can sleep.


Says the Chicago News -" Everyone will be sorry to hear that General Weyler's horse was shot. If only the bullet had gone a trifle higher the poor animal might have been saved."


Mrs. W. I. Turnbow, of Mt. Sterling, was shopping in Butler last Monday.


                              November 10, 1897

Died in Rodgers, Texas, on the 26th of October, Miss Lula Wimberley, in the 26th year of her age.


The Bergamot, Butler and Womack Hill telephone line has been completed. The Butler office is located at the Post Office, and is under the supervision of Mrs. F. A. Addison.