Cemeteries by Sarah Mozingo (Oct. 16, 1932 - June 21, 2003) and Others
Cemeteries by Sarah Mozingo
(Oct. 16, 1932 - June 21, 2003)
and Others

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The dates below the individual cemetery's page title represent the date the research was done, along with revisions.
Photographs Included The camera symbol beside a cemetery's link indicates some photographs are included on the cemetery's individual page.

Advent Cemetery
Allen Cemetery
Antioch Cemetery (Clarke County, MS)
Aquilla Methodist Cemetery
B.F. Smith Memorial Cemetery
Barrytown Cemetery
Bear Creek Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery
Beulah Cemetery (Sumter County)
Black Creek Cemetery
Bladon Springs Cemetery
Blann Cemetery (Sumter County)
Bogueloosa Valley Cemetery
Bonner Memorial Cemetery
Bozone Cemetery
Brightwater Cemetery
Bush Cemetery
Butler City Cemetery
Camp Springs Cemetery
Carnathan Cemetery
Cedar Springs Cemetery
Chalk Hill Cemetery (Washington County)
Chaney Family Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery (Washington County)
Christopher Chapel Cemetery
Clear Creek Baptist Cemetery
Cokes Chapel Cemetery (Sumter County)
Coleman Cemetery
Concord Cemetery
Coody Cemetery (Sumter County)
Cooper Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery #2
Corinth Cemetery
Cullomburg Cemetery
Cunningham Cemetery (Clarke County, AL)
Drinkard Cemetery
Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery
Edgar Cemetery
Emory Cemetery
Eureka Baptist Cemetery
Ezell Cemetery
Fagan Cemetery
Fenley Family Cemetery
Floyd Cemetery
Friendship Baptist Cemetery (Washington County)
Gaines Cemetery
Gilbert Cemetery
Gilbertown Cemetery
Gilbertown Church of God Cemetery
Green Cemetery
Hall Graveyard
Harrison Cemetery
Hebron Cemetery
Hendrick Cemetery
Henry Bonner CemeteryPhotographs Included
Henry Boswell Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Humphrey Cemetery
Hurricane Cemetery
Isney Cemetery
J.E. Hutchinson Cemetery
Johnny Stewart CemeteryPhotographs Included
Kaizer Hill CemeteryPhotographs Included
Lenoir Family Cemetery
Liberty Baptist Cemetery (Sumter County)
Lisman Cemetery
Littlepage Cemetery
Lockard Cemetery
Lusk Baptist Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Marvin Cemetery
McDowell Cemetery
McLendon Cemetery
Moody Cemetery
Moores CemeteryPhotographs Included
Morgan Chapel Cemetery
Mosley Cemetery
Mosley Cemetery #2
Mount Zion Cemetery (Clarke County, Mississippi)
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery (Clarke County, MS)
Mt. Sterling Baptist Cemetery
Mt. Sterling Methodist Church CemeteryPhotographs Included
Mt. Zion Cemetery
Nanafalia Baptist Cemetery (Marengo County)
New Lusk Cemetery
Old Barrytown Cemetery
Old Bethel Cemetery
Old Ebenezer Cemetery
Old Lusk Cemetery
Old Spring Bank Cemetery
Paragon Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Pushmataha Episcopal Cemetery
Red Springs Baptist Cemetery
Reed Cemetery
Reed's Chapel Cemetery (Sumter County)
Rehobeth Baptist Cemetery
Resthaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Rocky Mount Cemetery
Rock Springs Cemetery
Sandy Creek Cemetery
Sardis Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Seale Cemetery
Shady Grove Assembly of God Cemetery
Shorts Baptist Cemetery (Sumter County)
Sims CemeteryPhotographs Included
Sims Family CemeteryPhotographs Included
Singley Cemetery
Spring Bank Cemetery
Stewart Cemetery
Sykes Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery
The Shearon Cemetery (Sumter County)
Tims Cemetery
Tompkinsville Cemetery
Virginia O. Knott PlotPhotographs Included
Wilkins Family Plot
Williamson Cemetery
Wilson CemeteryPhotographs Included
Wimberly Cemetery
Womack Hill Cemetery
Woodall CemeteryPhotographs Included

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