Chief Colbert Chapter
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Celebrating 100 Years of DAR Service
November 19, 1907 - November 19, 2007

History of Chief Colbert

The Chief Colbert Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized November 19, 1907, at the home of Mrs. A.H. Carmichael, Sr., in Tuscumbia, Alabama with Mrs. Aurora Pryor McClellan, State Regent of Alabama presiding. This was the twelfth chapter organized in the state. Charter members were: Emma Aldridge, Annie Carmichael, Mary Chitwood, Eliza Cribbs, Isabella Crowe, Annie Delony, Bertie Drisdale, Julia Goodloe, Ernestine Hogan, Emma Isbell, Aletha Jackson, Kate Johnson, Mary T. Jones, Mary Julian, Evelyn Lasseter, Mattie McCleskey, Sudie Palmer, Mary Pride, Medora Robinson, Lulie Sawtelle, Minna Scruggs, Lula Simpson, Mattie Steele, Margaret Turner, Lillian Wall.

The chapter was called Colbert Chapter for many years. In 1970 the name was changed to Chief Colbert in memory of the famous Chickasaw chiefs, Levi and George Colbert. They were the sons of James Logan Colbert who was of Scottish descent. As a youth, James came from the Carolinas to the Muscle Shoals with a band of British traders, settled among the Chickasaw and was adopted by a Chickasaw family. George Colbert's home was on the Natchez Trace above the Tennessee River, where he operated a famous ferry, owned many slaves and a large plantation. Levi Colbert�s home was at the Buzzard Roost, just a few miles west of Tuscumbia. They had tremendous wealth, were interpreters and diplomats, and virtually ruled the Chickasaw, trying to help them better themselves. The current membership of fifty-two daughters includes one of their descendents.

Over the past almost one hundred years, Chief Colbert daughters have worked with enthusiasm to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. We look forward to celebrating our centennial and continuing to build on the foundation of the efforts of those who have gone before us.


Chapter Regents:

First Elected Regent, Annie King Delony (Mrs. J. E.)

Aletha Jackson ( Mrs. James)
Annie King Delony (Mrs. J. E.)
Bertie Drisdale (Mrs. G. M.)
Lula M. Simpson (Mrs. T. F.)
Margaret Turner (Mrs. R. S.)
Miss Bessie Rather
Eva Gregory (Mrs. E. S.)
Elizabeth Cantrell (Mrs. T. D.)
Camilla Alsbrook (Mrs. A. P.)
Willie Sue Johnson (Mrs. W. R.)
Mary Elizabeth West (Mrs. H. J.)
Corrine K. Murphy (Mrs. J. H.)
Gladys Henderson (Mrs. G. H.)
Camilla P. Schull (Mrs. P. L.)
Claudia Ann Machtolff (Mrs. F. A.)
Mildred Kimbrough (Mrs. H. L.)
Lorene Campbell (Mrs. J.B.)
Aline Mullen (Mrs. A.M.)
Elizabeth S. Manush (Mrs. G. B.)
Rowena L.Kilgoar (Mrs. H. T.)
Jane Mann (Mrs. C. B.)
Verna Slack Brennan
Natalie Sandlin (Mrs. J. I.)
Betty Ford (Mrs. H.M.)

Jeanie McNees (Mrs. A. D.)

Chapter Officers  


Special Events

  Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Colbert County


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Alabama Society Daughters of the American Revolution



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