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Hymni i Flamurit

Rreth flamurit tė pėrbashkuar, 
me njė dėshirė e njė qėllim. 
Tė gjithė atje duke u betuar, 
tė lidhim besėn pėr shpėtim. 
Prej lufte veē ai largohet, 
qė ėshtė lindur tradhėtor. 
Kush ėshtė burrė nuk frikohet, 
por vdes, por vdes si njė dėshmor. 
Nė dorė armėt do t'i mbajmė, 
tė mbrojmė atdheun nė ēdo kėnd. 
Tė drejtat tona ne s'i ndajmė, 
kėtu armiqtė s'kanė vend. 
Prej lufte veē ai largohet, 
qė ėshtė lindur tradhėtor. 
Kush ėshtė burrė nuk frikohet, 
por vdes, por vdes si njė dėshmor.
Hymn To The Flag

United around the flag,
With one desire and one goal,
Let us pledge our word of honour
To fight for our salvation
Only he who is born traitor
Averts from the Struggle.
He who is brave is not daunted,
But falls - a martyr to the cause.
With arms in hand we shall remain,
To guard our fatherland round about.
Our rights we will not bequeath,
Enemies have no place here.
For the Lord Himself has said,
That nations vanished from the earth,
But Albania shall live on,
Because for her, it is for her that we fight.
Original text of the poem

Rreth flamurit tė pėrbashkuar
Me njė dėshir' e njė qėllim,
Tė gjith' atij duk' ju betuar
Tė lidhim besėn pėr shpėtim.
Prej lufte veē ay largohet
Qė ėshtė lindur tradhėtor,
Kush ėshtė burrė nuk frikohet,
Po vdes, po vdes si njė dėshmor!
Nė dorė armėt do t'i mbajmė
Tė mprojmė atdhenė mė ēdo kėnt,
Tė drejtat tona ne s'i ndajmė;
Kėtu armiqtė s'kanė vėnt.
Se Zoti vetė e tha me gojė
Qė kombe shuhen pėrmi dhe,
Po Shqipėria do tė rrojė;
Pėr tė, pėr tė luftojmė ne!
O flamur, flamur, shenj' e shenjtė,
Te ty betohemi kėtu,
Pėr Shqipėrin' atdhen' e shtrenjtė,
Pėr nder' edhe lavdimn' e tu.
Trim, burrė quhet dhe nderohet
Atdheut kush iu bė theror;
Pėr jet' ay do tė kujtohet
Mi dhet, mi dhe si njė shenjtor!
 Oath of the Flag

Around our flag we are united,
With but one will and one desire,
A sacred oath are now proclaiming,
For our salvation to aspire.
May only those avoid the struggle,
Those who are traitors to our laws,
Undaunted is a hero through and through,
He dies a martyr to the cause.

With weapons in our hands a-brandished,
We will defend our fatherland,
Our sacred rights we’ll not relinquish,
The foe has no place in our land,
For God has told the world, proclaiming:
The nations of the earth shall wane,
And yet will live, will thrive Albania.
For her our fight won’t be in vain.

Our flag, our nation’s sacred symbol,
We swear an oath to your fair name,
Defend our country, our Albania,
Protect her honour and her fame,
Our praise goes to those mighty heroes
Who in our nation’s past did fall,
Their memory will be cherished evermore,
In life and death will they live all.

[Asdreni, Betimi mi flamur, 1907,
from the volume  Ėndrra e lotė
 (Bucharest: Gutenberg, 1912).
Translated from the Albanian by
Robert Elsie and Janice Mathie-Heck.]