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Newton mule team
Newton mule team near Halso Mill
~ Butler County, Alabama ~

Join us and help preserve the records of your ancestors' lives

A team works better than one alone --- and our team is hundreds strong.

Annual membership is January to December, and you are welcome to join any time during the year. We publish 4 quarterlies and hold 4 meetings a year on genealogical and historical topics. PRINT this form, fill in the blanks and mail to: BCHGS, P. O. Box 561, Greenville, Alabama 36037.

Membership in The Butler County Historical & Genealogical Society � $25.00 per year

 $ _________   payment enclosed for membership year(s)  ______   ______ 

 Name  __________________________________________________________________

 Address  ________________________________________________________________

 City/State/Zip  ____________________________________________________________

 Phone/E-mail (optional) _____________________________________________________

Butler County ANCESTORS (surnames or full names, dates, locations) ________________



Ancestors in other locations __________________________________________________ 


(Butler County families have many roots and connections in Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Florida and other locations. Copies of your family materials are a great sharing resource for our research room and surname files. Pedigree and ancestor charts are welcomed.)

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a MEMORIAL GIFT is a gift that lasts forever.

I would like to give a memorial in honor of:  ___________________________________

Amount:   $ ___________

My name & address: _______________________________________________________

Person/family to be notified of this gift: _______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

We appreciate donations of any amount at any time. Your financial support from memorials, research requests, publications and membership keeps our research room open, the computer and printer working, mail and phone calls answered, and our genealogical preservation projects going.

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