Autauga Genealogical Society

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Research and Copy Policies

Research Policy: Unfortunately, we cannot respond to research requests. If you are in need of research we recommend the Alabama Department of Archives and History at  Instructions for requests are on the web site.

Names of researchers are listed on the web site of the Alabama Genealogical Society at The Alabama Genealogical Society does not endorse the research of any of these persons and encourages the checking of references.

Copy Policy: AGS will attempt to comply with requests for copies from the Autauga Probate Office or Autauga-Prattville Library where the book and page number is provided (see “Links” below). Book and page information from older Autauga Probate books and some volumes from the Alabama Room of the Autauga-Prattville Library are name indexed and can be found at the USGenweb site for Autauga county at: Copies from the Autauga Probate Office are $1.00 per page, the cost set by the Probate Office. Library copies are $.25 per page for black/white copies and $1.00 per page for color copies.

Make your request specific with full names and dates of birth, marriage and death if known. After receiving the request a society member will go to the probate office/library to determine the number of pages, i.e.— a will may consist of one page or twenty-five pages. The AGS member will then contact the person making the request, give the number of pages and ask for advance payment in the form of a money order only, made to “Autauga County Judge of Probate”. For library copies make the check payable to “Autauga-Prattville Library”. Also, a self-addressed postage paid envelope is required based on the number of pages. This is mailed to the AGS member making the copies. Once the society member receives the payment and envelope the copies will be made and mailed.  It may be possible to photograph the pages and send by email– if you desire photographs please mention in your request.

We are a non-profit volunteer agency. A donation to AGS for the volunteer’s time is not required, but will be appreciated.