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Communities [populations in brackets]:

Annette Bell Island Hot Springs
Cape Pole Coffman Cove [199]
Craig [1,397] Edna Bay [49]
Hadley Hollis [139]
Hydaburg [382] Hyder [97]
Kasaan [39] Klawock [854]
Metlakatla [1,375] Meyers Chuck [21]
Naukati [135] Point Baker [35]
Port Protection [63] Salt Chuck
Thorne Bay [557] Waterfall
Whale Pass [58]  

Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area lies at the southern end of the Alaska panhandle, in the heavily forested Southeast region of Alaska.  It encompasses 7,411 square miles of acreage on three pieces of land - two islands (Prince of Wales and Annette), and part of the coastal range to the islands' east.

Annette Island is located across from the Alaska mainland on the east and across from Revillagigedo Island on the north.  The largest settlement on the island is Metlakatla, the only federally recognized Indian reservation in Alaska. Around 1887, Reverend William Duncan brought 1,000 Tsimshian followers from Metlakatla in British Columbia to Annette Island. On land obtained through a congressional grant he built a new Metlakatla, designed to make the Natives self-sufficient. They were taught trades such as carpentry, seamanship, and boat-building, built their own sawmills and a cannery, and engaged in other enterprises.

Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island under the American flag, second largest in Alaska Hawaii and Kodiak are larger).  The Island was originally inhabited by Tlingit and Haida Tribes for centuries before Spanish explorers first came in the 1770's, naming many of the surrounding islands, inlets, and waterways. Captain George Vancouver, a British chart-maker, explored the area in the late 18th century, and named the Island in 1793 for George, Prince of Wales, who would be crowned King George IV in 1821.

Russian occupation in the 19th century and phonetic rendering of original Tlingit names account for the names of many other islands, towns, and waterways in Southeast Alaska.

The population in 2000 was 6,146.




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