Denali Borough Alaska


State Coordinators Capt.Pat Smith or  Sarah Ligon

I have added a search engine. My sincere Thanks to the team at Rootsweb that made this wonderful resource available. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
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. My Great-great-grand Aunt was Fannie Quigley and I am dedicating this page to her memory.
. I have just begun working on this page. Started it in December 1998. It is suppose to be an on-going cooperative genealogy project...with all of us adding information and stories
. I do not live in Alaska. I live in Marysville WA where I own a used bookstore (3rd St Book Exchange, downtown Marysville WA) I do have a genealogy library that is part of the store. It contains 4000 reference books (mostly Washington State) and 3300 yearbooks. Click HERE to see yearbook list.
. I can not do on-site research. I do have some reference books and material which I hope to have indexed and available soon
. Future plans include census for the area. Maybe some old pictures.
. Thank you for visiting. Darilee Bednar

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