Welcome to Alaska, the Final Frontier. 

Our front page was made from a photograph of  Anchorage taken from  Cook Inlet.

The logo was made from a photograph of an iceberg which was taken by a tool pusher on  drilling platform anchored between Iceland and Greenland. This iceberg is quite typical of those generated in the Arctic.

I lived in Anchorage for several years and attended the University of Alaska during the winters and managed  real estate projects and plowed lots of snow.

I worked  as an electrician all over Alaska from Metlakatla Island in the south to Dutch Harbor 700 miles south-west in the Aleutian Islands, and the arctic oilfields on the North Slope, AKA known as Prudho Bay, West Sac Sands, Milne Point and Kuparik River.

From experience in Alaska I learned to appreciate the unique problems of doing genealogy  research. I emerged with a better understanding of genealogy issues and  how to find many types of records, some dating back to the Russian occupation era.

This website is quite extensive and  includes genealogy and history of Denali, The Great Land. We welcome volunteers to provide records; transcriptions for cemeteries, census records, histories of towns and the railroad, hundreds of tasks needed. 

Meanwhile I will answer questions you might have about volcanos, scrimshaw, igloo, bidarka, umiak, dog  mushing, the ulu, or other terms unique to Alaska.

If you live in Alaska or own books about Alaska, and want to share resources as a look- up volunteer, please contact webmaster