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About the
American History & Genealogy Project


We are a group of independent webmasters who link together to share Historical and Genealogical data with researchers in a peaceful and harmonious setting.

AHGP is structured very differently from other online Genealogy and History organizations. We have very few rules or restrictions and believe in providing our members with many choices and options in every aspect of membership, thus eliminating the in-fighting prevalent in other groups.

Each site or topic page is an independent linking site. There is no limit to the number of member sites per state, county, topic, etc. Linking to other member sites is encouraged, but it is not required. For example, county sites are not required to link through a state site, and state sites are not forced to link any given county site. All members also have the option of linking directly to our main pages.

  1. You must ask to link up with us.

  2. Your site must contain some original content of a historical and/or a genealogical nature, and may not be a collection of links to other sites, unless it is comprehensive on a particular subject.

  3. Copyright must be respected.

  4. A logo and reciprocal link back to the main page or the site you are linked from is required. Please see our Logo page for currently available logos. You may also make your own logo, as long as it clearly states "AHGP" or "The American History and Genealogy Project."

  5. We will not link to racist, or obscene sites, or sites which are intentionally offensive, or promote points of view which tend to stir debate or controversy among significant parts of society. 

  6. All participants are expected to find space for their own web projects.  If you have difficulty finding space, please see our Member Info Page.

  7. You may belong to and participate in other projects with the same page or web project.

  8. We have three mail lists, and subscription is optional:

    • AHGP-ANNOUNCE list. For announcements only. To subscribe, send an email to: mailto:[email protected].

    • AGHP list. This list is where people chat about whatever is going on in their day; our most used list.   To subscribe, send an email to: mailto:[email protected].

    • AHGP list. This list is to share info on our sites, ask for help with html problems, etc.  To subscribe to AHGP send an email to: mailto:[email protected] 

    No controversy, arguments, or politics is allowed on any of the lists.

  9. To assure continuation of the project, if one of the webmasters maintaining the main pages leaves, a webmaster will be selected to replace him/her by a majority poll among the membership.

  10. We have a webring which you are welcome to join if you desire. You can see the ring information on the main page and if you desire to join, click on Join and follow the directions.

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Founded April 8, 2000
Copyright 2000-2004  Debbie Axtman,  Jim Powell, Jr., Ginger Cisewski, and  Brenda Hare, for the exclusive use and benefit of The American History and Genealogy Project. All rights reserved.