river bend farm


River Bend Farm

Original Location: Augusta Co., VA
Location: Warren Co., VA
Founded: 1741

History: William Hurst's property was located on the south branch of the Shenandoah River. The location of his lands has never moved, or been relocated. William's property was bounded on the south by Gooney Run and on the east by Happy Creek or Run. As the frontier of the Virginia colony became settled the county names changed as the population of settlers increased. At the time that William Hurst acquired his land in 1741, his property was located in Augusta Co., Virginia. In 1743 the northwestern part of Augusta Co. became Frederick Co., however Frederick Co. records were recorded in Augusta Co. until 1751. In 1772 the southern part of Frederick Co. became the short-lived county of Dunmore. In 1778 the name of Dunmore Co. was changed to Shenandoah County . During his lifetime, William Hurst "resided" in Shenandoah County approximately two years. In 1836 Warren Co. was formed from the northeastern part of Shenandoah County, and the southeastern part of Frederick Co. In 1836 "River Bend Farm" was placed on the Virginia Register of Historic Places. Currently William's original house and plantation, known as "River Bend Farm", is located in Warren Co., Virginia.

Associated surnames: Hurst

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