liberia plantation


Liberia Plantation

Location: Loundon Co., VA
Constructed: 1829

History: Upon the death of Robert "Councillor" Carter in 1804, his youngest son George and daughters Priscilla and Sarah Fairfax inherited the Bull Run tract, consisting of the Leo and Cancer farms as well as other property throughout Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.

Priscilla Carter (1760-1823) having already married Robert Mitchell ( -1808), a Carter overseer, inherited 2,860 acres from her father, "Councilor" Carter, and at her death gave to her son, Richard Tasker Mitchell 1,200 acres and to her daughter, Harriet Bladen Mitchell (1793-1841), who had married William James Weir (1792-1867), 1,660 acres, also part of the Cancer Plantation, where they built their home Liberia around 1829.

Associated surnames: Carter, Hayden, Lee

Associated Plantations: Cancer Plantation (Loundon Co., VA)

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