leo plantation


Leo Plantation

Location: Loundon Co., VA; Manassas City, VA
Founded: 1724

History: Robert "King" Carter patented the Lower Bull Run Tract of 8,989 acres in 1724. At that time the tract was located in Stafford County, but it later became part of Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax counties. The next owner of the land was Robert "Councillor" Carter, who inherited it in 1732 from his father's estate. His total inheritance of land in the Northern Neck and Northern Virginia when he turned 21 (in 1749) exceeded 70,000 acres.

"Councillor" Carter had 18 plantations in Northern Virginia: Leo Plantation was his largest. By 1788, the Leo plantation had a tobacco house, 14 houses, seven cabins, and 42 slaves. The Lower Bull Run Tract was divided among three of "Councillor" Carter's 17 children after he died in 1804. His daughter, Sarah Carter and her husband John Yates Chinn, received the Leo plantation as part of a 2,870 acre tract. Sarah Carter Chinn's son, Benjamin Tasker Chinn, inherited 1,179 acres after his mother died in 1829.

Associated surnames: Carter, Chinn

Associated Plantations: Aries Plantation (Westmoreland Co., VA), Ben Lomond Farm (Prince William Co., VA) Cancer Plantation (Prince William Co., VA), Capricorn Plantation (Frederick Co., VA), Libra Plantation (Frederick Co., VA), Nomini Hall (Westmoreland Co., VA), Scorpio Plantation (Frederick Co., VA), Virgo Plantation (Frederick Co., VA)

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1853 - 1854: Chinn Slave deaths
From Loudoun County, Virginia Death Register, Contributed by Denise Oliver-Velez, deoliver@pipeline.com



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Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War Series M: Selections from the Virginia Historical Society Part 2: Virginia's Northern Neck; also Maryland http://www.lexis-nexis.com/cispubs/guides/southern_hist/plantations/plantm2.htm

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